Win A Three Card Booster Pack EVERY WEEK!

By AtomCollector | Rising Star | 12 Aug 2020

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Did you know that every post you do on Hive about Rising Star gets you an entry into a weekly draw to win a three card booster pack? (Maximum one entry per user per day).

How To Enter

  • Write a post about Rising Star
  • Put a link in the #hive channel in our Discord

Not only will you receive an entry into the draw you will also receive a 100% upvote from: @risingstar@musicvote & @musicvoter2 as well as an upvote from our curation trail members.

The prize draw takes place during our live stream on Sundays and is issued to the winner on the Monday.

You can also win other prizes during the show so we recommend you join us if you are able. Full details can be found at the top of your diary in the Rising Star game on Sundays.

Entries so far this week:

Good luck!



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