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By TheRuneLion | Runesrealms | 15 Nov 2023

 Like many others, I am only now learning of the passing of an artist I was particularly fond of.

The man achieved a considerable degree of 'Unintentional Invisibility', which is why.
 Yes his art was Parody & Satire but there was much more to it than merely that as I will say below.


 The link below does contain nudity in the form of drawn art
 You have my apologies if this bothers you, but it's the only Tribute to Julius Zimmerman I could find that covers his career in-depth.
 It opens in a new window.



The TTA universe and Julius Zimmerman's Legacy come together inside my head as I've long been trying to formulate a literary universe Inspired by--yet NOT based on--the TTA universe.
 Information below about Mr. Cowley's TTA works below, opens in new window.



 Mr. Zimmerman's Art enters into my works in regards to the sense of Character and Personality he imbued in his portrayals.
 It was the 'Key' I needed to be able to bridge the gap in my head between creating a character and making them come alive on the page. I am unsure how it worked, I do not question's enough that it allowed me to connect things and it is a debt I owe to Mr. Zimmerman.

 Mr. Zimmerman entertained many and inspired others as well. His worlds, found in his art opened one to a sense of a world of 'Naughty & Fun' for Adults and while some was 'hard core' it was more like a 'tap on the shoulder' rather than a snow shovel to the face in terms of was 'hard-core' but the sense of 'fun' remained and carried it very well as a buffer.

 Because of Mr. Zimmerman's works I am building that long-sought universe of mine Inspired by The TTA works as I have the 'Rosetta Stone' enabling character creation and development that will engage with the audience.
 I am NOT a comedy writer, but Life does have it's 'funny' moments and people are never always 100% Hard-Line Serious every second of every day even in the worst scenarios.
 Balanced character personalities and interactions is what Mr. Zimmerman gave me the ability to see and work with through his art.





 The first entry into this new universe of mine is coming along very well and closer to the finish-line than the starting-line.
 It is written as Science Fiction; Classic, Old-School Sci-Fi flavor and feel.
 I grew up with old sci-fi anthologies and paperbacks from the 50's, 60's and 70's when SF was Imaginative and actually drew from real-world science with a minimum of 'Handwavium' and where things were Fact-Checked by the Authors as best they were able back in those days.

 The Inaugural story is expected to be Novella in length.
 Once I finish laying down the 'frame' and after adding in the Detailing, it might reach into Novel length possibly. These are estimates and don't factor in Editing for Brevity, Pacing-adjustments and other such factors that can and do affect final word-counts.

 I want it to read smoothly and at a 'Comfortably-quick pace'. I don't want the audience to feel 'Pushed', nor do I want to make them feel like they are 'slogging' through something slow and swampy. I am working to make this engaging, thought-provoking (NOT soap-box 'preachy') and have it explore concepts and perspectives on A.I.-Human relations in a setting on an alien world of surprising discoveries and challenging threats.

 The Characters are Man and Woman. I will say that they are entirely distinct and Unconnected to modern-era 'Trope' style character-building. 

 He's not 'Useless' and she is NOT a 'Strong, Independent Wahman'. I don't write that sort of material, mainstream entertainment has it very well covered.

 They are, it is my hope, characters that the audience will find Interesting and Intriguing as well as exciting.


 Thank-you again for your time and attention.
 R.L. Blackburne



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