Update on ETH Integration and Timeline of Upcoming Events on Publish0x

Update on ETH Integration and Timeline of Upcoming Events on Publish0x


I wanted to give you a quick update on a few things - chief of which is integration of ETH token as a tipping token on Publish0x.


When Will Ethereum (ETH) Be Integrated as a Tipping Token on Publish0x?



We put out a rumor that Ethereum (ETH) will be integrated as a tipping token, and that should have happened a couple weeks or so ago. The good news is that we are still planning on integrating ETH as a tipping token - you can expect to make your first tips in ETH in the first few days of August. :)


What Events Do You Have Planned for the Next Few Weeks?

Here's a timeline of events that you can look forward to in the next few weeks:


  • ChangeNOW Writing Contest ($350 total prize pool) - already started. Submissions are accepted until 19th of July.
  • Statera Project AMA ($200 in DAI prize pool) - the AMA will take place between Tuesday and Wednesday next week (14th and 15th of July).
  • Statera Project Writing Contest (prize pool TBD) - this writing contest will start on or around the 21st of July.
  • ETH Integrated as a Tipping Token on Publish0x - ETH will most likely be integrated on the 3rd of August.
  • ETH DeFi Writing Contest - A writing contest to celebrate both ETH and DeFi will most likely start between 10th and 20th of August.


That's all for now. :)


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