NFT Breaking News #7 - The Girls of Bunnvale University and Monero!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 11 May 2021

If you don't live under a shell or in the middle of the jungle, you probably seen the hottest NFT project ... The Girls of Bunnvale University 

You can follow Sierra, Erin, Madison, Tamika and Kimi as they deal with daily college life, such as attending parties, hanging out at the beach and sometimes, but only sometimes, even studying in their beach house dorm rooms. The daily adventures of the five hot college girls at the fictional Bunnvale University in California will be immortalized in NFTs. The Girls of Bunnvale University was launched yesterday on AtomicHub and will continue with daily episodes starting May 17, 2021.

About David Boller:

Bunnvale creator David Boller explains how he came up with the concept: “When I found out about NFTs, within five minutes I knew that this was perfect for Bunnvale. NFTs solve so many problems in publishing and a project with daily episodes has never been done before. Instead of drops, we'll have daily new content, like a reality TV-show. We'll feature high-quality art, compelling storylines and eventually a dapp to pull it all together.

David Boller was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. After graduation from the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey, he worked for many of the largest comic book publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics on popular titles like Spider-Man, Batman and Witchblade, as well as his creator-owned series Kaos Moon.

In 2008 he returned to Switzerland and created Virtual Graphics and since then has published over 32 graphic novels and many animated commercials for well-known clients like tennis star Andy Murray and Swiss watch company Audemars Piguet. David continues to create, animate and publish NFTs on various blockchain marketplaces.

The Girls of Bunnvale University social media:

Bunnvale Twitter:

Bunnvale Telegram:

Watch the Bunnvale NFT trailer:



Monero the Secretive - by Coinsteps

Say hello to Monero the Secretive, the newest member of the Happy Crypto Family. You probably added Bitcoin Cash the Reliable to your collection and now you may want to add Monero as well.

Monero is the leading cryptocurrency in the privacy sector. The max supply of this NFT will be 180, and 30 will be awarded by lucky draw to those commenting on the Monero the Secretive article with their WAX address before Wednesday the 12th or March, at 7 PM UTC.


CoronaCards by Maiki

In the next days Maiki will release a small test pack for the upcoming collection CoronaCards. The set will be out soon, with 20 cards in six rarities.


I never wanted to get Corona but this Legendary Golden King  "Flu in Disguise" is cool, it summons a random symptom and lets you stay in quarantine for 14 days!


Byron's zombies, Magor 22:1 and Aliens

Winter is coming as the icy desert of Magor is now invaded by white walkers! Magor 22:1 is the place where explorers can mine for Byron's zombies. The initial rate was set at 5 NFTs per hour, random drop to those that are mining on the icy desert. 


PVM's Devilish Cat

I have to show off and share the Devilish Cat with the world! Hand made in pencil, my pet is now available on the blockchain. 



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