How to Dominate Your 24-Hour Fast 🍵⏰ 🥙🥗

By Tako7 | Published by Coach T | 10 Jul 2020


If you’re reading this you’re about to get Coach T’s 24-Hour, One Meal A Day Secret Method! 


You’re on your way to burning fat and transforming your energy like a boss!! But I don’t  want to bore you with a bunch of mumbo jumbo so let’s get to it...

This is my method for crushing a 24 hour fast. For most people new to this type of fasting, it’s best to start off trying this 1 time per week.

If you feel comfortable there you can try 2 days the following week on non consecutive days. And progress this way.

Body prep (optional) 

There are a couple of things you can do beforehand to help fet you ready going into your fast.

one is going a few days eating 3 meals, with no snaking in between or after your last meal. This is all about self control and planing. It may be hard at first but, it’s 100% doable.

Another is a few days of apple cider vinegar shots. 1-2 capfuls before your first meal and after your last meal is plenty. 

But these are totally optional, you could also jump right into your fast tomorrow. 

The Method

This is an example schedule for your 24 Hour liquid fast. The main thing is that you want to get fluids in you throughout the day, without any extra calories.

There are options to drink tea or coffee as part of a “meal”, the main thing is that you want these unsweetened, no cream, sugar, or honey. There’s also an option to drink vegetable, chicken, or beef broth, during the second “meal”

but these are just options. If you’d like to stick with just water in place of these, that’s totally fine.

But enough rambling though, here’s the method:

Optional Items:

  • coffee
  • green tea
  • mineral water
  • 1 coup of either vegetable, chicken or beef broth

For the mineral water Topo Chico or S.Pellegrino is most popular but get what you can find, as long as it’s not a flavored water you’re good.

Example schedule:

1) You eat your last meal the night before your fast around 7-8 pm

2) Wake up up around 7-8 am and for “breakfast” you’ll have: water and coffee

3) 4 hours later, for your 12 pm “lunch” you’ll have: 1 cup of whatever broth you chose, unsweetened green tea, and water

4) 4 hours later, around 4 pm as a “snack” to hold you over, you’ll have: mineral water

5) 4 hours later, about 7-8 pm you’ll break your fast with a meal. Just a normal sized meal that you’d normally eat.

The main thing is to get plenty of liquid in you and don’t over eat to make up for any lost meals.

You can also just drink water and nothing else during your fasting period, it’s totally up to you!

 The main thing that you’ll have to overcome in your first attempts are those periods of hunger. The best way to beat it is to plan your fast ahead of time, drink plenty of water, and just fight through it. 

You can have as much water as you’d like during your fasting period, and if you fight through it usually that hunger will go away.


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Published by Coach T
Published by Coach T

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