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By igort | Publish0x Official Blog | 11 Jul 2019

NOTE: This post is out of date. Still, it is a part of Publish0x history. ;)


Hi Publish0x community,

This is a quick update to let you know that we've introduced a new tipping model. In the last few months all tips gave out two tokens.

Right now, you will always earn a tip in a single token. There is a chance to earn a tip in one of multiple tokens. Currently you can earn tips in either DAI Stablecoin, HYDRO, or BNTY.



Compare that to the previous few months where each tip gave out two tokens. In April and May the tip was a split between HYDRO and BNTY, where 90% of the tip was in HYDRO, and 10% in BNTY. From June until now, the split of the tip was 90% in DAI and 10% Hydro.


How the New Tipping System Works and Why did we Change it?


On Publish0x, tips are free for both authors and Readers.


Mechanics of tipping are the same as they have been previously. You choose what percentage of the tip to give to author, and how much to keep to yourself. Tips are free for both readers and authors.

Amount users earn in USD per tip remains the same, on average.


This change is a start of a self serve advertising system, and is in line with monetization goals of Publish0x. Advertisers (projects and tokens) will be able to get exposure through our tipping system.

Once an advertiser sends us funds, they will be able to set their own rates per tip. The higher rates per tip they set compared to other tokens / projects / advertisers, the bigger the chance the next tip a user makes will be in the token from that particular advertiser.

Tip values are measured in USD, but users will earn tips in the advertisers token(s)While setting rates per tip, an advertiser will be able to see what the chance is that the next tip will be in their token.


Here's an example of the system working with 3 tokens:

  • Token 1 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 7 cents.
  • Token 2 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 2 cents.
  • Token 3 decides to pay out a base tip* in their token, in USD value of 1 cents.

*Base tip value: A user can make six tips per day at the moment. The first tip of the day is 3x value of the base tip, while the last two tips made in a given day are half the value of the base tip.


In this scenario:

  • There would be 70% chance that your tip is in Token 1, and when the reader makes the tip, he will have 7 cents of Token 1 to split between him and the author.
  • There would be 20% chance that the readers tip is in Token 2, where the reader would have 2 cents in Token 2 at their disposal to split between them and the author.
  • Token 3 is obviously 10% chance to be the tipping token, with the tip value being 1 cent before the reader makes the split between the author and himself.

So our future advertisers / tokens can really get maximum exposure when they have important news by turning up the rate they pay out per tip. On the other hand, they can choose less exposure over a longer time period if they choose to pay less per tip.

When I say paying more or less per tip, it is comparable to what other projects / advertisers are paying out at that moment in time.


PS. We will only be accepting tokens that are on exchanges and have enough volume for our users to trade them, if they so desire.



An example of what a user sees after making each tip. This could be branded by your project, where you will be able to choose where the 'Learn More' link points to. These tend to get many clicks from users who are aware of crypto and all have their wallets.


The benefits advertisers can get by advertising their project through the Publish0x tipper are twofold.

1. Our users learn more about your project after each tip they make.

After each tip a user makes in a particular advertisers token, an image with a link of advertisers choice is shown to the user. The advertiser will be able to choose which link the blue "Learn More" button goes to. In case of DAI, shown in the image above, the link points to this detailed article in which you can learn about MKR and DAI.


2. Our users get a further incentive to integrate with your community.

All of the users who tip or publish content will hold a some of the token, getting a further incentive to learn about the advertisers project and about their crypto.

Many of our users decided to keep the tokens recieved via tips in their portfolio. Others have written numerous articles about the tokens. For example, well over 50 articles in which DAI and MKR are the focal point were written since June.

In the article published on his Publish0x blog, 'Why I Hold 1UP, Minds, DAI, Hydro, & Bounty0x Tokens', Scott C has perfectly captured the sentiment of why tokens should be interested in advertising on Publish0x by sharing his experience with our platform.


"I’ve earned these all [DAI] through Publish0x and have since decided to invest into DAI so I have a reliable stablecoin that I can use for small transactions when I need to and don’t have to be concerned with its volatility. It’s always great to hold a bit of stablecoin in your portfolio to really round it out."

He had good things to say about HYDRO and BNTY too. Here's a link to his article.


I hope you enjoy getting and making tips with the new system. In case there are any issues, our support email is [email protected] You can also reach out to us on Publish0x Telegram group - or message me privately at [email protected]




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