Bedtime story: The magical ZEC fountains and PivX sparkling dust

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 18 Aug 2020

Once upon a time was a silly boy who believed that every quest giving some crypto coppers was a faucet. While he was wondering around, doing side quests and leveling his skills, the silly boy meet a goblin. This goblin was different than others, it was a proper quest giver, not the usual "collect 5 herbs and bring them back" one, and on top of that, the was a Tinkers' Union member and was wearing a ZEC tabard. The goblin send the silly boy to find the Magical Zen Fountains, and drink from them every day, until they will run out. The boy was confused because he never left his village, in fact, no one from his village never left the village. However, guided by this amazing dream, he decided to take his wooden sword, his old leather boots and left towards the Big Dessert.


The silly boy started his journey, leveling and doing quests along his route, but never forgetting his main goal, to find the Magical Zen Fountains. After countless trials and adventures, the boy was now a ruthless warrior, and his stash of coins was getting bigger and bigger, but he still didn't accomplished his goal. And after months of travelling and grinding, he could hear the water sound in the distance, and it was clear that one of the legendary ZEC fountains was near, because he was walking through sand and dunes for days. And when he seen the lush oasis, he was afraid he was hallucinating, but no, he has found the Global Hive Magical Zec Fountain. The fountain was giving power and wealth, and each day, a magical ZEC fruit was ready to be picked by each adventurer.


The hero used his hands as a cup and had small sips of the clear blue ZEC infused water, which gave him strength. And he camped close to this oasis, questing around, and helping other pilgrims and explorers to find the GlobalHive Fountain, because by magic, the boy's ZEC fruit was bigger and bigger for every other explorer brought in the oasis. The chain magic worked as well for every explorer brought in the oasis by the others explorers until Tier 4, dropping from 5%, to 3%, 2% and 1%. And so the ZEC fruit was more juicy every day and our hero he was happy here, until one day when he remembered the goblin, and that his quest was saying that a second fountain must be found, a bigger and more powerful one, with more magic to share with explorers.3716c5a8ecba1b3d3cd0d7dea7cdb5ab02c406b1a0218ac1be883d4d5069f887.jpeg

And this is how our story continued, with the hero following gossips and clues, until he reach a mountain peak, where surrounded by wildfire and lava was the PipeFlare ZEC Fountain. The story was true, the PipeFlare ZEC Fountain was 10 times bigger than the first one, and around it, were fire elements blessing the explorers with something new, purple sparks. This purple sparks was in fact PivX dust, and was helping the adventurers to change their coins and golds everywhere on the globe, while keeping their transactions private. Same as before, the hero camped here, questing and helping others to climb the mountain, and to reach the bounty available on the summit. And same as before, the hero was rewarded for helping others, but this time the reward started from 50%, down to 10% for tier 4. The journey up was dangerous and more difficult therefore less pilgrims managed to find it!720e416591caf3cf6639a559e57823cc6109d763bf62409c4363ff70c62ce6ba.jpeg

The story ends with the boy, now a legendary warrior, still travelling up and down between GlobalHive and the PipeFlare Fountain, guiding the lost ones to safety, where they can refresh and regain their powers. 2f405a4b394ceca957ddd722e1eebfcc8203e66bb07b2740204bcbea6ccf17dd.jpeg

I personally like Zcash, how not to like something that will soon reach $90 and is ranked 28 in the Market Cap Rank. ZEC is nice, and free ZEC is even nicer. As for PIVX, their project sounds interesting, their goal achievable, and to get some for free is always a good thing. I am sending both to Binance, and for ZEC I am even getting 1.35% interest. Keep growing and diversifying your portfolio because you never know which asset will go ... to the Moon!

Put your epic gear on and start the adventure today, as the Magical ZEC Fountains are waiting for you!


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