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Pro Crypto Party

Pro Crypto Party

Politics are the only real danger left to Bitcoin. The struggle is real! The time is now for the Pro Crypto Party blog to applaud the good leaders and evil shame the bad ones. Together the people will free money from the governments and prosper... but only if we act together.

FUNNIEST PARTS WHEN THE CRYPTO WAR TURNS HOT !!! El Salvador stares down the IMF, Canada has a hissy fit, the FT says BTC is over cause Russia

26 Mar 2023 2 minute read 10 comments Dave Sawyer

Cryptofans we love the bones of ye, we would marry ya in the morning, y'all will all go straight to heaven for evolved revolutionaries!   Thanks and love to the Publish0x as always!!! Igor, still sorry bout that puke on NFTs & Jetcoin, but but but we...

CRYPTO PARTY ALERT !!! the LUNA regulatory shock hammer is a comin!!! El Salvador thrown under the bus as Republican senators join the Bitcoin beat down!!! TIME FOR LOCAL ACTION !!!

16 May 2022 3 minute read 0 comments Dave Sawyer

Cryptofans we love ya,  and we need all y'all and yer fams to lift humanity above the whims of our fiat printing Cantillon positioned debt slaver overlords!    Join the pro crypto party, be a one issue platform voter and a concerned citizen feedback...

CHITCOIN ALERT - BTC ETFs are "paper bitcoin" used to keep bitcoin down! ! Federal banks CBDC square off vs decentralized hard money

8 Nov 2021 4 minute read 6 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey Cypherpunk  Boys & Girls we looooooove y'all!  Bless your futuristic psyches for gracing the meta halls of the mighty mighty Publish0x to spread crypto group therapy, brothers and sisters!   forget the red and blue pills, dodge the black pills an...

regulatory shock live action!! Letitia vs. Antonio! Bitcoin is home free/ bitcoin is tied down by ETFs! Gensler's powermad drive to Treasury

28 Oct 2021 3 minute read 0 comments Dave Sawyer

Crypto fans we love you!  and love for the Publish0x to talk to y'all about it!  & What a week of love for BTC and ETH hodlers!   A rollercoaster political and regulatory ride of white knuckled adventure!  First the ETFs sneak in, months ahead of Rao...

Bitcoin Political News - Russia and China state led insider trading !!! Taxes are good! Plus - pure, lurking evils of stablecoins loom for US

28 Sep 2020 4 minute read 8 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey Cryptopunks, God knows you know we love ya.  Thanks for freeing money from the state. If we make it.  If not,  thanks for trying.  Thanks for the most likes eVAH last article, and for our first double digit downvote! Yay!  please tell me what pee...

Chinese politics caused the first pump & dump!!! Save Bitcoin, the original "non political money!" Pro Crypto Party

11 May 2020 3 minute read 3 comments Dave Sawyer

Cypherfans we love you!   Don't believe Bitcoin Politics are important?  Politics caused the bitcoin price crash! AND the first big bull run!!! Gavin Andresen, in the Bitcoin XT fork, designed a "Bitcoin Constitutional Amendment," a supermajority of...

Pro Crypto Political Party Manifesto !!!

3 May 2020 4 minute read 5 comments Dave Sawyer

Cypherfans we love ya!  Bitcoin and altcoins have survived every threat, just now thumping the stock markets in recovery to reach a huge milestone for blockchain as a store of value.   We are well on the way to the Austrian economists dream of  freei...