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One feature Publish0x lacks

By nicklaus | Publish0x | 7 Oct 2020

This will be a short publication, regarding a small detail, which I don't know if anyone has noticed, and it has to do with the payment option

Since I started on the platform, I have seen some changes and I must say that all the changes have been for the better. I like to know that the people behind the platform, take care of the platform as if it were a child, always want the best for Publish0x

I've seen new things added to the platform interface, Dai's farewell, contests to win some more money, and I know that there are thousands of users on the platform, and I'm sure that a few thousand too, will have withdrawn profits from the platform


for that reason, I find it difficult to think that nobody would notice, or nobody would talk about it, since this, would be an addition that could improve the platform, at least to take a little more control month by month of what we earn in Publish0x

And well now I will talk to you about the subject in question

In our menu of earnings, we can differentiate it from two classes:

  • This month: this is where the earnings we have during the month we are
  • Lifetime: Here we will see all the earnings added up month after month

These are my earnings to date with the current prices


Then we can know, that in the menu of earnings when it passes to the next month, it stays at 0€, but that is not the issue that I refer to in this publication, but when we make a withdrawal of our earnings

Before last month's payment arrived, I asked for my money in my wallet and it arrived without any problem, first of all thanks to the guys at Publish0x for the payment

And what I did notice, that despite seeing my earnings coming out of the platform, in my earnings menu in this month's section, appeared the same amounts that I already had before

So, to know when I can withdraw my winnings again, I have to go to the payout tab and check, the question is:

It would not be better, that once a withdrawal of the earnings is made, in our main menu of the section this month it will stay at 0€

That way, we could have a better control, and not have to go to another site of the platform, to find out if we can or not withdraw already, it's simple a little idea

I invite you to leave your opinion below

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See you in future publications

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