My first card for the year wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!

My first card for the year wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!!








This is going to be my first post for 2023. One of the new developments with me this year is making cards for general special occasions because I enjoy experiencing the essence of the occasion when I sit down to create the words and then make the card.

I created a card for one special occasion last year for Christmas. The rest of my cards were customised cards for people for their particular special occasion. I have developed a habit in recent years in making cards for certain people I know something about, for their special occasions which have been mostly marriages and birthdays.

Last year I made a tribute card for my uncle who passed away and that was my first such card honouring the memory of a person who has left the world.

Recap of the Cards I created last year -


Christmas Card

Be Merry now all, it’s Christmas season!! Ho, Ho, Ho !!!


Tribute Card on Memory of Uncle who left the world

Honouring the association with a cordial soul who has departed — Venkatesh Uncle

Birthday Card for Prabha Chithi wishing her on time through customised card

Can’t bake her a birthday cake so created a customised birthday card instead!!


Special Birthday Card for nieces who turned 1 last May

My customised special birthday card for my newly turned 1 year old nieces!!


Thank you card for Good Dentist !!

A Special Thankyou Card with Chocolates for the Good Dentist Doctor



Wedding Anniversary card for Brother and Sister-in-law with children now in the picture

A different anniversary for a couple who got crawling little ones to join them in their anniversary celebrations

 Magic about my cards is that they bring out the main essence of the occasion truly!!



I believe I create the words from the bottom of my heart, and it has the power to delight recipients, because a lot of it speaks about their favorite aspect, or feelings they experience on their special occasion.

Themes of love, joy, togetherness, cheer and fun echo in the cards and dance around.

Also, since generally I put their real photo in the card, it gives the card a real, true and special aspect.

My cards are like special homemade food made out of a lot of thought applying all my understanding about the person with love, pleasure, innocence and my card always wants to make the receipt smile, rejoice inside.

Till now, I have a feeling my cards have succeeded in doing that.

 Unfortunate that creative juices were not flowing for composing Happy New Year Card


However, as New Year was coming I was not flowing with ideas to create a card for the occasion…

31st December came, and already New Year wishes were coming but I was not able to compose content for a Happy New Year Card.

I tried to create words on 31st December afternoon, and quit it in the evening. No, I will have to finish this Happy New Year Card business only on 1st Jan, because I was not having the productive spirit to create a Happy New year Card.

I suspect I got writer’s Block as well…

It did not help that these days everyone is creating customised Happy New Year Cards… where Happy New Year is the main highlight with a bit of content wishing everyone good health, prosperity, happiness, peace, fun, luck etc along with their name.

So, I lost interest because what special card can I make bringing out the New Year’s Theme??!!!

 The concept based on which I designed my Happy New Year Card!!





On Jan 1st, that’s yesterday, I finished the card and it’s not as good as my CHristmas card I made last year, inspired by what I believed the spirit of Christmas was all about…

People were excited to welcome the New Year all over the world… that excitement and cheers for wishing everyone Happy New Year was there even on 1st Jan…

We don’t know how 2023 will pan out for us, it will offer us both opportunities and challenges, we will have good and bad times in the year. Still, we share our goodwill with others, wishing them all the best for their future in the brand New Year.

We have to be prepared for facing tough times in the year, and have vitality to be able to do various activities, deeds etc. The New Year opens up a fresh chapter in our lives where our stories get written, with new experiences filling the pages of our life’s story!! It’s super exciting and we look forward to the journey sailing the new year!!

I could not embed themes of wealth and peace in my card, and I am disappointed but atleast I tried.

 Final product — my card wishing everyone a Happy New Year — 2023!!




Here are the words…

As we look forward to welcome the New Year,
with delight for all the wonders it holds for us

We also power up to embrace the challenges
life has in store for us in the coming year

It’s time to change the Calendar…

Happy New Year…

Stay blessed with vitality and positive energy
as a new chapter unfolds in our life’s journey

Sprinkled with exciting opportunities &
Enriching life experiences…

Good Luck sailing the Year 2023!!

Happy New Year!!


Ofcourse, these are only words but they all mean well…

Happy New Year 2023 All…

Stay alive and active, be positive, joyful and always endeavour to be the best version of yourself. That is enough to ensure you live meaningfully this year…

Good Luck and many Blessings to you all…

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