Publish0x Q2 Update: Multiple QOL Updates and Continuous Growth

Publish0x Q2 Update: Multiple QOL Updates and Continuous Growth

It's been about three months since the last update, and it's due time for a new one. Here's what we've been up to in the last three months - from multiple "Quality of Life" type updates to make using Publish0x more pleasant for both users and authors, to the growth Publish0x has had over the last months.


1. Major 'Quality of Life' Type Changes Made to Publish0x.


Here are three changes we've made to Publish0x that are not necessarily major changes to the platform, but that will mean a lot to Publish0x authors and readers.


Add a Different Wallet Address for Each Token You Withdraw from Publish0x.


Previously, users could specify one ETH ERC-20 withdrawal address that we've sent all of the tokens to. Now, you can specify a different withdrawal address for all of the tokens you earn on Publish0x.

We still do not recommend withdrawing your funds directly to an exchange. Instead, use a self hosted wallet that can hold all of the ETH ERC-20 tokens you earn on Publish0x. We recommend Atomic Wallet. You can either store or swap the tokens you get from Publish0x with your Atomic Wallet directly, or send them to an exchange at a later time. You can download Atomic Wallet from here.   Also, please note that we can not accept contract addresses. These are sometimes used by exchanges.   You can set your withdrawal addresses from here, and you can read the full announcement about this change by clicking here.


The "Explore Content" Category Page Lists Recommended Tags to Use for Each Category.

explore page

The Explore Content category page that you can get to by clicking on the "Explore" on the top level menu now lists the top level tags you can use to make sure your posts end up in certain categories.

Authors, please note that abusing tags can lead to losing your authorship. I don't like to be strict on this, but if tags are abused, content sorting on the site becomes meaningless.


Authors Can Block Users from Commenting on Their Posts.


PS. I'm not going to block Smoljanovic. :)


The ability for authors to delete comments under their own posts has been implemented a long while ago. Now, authors can block users from commenting on their posts entirely.

The screenshot above shows you how to use these features - remember, these are available for you under your posts only. Otherwise, if you want to report a comment on a post that isn't yours, please use the report button found under the offending comment.

I want to make a note here and say that authors are encouraged to moderate comments on their own blogs and posts however they see fit.


2. Custom Warnings Above Posts and a System-Wide Message.

We've implemented a simple solution to be able to communicate with you better! We will use this in two specific cases.


A Site-Wide Message.


We've recognized that we need to communicate better with our users who are not a part of our Telegram group. Especially in case there are issues with the site, or if the payouts are sent later than usual.

As a result, we've added an ability for us to communicate with you via the sitewide notification that you can see in the screenshot above.


Custom Warnings Above Specific Posts.


At the same time, I am thankful to the users who use the report button under the posts to alert us that someone has published a post about a scammy or sketchy project. There are cases where it is hard to tell whether a project is legitimate or not, and removing the post from entirely seems too harsh..

In these cases you may see a custom warning above the posts title and above the main image. You can see an example of this warning message in the screenshot above.


3. News Tab in the Navigation Menu.


You may have noticed a new "News" tab near the main navigational menu. For now, only one author who is a part of Publish0x team submits news items in that section of the site.

We hope to be able to get Publish0x added into Google news, and this change was done to comply with Google's regulations for sites that want to be included in the Google News network.


4. Implementations and Recommendations.


We've Implemented Loopring - LRC (and a NEW token is coming soon too).


We've implemented Loopring - LRC as the tipping token on Publish0x on April 14th, and made an announcement soon after. Since, over 193,413 LRC was tipped to posts and given away during giveaways.


And more good news - a new token is coming to Publish0x soon. Stay tuned. :)


We've Recommended Atomic Wallet.


While there are good wallets you can use to withdraw tokens from Publish0x, wallets like MyCrypto, MyEther, or Metamask, we recommend Atomic Wallet for it's easy of use, availability across both desktop and mobile devices, and the sheer number of supported tokens. You can download Atomic Wallet here, and read our announcement post about this recommendation here.



5. Growth.


Dan, Publish0x founder, has recently published these stats on Twitter. Note that you can see Publish0x stats that update daily, by going here.



We've Surpassed 100,000 Registered Accounts (and held a big even to commemorate this!)


Publish0x has reached a big milestone - we now have well over 100,000 registered accounts! We've made a big even to commemorate this, that included 30% bigger tips for a full week, a writing contest, and a Twitter and Telegram giveaway.

Read the announcement here.


Google Analytics.



Traffic is still growing, and Publish0x has had over 3.9 Million PageViews in both April and May, according to Google Analytics.


Alexa Ranking.

Our rank on has been about the same for a while now - we are very close to being among the 20,000 most visited sites in the world!




6. Teaser - What to Expect in the Near Future.


Here's a few things you can expect in the near future, as in the following few weeks.


A New Token.


A new token is planned to be integrated into Publish0x... and it's one that's very high on the CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap lists!


More Writing Contests and Ongoing Ambassadors Contests.

There's more writing contests planned soon (and right now, you can join the #AtomicWalletTutorial contest).

Also, we run monthly Ambassadors Leaderboards contest where we reward the ambassadors that refer the most (active) users to Publish0x in the past 30 days.


We're Kind of a Private Bunch... but this Interview Can Shed Some Light on How Publish0x Operates.

I've had a chat with Frank (Hooked2TheChain) which was later published as an interview. In this interview, I talk about things like Publish0x team size, how and where we work, why we've started Publish0x, and similar topics that you likely won't find answers to elsewhere.

Read the interview here.


Apart from Publish0x Official Telegram Group, you can now join the community moderated Publish0x Ambassadors Group on Telegram.


I hope you've enjoyed reading this update.



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