CRYPTO PARTY ALERT !!! the LUNA regulatory shock hammer is a comin!!! El Salvador thrown under the bus as Republican senators join the Bitcoin beat down!!! TIME FOR LOCAL ACTION !!!

By Dave Sawyer | Pro Crypto Party | 16 May 2022

Cryptofans we love ya,  and we need all y'all and yer fams to lift humanity above the whims of our fiat printing Cantillon positioned debt slaver overlords!    Join the pro crypto party, be a one issue platform voter and a concerned citizen feedback machine!  Right now those noises you hear include Liz Warren's marcomms group burning crypto in effigy as they prepare the counterattack over LUNA & TERRA...   But there are bright points! 4141130017510b2bc31684217fa6d009998eb1637e3d60850f37b2c0f288aa5d.png

Are y'all feeling Wyoming?  Cynthia Lummis remains the all-star first ever BTC hodling  Senator, hats off , act like ya know!!!  Miami, New York City, we see you big dog mayors Suarez and Adams, almost got your paycheck in BTC!!!  Congrats Texas  win or lose for Cruz's drive to be the first BTC POTUS. 

On the other hand, if y'all are in the dirty Jersey,  historically corrupt Louisiana, or Idaho ( u da ho? no clue) please take time out from your busy day to write or call a nastygram to Bob Menendez, Bill Cassidy and Jim Risch. Please give them clear support for crypto, 100% positive please.  Cause we just caught up with this: 4f1358cdeabbe0481210e4c7d51b6b01379095d1b261f7648953715ab6e81d99.png

OK skip the fact that these dudes look like bad guy demons from ghostbusters VII.  Focus on the fact that now bi-partisan senators are ganging up with the IMF to keep those nasty little latin american countries in line, kissing up to the almighty petrodollar.   The WORST part?  read their BS... they are doing it all in the name of ' protecting ' El Salvador.   What, ya can't let El Salvador try anything other than the "confessions of an economic hit man" story played out repeatedly by the IMF in failure after failure of their peers...oh ya!   And somehow, also in the name of US "help" messing with El Salvador's rights to protect them from... wait for it... CHINA...!!!???!! 

In order to spin this BS, one must ignore the ridiculously bad history of all the fiat in the world.  Dear readers will recall our horror in noticing that the people of the top Muslim countries in the world for decades and decades have been just crippled and abused by fiat currencies that ground down and down and down against the dollar, while the government kleptocrats nimbly timed seizure, banning forex, repegging, devaluation, etc... kinda like living in a world where it was illegal to have dollars, but if you could hodl they would PDQ moon 1000%  against the local fiat.. oh but not for you little one. 

 Anywho how's THAT South American protection racket working out?  An update straight from their own selves shows two LATAM topics that are important right now - big number one is inflation solidly (over?) ten percent baby.  There ya go, central bank failures, low income grandma wasn't that hungry anyway huh?   the only other important (to the IMF lol) stat ? 8373cb8a98bc825ed1f81c748c188d59c245cf48188c998d65b597db3488e948.pngcant make this nonsense up--- the important part is, and we quote, " Central banks in Latin America have successfully shielded their credibility, for now." 

Funny we thought the important part was all the human suffering of the people & neighbors of El Salvador.   Latams that were going into IMF receivership, yet again,  after following IMF policies yet again--- that was the news before COVID.... an update from 2021 shows the NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR Honduras sucking another almost billion (769MM) dollars in IMF laundering....hey wait, give us & our dog 3/4 billion & then our DOG  WOULD HAVE SOME GD "shielded credibility" too you clowns...  HEY WAIT 

FOR GOD'S SAKE YA OVERBEARING ARSEHOLE WEASELS ---EL SALVADOR JUST BOUGHT THE DIP BUT STILL ONLY HAS about 68 MM USD in 2,300 btc right now.  Which means Honduras could buy more than all El Salvador's BTC with a 10% haircut on the sugartit fiat given by the IMF !!!! STFU PLEASE, with all due respect, senators....

Anyway, El Salvador saw it like us, quotes in cover pic. Our fave - "never in a million years imagined the USA would be against this."   C'mon senators, let a country sell some bonds against some thermoelectric value prop, wtf do you care other than to protect fiat printing for global warmongering??? 

Who can blame El Salvador for shouting in a Latin fury??  a quick check of the top five failed fiat currencies from Intuit below, whadda we see?  #1 the Weimar republic, WWI, okay, #2 Hungary, WWII aftermath, OK.. Then rounding out the TOP FIVE we see LATAM LATAM LATAM Chile, Argentina and Peru - with Latam gummint biz as usual in the last fifty years. So literally if all BTC did was lose 50% of it's value it would be a success by LATAM historical standards.  Yeah,  y'all thirty odd million Peruvians, remember the day yer boys whipped out the " Neuvo Sol, at a rate of 1,000,000,000 to 1. The result was a currency that was worth one billion times that of only six years before. "     Can we even imagine surviving that ?  Unless we had a boatload of inside info like, we dunno, maybe the government....


The latest update? 90c0d9f205663aa3934b689ccad4f775324933188bb99b84fb2b2e92cb5e0602.png El Salvador just just now BTFD for another 500 sweet sweet bitcoins, can we say double down like the big boys beaooooootches,  AND,  love it,  AND  ( just now) is inviting 44 countries to a global summit to discuss national BTC rollout ... law of unintended consequences anyone??  Well played sir. OK boomer we are not your colony ar ar ar ar what a chucklefest.  Your move IMF.  Pass the popcorn rofl later peace out Dave

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Dave Sawyer
Dave Sawyer

National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

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Pro Crypto Party

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