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Conventional Publishing vs. WEB3

By TheRuneLion | Runesrealms | 15 Jun 2023

 I've recently hit my tolerance limit with regards to Publishers when it comes to submitting things for consideration.

 It's the staggering waste of my time that I cannot abide.

 You spend months, or years, writing something, editing, polishing and perfecting it...then spend months sitting around waiting to hear back...and waiting...followed by more waiting. Reach out and ask for a status update? Good luck getting a reply. It's like being stuck in Limbo, and I can't do this anymore.

 Time is very, very much on my mind and NOT on my side. I am an older gent with a progressively degenerative health picture. There's not a damn thing that can be done apart from assorted small things I do to prop my health up as best possible...but the clock is ticking, and I have considerably less time ahead than most people.

 I need an alternative route to publish my works before times-up.

 WEB3, Hive, Minds, Publish0X and others are the route I will try along with establishing my own website with Mainstream and Crypto accepting payment processing. I have already begun shopping around webhosting and related other things I will need to build this project with. Publish0X is a valuable source of info as to such, and will be an immense help in my planning.

 Also, it means I won't have to deal with or accept various Publishers Bs about 'Social Awareness' regarding story content and other 'Woke' Bs they insist upon.

 GO WOKE = GO BROKE and I have Zero Tolerance for 'Woke' in all it's forms.

 My works are NOT to be politicized, they offer Escapism and that's to all who wish to visit my worlds and realms.

 The sooner I can get them out there, the sooner people will be able to enjoy these little oases of escapism in a troubled world, curl up with their cat/dog/iguana/what-other-animal-companion and de-stress, enjoy, and lower their blood pressure.

Thank-you for reading, I do appreciate it.


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