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Rising Star Update - Another New Mission and Drunk Fans Update

18 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

The 'Breakout Stage' mission has been added to Rising Star in the Country Tour zone. This mission requires at least one epic instrument to play. If you can play this mission then you're well on your way to stardom! In addition to this, the number of...

Rising Star Update - New Mission and New Requirement

17 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

Today in Rising Star a new mission has been added to the Country Tour zone, 'Country Festival Auditions'. You need 4 rare instruments (among the other requirements) to do this mission! Some missions also have a new requirement where you have to have...

Rising Star Weekly Booster Pack Winners!

14 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

During Radio Evolved last night the following winners were drawn using the random number generator: Jumping Jet first place @nupulse random other winner ivanc Top Player & Random Player From 2 to 25 Top Player @keniel16 Random @traduzindojog...

Rising Star - First Seasonal Mission!

11 Sep 2020 1 minute read 1 comment AtomCollector

The first seasonal mission was added to Rising Star today, the 'Halloween Spooktacular'! This mission requires an S1 Undead Fred card to play and will be available to play until the 1st of November! This new Halloween seasonal mission can be accesse...

Join Us For Radio Evolved Today - Great Independent Music and Crypto NFT Prizes!

6 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

Today is Radio Evolved at 20:00 UK time (same as your diary), our live show on YouTube. Join us for Rising Star giveaways and to see who wins random packs from the top 10 as well as fantastic new music from our community of independent musicians. Jo...

Radio Evolved 23 Aug 2020 - More Rising Star NFT Winners Than Ever!

25 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

Weekly show with independent music from our community as well as updates on our Hive blockchain game - This week I discussed updates to our Rising Star music career game and gave away some collectible cards during the show....

Rising Star Update - New Country Tour Mission

18 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

In this Rising Star update, the 'Country Support Tour' mission has been added to the Country Tour zone. For this missions you will need tens of thousands of fans, 40 cans of petrol as well as a Touring Coach! Lofty requirements for a lofty mission, t...

Win A Three Card Booster Pack EVERY WEEK!

12 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

Did you know that every post you do on Hive about Rising Star gets you an entry into a weekly draw to win a three card booster pack? (Maximum one entry per user per day). How To Enter Write a post about Rising Star Put a link in the #hive channe...

Rising Star Statistics (Monday 10th August 2020)

12 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment AtomCollector

Welcome to another Rising Star Statistics post! Rising Star Playtime Top 50 Starbits Holders Position Player Starbits 1 risingstargame2 6531607 2 risingstar2 6345636 3 gerber 1101243 4 atomcollector 1020608 5 risingstargame 467556 6 apprentice001 20...

People Are Making Good Money AND Having Fun Playing RISING STAR

8 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments AtomCollector

Rising Star - Play For FREE, Earn Crypto & Tradable NFTs on HIVE!  


Is It Still Worth Your Time? A Closer Look At Rising Star's New Reality

16 hours ago Khazrakh

29 September 2020
Glad to have you as part of the Rising Star family! Come and say "hi" in the Discord server some time.

Is It Still Worth Your Time? A Closer Look At Rising Star's New Reality

16 hours ago Khazrakh

29 September 2020
Thank you as always for your continued support and honest appraisal of the new changes!

Rising Star Game Releases New Halloween Seasonal Cards [NFT's]

14 Sep 2020 Battlegames

15 September 2020
Thanks for the shout out!

Getting Started with Rising Star game on Hive

13 Sep 2020 Bala

13 September 2020
Hi, I am the developer and I totally agree about the look of the game. It's the age old problem of a technical person trying to design the back end and the front end! At the moment we are more interested in the game mechanics. We can always improve the UI at a later date. I use ASP because I am an old school dev who hasn't kept up with the latest languages. It's a language I am comfortable with and I created the game as a hobby not a business so I was more interested in having fun that making it have the latest "bells and whistles". Look forward to seeing RIsing Star included in Kani Bot!

The Play2Earn Report - Paying The Rent

11 Sep 2020 Khazrakh

11 September 2020
Glad you like the new seasonal mission and cards! These will be a regular feature of the game from now on.

Ethereum Capital – Earning Daily Dividends, Part 3: What Does August's Data Tell Us

2 Sep 2020 Cascading Faith

02 September 2020
The contract has gone through hackathons, been reviewed by many and has been running for 2 1/2 years. The articled doesn't say it is a scam but says it is possibly fraud because it plagiarises another project. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens all the time in crypto (Tron anyone?). There are risks with any investing and it's just a case of weighing up the risk to reward. For me I have put in an amount I am willing to lose and have been happy with the dividends so far. If ETH 2.0 breaks the contract then yes we could be in trouble but I think we still have a long wait for ETH 2.0 to go live so I am happy to carry on testing this contract as a small part of my investments.

Rising Star Statistics (Monday 10th August 2020)

12 Aug 2020 AtomCollector

12 August 2020
Sorry about the formatting. It looked correct in the editor.

Ethereum Capital – Earning Daily Dividends, Part 1: My First Five Days

9 Aug 2020 Cascading Faith

11 August 2020
The first thing I watch before any others!

Ethereum Capital – Earning Daily Dividends, Part 1: My First Five Days

9 Aug 2020 Cascading Faith

09 August 2020
P.S. I see you are a musician. Me too! I run a community and a "virtual music career" game where you can earn crypto while having fun. I have my weekly live stream in 45 minutes too. Check out the discord and the game: Thanks!

Ethereum Capital – Earning Daily Dividends, Part 1: My First Five Days

9 Aug 2020 Cascading Faith

09 August 2020
I have been using for about as long as you after hearing about it on Crypto Zombie. The poor guy tries to help people and gets all kinds of shit from people who are to closed minded to actually look into it. Their loss!

Keeping up with Rising Star - Form A Band, New Cards, and a New Zone released!

19 Jun 2020 Khazrakh

19 June 2020
Thank you for the very detailed article!

Keeping up with Rising Star - Battle of the Bands is coming!

28 May 2020 Khazrakh

28 May 2020
Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad you are enjoying it so much!

Rising Star - Main Game Development Complete - Ready For More Players!

8 May 2020 AtomCollector

08 May 2020
Thank you very much! We have lots of ideas to make it enjoyable long term too.

Rising Star - Main Game Development Complete - Ready For More Players!

8 May 2020 AtomCollector

08 May 2020
Thank you. Hive Engine is also fantastic to use as there are no trading fees.

The Ninth File by The Turtle Project

29 Feb 2020 turtle

01 March 2020
ditto. Me too! Such a special album!

Awesome News for all Musicians!!! Emanate Visa Stream Card

27 Feb 2020 djlethalskillz

27 February 2020
Monetised playlists excites me more! That was the good thing about Choon before they went off the rails! Great idea to make it easy for non-crypto people though.

20 Years of Ugochill Music Part 3 (We fought the Windmill and the Windmill won - Ugochill Music Video) :)

19 Feb 2020 ugochill

22 February 2020
Still my favourite of yours. This should be a hit!!

Radio Evolved 16 Feb 2020 REPLAY

17 Feb 2020 AtomCollector

17 February 2020
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.

Bitcoin as a Safe Haven: Fact or Myth?

11 Feb 2020 cam_elica_24

16 February 2020
Well anyone would be a fool to say that it's not a safe haven based on the numbers but most that do have ulterior motives. The most obvious being Peter Schiff! He's becoming a living meme!

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Is It Still Worth Your Time? A Closer Look At Rising Star's New Reality

16 hours ago 5 minute read comments Khazrakh

It's been a week now since Rising Star announced the drastic changes to their Ego system. After the first changes several more followed during the week and they sure turned the whole game upside down. I've been playing the game for almost half a year...

Rising Star Game Releases New Halloween Seasonal Cards [NFT's]

14 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Battlegames

HIVE blockchain game Rising Star has released new Halloween seasonal cards and they're spooky awesome! Until Nov 1st players have a chance at scoring an Undead Fred inside new card packs. Adding an Undead Fred to your collection will then unlock the...

Getting Started with Rising Star game on Hive

13 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments Bala

Yesterday I wrote an article about getting started on the Holybread game. Today I thought I should give another game a try and Rising Star was a long time due. I did not want to spend so much time playing games on Hive. When I was playing only splint...

20 Years of Ugochill Music Part 9 (2020 and Beyond)

31 Aug 2020 2 minute read comments ugochill

Continuing from.. 20 Years of Ugochill Music Part 8 (2019) Well here we are, part 9 and closing of this blog in honour of 20 years of Ugochill Music. 2020. What to say? I will not spend much time writing about hot topics of this year. Let's say I'm t...

Under Surveillance

18 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments nakedverse

I wanted to have a go at some Soundtrack Material . So this is what i have a Soundscape called "Under Surveillance" follow that car , stay a safe distance Kind of Idea ..... Music by nakedverse FOLLOW nakedverse More about naked...

Make your own music with the Rising Star Game!

15 Jul 2020 2 minute read comments Khazrakh

Rising Star, the game about a lowly busker on his way to stardom, keeps impressing me again and again. It all started out so simple - manage your energy, do some missions, earn Starbits and use them to buy cards or Booster Packs. But what I first fou...

Shout out to the world

13 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments nakedverse

Instrumental track    "Shout out to the world"   Music by nakedverse FOLLOW nakedverse   More about nakedverse Music Collaborations - Mixer and ProducerFind my music and earn crypto listening on

Long way Home

6 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments nakedverse

Instrumental track .... its a long way home    Music by Nakedverse FOLLOW nakedverse More about nakedverse Music Collaborations - Mixer and ProducerFind my music and earn crypto listening on

Out of Hiding

3 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments nakedverse

Instrumental track "Out of Hiding " Feels like we have been in lock down for such a long time. Music by nakedverse FOLLOW nakedverse           More about nakedverse Music Collaborations - Mixer and ProducerFind my music and earn...

What's next with EXODE? Meet the Suntek!

24 Jun 2020 4 minute read comments Khazrakh

In my last article, I've introduced you to the two iconic robots featured in the eXode Alpha Collection. With these cards revealed, the collection is almost complete and only misses one final piece. Back in late March, eXode announced some promo card...


francis esparagoza

I am a Computer engineer,cryptocurrency enthusiast, gamer, Action figure collector, Agriculturist and investor

Darren Claxton

Singer-songwriter and Musician from the UK


I am a writer experience more than 2 years a freelance writer to give it a useful as well as add science and insights

KilSkillz Sacue

I own where I blog about my hip hop music and life. I run e-commerce and build other things with my site. I've written movies scripts and I've published books. I write, make music and create.


Um forest gump!!!!


I am a musician and a former Math teacher. Currently, I am part of a band called Y ARA. We produce original songs. Some of our songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. I am also part of a mashup group called SIBB.

Solar Phasing

French experimental music composer. Long Long time Gamer. Scifi and Space fan. Comics. Kind of Geek. Crypto invester/enthousiast


I am a solo musician, singer/songwriter


Atlanta, GA-based producer of dark electronic and dark ambient music.

Downward Spiral Mantra

Electronic music producer Techno, Hard Trance, Progressive. Goa, Minimal, Ambient, Experimental

Black eye butterfly

Just a guy that writes Songs. Nature lover, Dad, I live in Canada.


electronic pop song writer , producer and vocalist

Indus Rush

Independant writer, musician, producer, and Atom Colector.

Last Ravage Opinion

I love writing songs, composing music and playing as many musical instruments as possible.




Musician - Collaborations - Mixer - Producer


I am an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and new technologies. Proud NOIA Network Ambassador

Lorenzo Pistolesi

Italian Romantic Songwriter

Dang dung

A real man love crypto


Blogger where I curate simple quality crypto earning opportunities and blog about the coming revolution in the monetization of online content


My life my style


"wagιng тнe war agaιnѕт wacĸneѕѕ and pυѕнιng тнe lιмιтѕ oғ lιғe тнroυgн мυѕιc мeтapнyѕιcѕ and тecнnology" ᴇᴍᴀɴᴀᴛᴇ ʀᴇᴘ (ꜱᴇ ᴀꜱɪᴀ/ᴍɪᴅᴅʟᴇ ᴇᴀꜱᴛ) | ʙᴇᴀᴛ ᴍᴀᴋᴇʀ | ᴛᴜʀɴᴛᴀʙʟɪꜱᴛ | ᴅᴊ | ʜɪᴘʜᴏᴘ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʟᴏᴄᴋᴄʜᴀɪɴ |


I am sports expert since 2009.


I'm a trader


Tracking what is being built today that we're going to use tomorrow


I'm simple and easy going type, I love being myself and avoid anything that's going to hot me


I'm a musician and feline magnet


Hurricane Rider - Desserts Enthusiast - Anime An Asian Movies Lover - Make Laughs Not War!


Long time invester working at a meat packing plant.


A farmer, crypto blogger, content writer. A Christian.


Crypto Professional


Scorum Italia Witness & Crypto enthusiast


I'm an admirer of Pablo Neruda's poetry and Serrat's songs. Walt Whitman made me a path of Leaves of Grass, to reach the edge of infinity. Since then I am a citizen of the world.




Networker, programmer, writer, poet, humorist


I have loved music since I have memory and I love to share my feelings with the world through my songs. I've been playing in bands my whole life, punk, metal, hardcore, grunge, rock, death metal, etc. But right now I'm making my way as a solo artist with


The best pages of cryto free  //  // // //

Lilsiri.eth - crypto art/music label and founder


I'm ckole


Boa sorte a todos.


Passion for the world of cryptocurrencies


My name is lawal ,am from africa.


Am a photographer, cryptanalyst, cartoonist, social media marketer and song writer, I will be happy to be part of this great platform and to meet new friends.




Married five children also grand/dad five grand children,love walking,fitness and a christian,and wholesome music.I love hairdressing,crypto/currency and life itself.




I love to talk and read about Cryptocurrency, Diabetes, Kratom among many other things! 1st Breath in the morning=1st Blessing of your day!!

Nifty Buckles Folklore Fun

Bryn Buckles Folklore Blogger, Fiction Writer uses her pen name of Nifty Buckles. All Nifty Buckles Folklore Fun posts Copyright 2017-2019 All Rights Reserved.


Music is the weapon for the givers of life In a spirit of freedom and love, with no economical calculations and political power games, let us find the inspiration, the vision and the strength to meet life in a creative sustaining way


Trader, Blockchain Technologist and Contentpreneur. Also founder and CEO @ Teacher Forex School.




do programmirovaniem and trade cryptocurrencies


I believe in my dream


Love justice Zamboanga City


Beginner trying to work from home.


IT Hardware/ Software Noob Crypto Enthusiast Mountains Explorer


I am an extrovert, I work as an accountant. I'm spontaneous, happy and I love life.


Love crypto and cooking what a great combination


im strong man , and im im drinving .


Hmm, I'll start by saying. crypto currency changed my life. I'm just getting started!


I am a crypto Addict from Africa specifically in Zambia...


53 year old male American. I love writing and I love cryptocurrency.


I am one of the successfull enterpreneur

OG Crypto

OG: The Original Crypto blogger.


I am a writer, aerospace worker, cryprocurrency enthusiast and entrepreneur. I am a blogger and am eager to join this community. Join me on Minds:


Hello! Today I'm wanto to share you everything what i know about crypto currency and blockchain. Also i want to give you new crypto earning programm. Best regard to everyone


caring, realistic




Lover of freedom, art, free expression, the universe of the Cryptocurrency, the Cryptoart and my family obvious.


Published author and Illustrator, looking to hoard crypto for the future.


меня зовут Рашид жеву Казахстане


I Write Music, and Take Photos of My Cats!


Hello World!

Trenton Lundy

I'm a DIY musician from Ohio. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I also write, compose, arrange, record, edit, mix, produce and perform my own original funky music.


Symi is a freelance writer and artist.


I love crypto!


A Blogger/Writer/Blockchain Believer


Inspired for my family


I am a writer hoping to meet a lot of other writers


I love to read and learn more about everything

Samuel peter

I am a graduate from biochemistry department. Am a writer with experience in crypto space.

Captain Fin

The world is an infinitely evolving ecosystem, full of wonder we seek to discover the latest technologies disrupting our surroundings. Working towards a new adventure sailing around the world, powered by solar and wind in an Eco Catamaran.


I am a online marketer

Mantryde Paleido

i m new here,but last years i start learning alot about cryptoprojects/technology and cryptocurrency itself..

Circle 22 Harmonize Humanity

Served in the marines graduated from FSU and I live in Orlando, with my wife and 3 kids


Sound designer, producer of all kinds of deep electronic beats and tracks based in the Netherlands. Feeling home in the realm of deep dub and minimal techno, Slack-T continously evolves on his journey to dive even deeper.

Fundación Musical Kantoría

We are the Musical Kantoría Foundation from Venezuela, we are a non-profit institution, which serves free of charge to children of limited resources in the poorest areas of our town. We give them music classes and we have a social work for our community


A Crypto lover


I'm just a full-time private employee. But life time employment is not the way to be successful.


...crypto trader & enthusiast


Nice guy


Im crypto lover and nature lover.. God bless all




Happy and simple person

E. K. Washington

Expert portfolio manager, consultant and expert investor.


Secret legend. Immortal Curse. Bodgy Poet. Lazy Musician. Unintentional prophet. Veil piercer. Hidden history Buff. Creator of U.L.O.I.S.H.R. Devoted Seeker of the Divine Chiropractor. Rejected by Aliens. Fingertips of power(ergo hands are pocketed).


Content Writer and Translator interested in Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Self-employed Sports Enthusiast and Researcher.


Да это я, да я такой


Melody maker crafting short instrumental sketches since 2018

kripto sedat

if you want to write a paid article for your projects, contact me. #articleexpert Stratejist marketing & field specialist


A friendly person who loves doing online jobs to earn some extra income that will help me sustain my daily needs.


I am a child of God


Make money online




Soy un Tipo interesante y Espero gustes de mi contenido




Hello! I'm Marlon from Philippines and recently fill this form to be a member on this community. Presently, I am taking this opportunity to know more about Cryptocurrency and to understand more, invest and make money.


its all about coins


Artist, Photographer, Writer, Creative Innovator, Website / Graphic Designer, & HR Manager in West Jordan, Utah. I enjoy learning new things, traveling to historic, paranormal, and abandoned locations, rock hounding, museums, technology, and the abstract.


I'm studying editing in school, and I am a huge fan of cryptocurrency, and I am looking for the best ways to ally cinema and blockchain.


Free speech absolutist - Finds humor in life - Some of my posts are for those 18+ years old - I write unfiltered about my life and topics that interest me - Wisdom and folly contained herein



(OMG)Old Man Gamer

Join my journey to see what we can find in the Crypto-Gaming scene. I always try to read some pieces from people who follow me and love having a good chat. GG's


Tech, Crypto & Blockchain enthusiast..

Alex Rourke

I am a meat popsicle


I am a student not a blogger but like to read at my spare time


Hello and Welcome to LeftHouse A place of Film, Music, Art & Crypto. You can call me HilladigaHackles, or Brian McGuire Follow along for fun and excitement, the LeftHouse way.


All kind of metal


Looking to write about expiriances as a gig working drive!


Crypto enthusiast, Crypto gamer, Defi Degenerate


777 its the wave.


Producteur et Formateur en Musique Urbaine, Philosophe


Botafoguense, carioca, amante de cervejas e investidor em cryptos


Management Consultant




Ugochill is music project by Serbian/Dutch veteran of Indie Music, Alex Rado. Alex is functioning as standalone independent artist, producer and promoter, but his works also include collaborations with various friends and artists from around the world.


yes buk


Per aspera ad astra


I do art n stuff


Nothing very interesting to tell


Mamma e lavoratrice.


Im 25 yeras old. Single and an influencer


Music maker and enthusiast living in NXNW USA

Dave de Vries

Anarchism, Decentralization, Open-Source, Math, Cryptocurrency, A.I., Unconditional Basic Income, Resource Based Economy, Music, Art and Science.

Lenaldo Santos

Brasileiro, solteiro, amante da natureza, livros, musicas, carros, criptomoedas e pai de uma princesa chamada Hadassah .

Onica Georgeta

I am real galz and like internet


Needed some money


Its time to earn some crypto.


The future of money lies in crypto.

The Lebanese Girl

I am a curious girl from Lebanon who likes technology and have decided to explore Cryptocurrency ❤️




Software engineer // Fintech // Blockchain enthusiast // Crypto Investor


Trabajo en Internet


About Crypto


gribbles is Graham Thorpe, a 50-something amateur musician from the UK. He has been described as a “British electronic synth wizard” - which makes him blush and laugh in equal measure.


I'm a single mother


I am crypto fan. I post on Hive and Steem and now I am also here.


Crypto Enthusiastic. Crypto Hodler