Publish0x Q3 Update: More Data, More Stats, Bookmarks and $ETH Integration!

Publish0x Q3 Update: More Data, More Stats, Bookmarks and $ETH Integration!

It's been a while since the last update. Here's what we've been up to in the last few months.


1. ETH Integrated for Tipping, Bigger Rewards, and Payout Changes.



  • In early August we've integrated Ether - $ETH as a tipping token on Publish0x. Now, you can give and receive tips in ETH, BAT, and LRC.
  • When ETH was integrated as a tipping token, rewards were also increased by 30%.
  • At the same time, we've increased the minimum withdrawal limit to $1 worth of a token. Also, we've started paying out monthly instead of weekly, due to high gas fees.


2. Quality of Life Updates on Publish0x.

We're constantly working on improving Publish0x. Here are some of the updates that we've implemented recently.


2a. Bookmarks Added to Publish0x!


This was by far the most requested feature on Publish0x - and we've been listening. Bookmarks have been implemented a few months ago. Read this post to find out how to use and manage your bookmarks on Publish0x.


2b. Author Analytics (Version 1) is Implemented.


On the Authors Stats Overview page, authors can now see stats like the number of views, likes, dislikes and earnings their posts have gotten. These stats are available for individual posts as well.

Check your stats here.


2c. More Data on Your User Profile!


Your profile now shows much more data than it previously did. You can see what your profile is showing by going to your user dashboard, and then by clicking your name.

The Kragle was the first one to notice and publish a post about this update.


Your profile now shows:

  • Posts you've published.
  • Posts you've liked.
  • Who follows you. The Kragle was the first one to notice this and publish a post about it.
  • Your latest comments.
  • You can connect your Twitter account to your Publish0x profile (more on this below)!


2d. Connect Your Twitter Account to Your Profile.


You can now connect your twitter account to your profile. When other users visit your profile on Publish0x, they will be able to see your twitter account (if you so choose) and follow you on Twitter.

Connect Twitter account on Publish0x from here.


2e. Block Annoying Users!


If you don't want someone to see your posts and comments, or you don't want to see a users posts and comments, you can block that user!


How to block a user?

  • You can block a user from their user profile page.
  • And you can also use the block button found under a comment from each user.


Sometimes you can block someone by accident, or you may no longer wish to keep blocking someone. Manage the users you've blocked from here.


2f. There's Always a Lot of Smaller Updates...


As usual, there were a lot of "smaller" updates to Publish0x. Some of these include:

  • You can no longer delete comments by accident. If you hit the 'delete' button for a comment, a popup will ask you whether or not you're sure you want to delete the particular comment.
  • After each tip, you will now see three posts that are currently popular, that you may be interested in checking out next.
  • Social sharing widgets have been added on mobile as well.
  • The commenting limit was changed. Now, you can write an unlimited number of comments - but the limit is that you can comment on 20 posts in any given day. The limit is in place to prevent overt spam as much as possible.


3. Switching Up Tokens in the Top Navigational Menu.


Some of you have noticed that we've switched the tokens shown in the top navigational menu. Note that these are only shortcuts - we did not "kick" any token from the platform, and are still very happy whenever a new blockchain project joins us and starts sharing news and updates on Publish0x.

As many of you are aware, we are self-funded. Right now, there are no sponsors on Publish0x, not counting the banners and the occasional AMA and Writing Contest.


The reason the tokens in the navigational menu were switched is simple: As we are Publish0x sponsors, we're showcasing projects that excite us. And DeFi is a really exciting space worth watching... far beyond the quick profits some users (and less reputable projects) have managed to secure.

You can however expect more frequent changes to the navigational menu in the future, likely on a monthly basis.


4. Publish0x Growth.




Our traffic and userbase have been pretty stable in the last few months - although there is a slight 5% - 10% increase in the number of monthly active users on Publish0x.

You can see the stats here.


Our ratings have slipped a bit, though Publish0x is still around 32,000th most popular site on the internet! On the other hand, Google Analytics has been reporting roughly between 3,3 Million and 3,9 Million monthly pageviews for the last few months - and we're seeing an upward moving pattern now.



5. Payout Report.



A few days ago, we've completed the first monthly payout. We've sent 3,228 payouts to Publish0x users, which include:

  • 4,595 BAT (~ $1,010 worth at the time of payout)
  • 10,936 LRC (~ $2,066 worth at the time of payout)
  • 12.573 ETH (~ $4,440 worth at the time of payout)

Total worth of payouts was a bit over $7,500. Let's beat this next month! You can see all the transaction hashes of payouts from Publish0x here on EtherScan.


Apart from Publish0x Official Telegram Group, you can now join the community moderated Publish0x Ambassadors Group on Telegram. If you need support, contact - we answer within 24 hours.


I hope you've enjoyed this update!




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