Wonderful Wednesday, winning writing competitions, the World Wide Web and some WINKs!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 19 Aug 2020

Woke up this morning in a symphony of birds song, but the birds were seagulls and the songs where actually screams.

Took my phone, dropped my phone, took my phone from the floor, and checked the 20 emails, some updates and answered back to the Publish0x comments. The Lbry.tv app informed me that it's time to watch a video for my daily reward, therefore I watched 10 short videos about games I don't play, about people I don't know and foods I don't eat. Daily faucet time now, so I open the laptop for the ...full experience. Click, click, click and faucets done so I opened Publish0x to check what's new. Both my Bedtime Stories, The Magical ZEC fountains and a sparkle of PivX and The Aelf Prince, the Supreme Wizard and the Thieves Guild were trending on the main page, but between them was Igor's post announcing the winners of the Statera writing competition.


Drum roll please! Scrolling past the 4th place and thinking $10 in ETH will be good but I am not there so I am scrolling further down. $20 in ETH for the 3rd place, but again my post is not there, and at this point I was 100% sure I won a $5 in ETH for my Tweet, but after another scroll I found my post. Drum roll again please! Statera - Welcome to the Crypto-Bazaar won the 2nd place and $30 in ETH, plus an extra $1 awarded to all participating posts. Thank you Publish0X and congratulations to all other participants and winners! In my opinion this was the best and most competitive writing competition until now.

Speaking about award winning content, the AELF bedtime story won the Aelf Hacker Bounty competition, and a lesser post of mine about Aelf won another prize.6720ed9f05858d070541c091482e1bd0e3fd39369666c5e6952061a44ddbaf63.jpegThe hacker bounty summed up to 1096 Elf and is the biggest price I ever won from writing. Just to brag about it, that means almost $124 at today's value.

The community good vibes were enhanced by The Lebanese Girl, with a lovely thank you for my support! I always like featuring in other people posts and I will always feature others in my posts and promote exceptional content.

Another issue of winning prizes is that I have to update my signature picture. See below the new onedfebda047f6d57aa268f70a79eb45d10ab98175a107eda1cb9945d02c01fb909.jpeg


Elon Musk is not the 4th richest person in the world, after Tesla stocks surged by 11% in a single day, adding $8 billion to his net worth. According to Bloomberg, he now holds $84.8 billion. Now I feel sorry for bragging about $124!

Internet explorer is dead, long life to BraveBrowser. The 25 years old browser was killed of by Microsoft, and the remaining 365 apps and services will end support for the browser in 2021. I know when IE was launched, I grew up with it, but definitely was time for evolution.


I have 40 WINK's on Atomic Wallet. This has nothing to do with the above content but starts with "W" and this was the core element for the post. This part was added just for alliteration purpose.


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Bedtime story: The Magical ZEC fountains and a sparkle of PivX

Bedtime story: The Aelf Prince, the Supreme Wizard and the Thieves Guild

Statera - Welcome to the Crypto-Bazaar

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Horizen (ZEN)

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