Monday news update and Stellar Lumens winner

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 10 Aug 2020

Rise and shine beautiful people! 🌤 ⛱  Its time for a short round of news and updates as knowledge is money! 

We are still far from the end of the Covid-19 saga, as today the number of cases reached 20 million. Around the world are currently around 30,000 new daily cases and the USA, India and Brazil are summing up half of the global cases.3afa1207a72e04ff3ebf637b4193506f3e4c2fc9046f9b7653190f8ec473e08e.jpeg

Education and self-development is adapting with modern days and the curriculum is moving on Twitter. Learning on Twitter is time well spent and the tuition and resources are free

In Lebanon, Beirut was shaken by two powerful explosion. Over 150 casualties and thousands of wounded. The event added more pressure on the government and to the current catastrophic financial and economical situation.331a29ae87da237560e240c45dd59c60bf08a36b7ca20121791a44cb95495a20.jpeg

Big Tech Trusts wish less antitrust laws to monopolise the market and kill small companies and small competition. It's time for the decentralized revolution!

The Crypto Market has a green start of the day, with most cryptocurrencies gaining value.b1fcc8f760a34cd2ed5435792cf9c0cccc2aa48a9fde981a95e12583686842e6.jpeg

Back to Publish0x, over the weekend we were overwhelmed with Statera posts. I have my fair contribution in the issue, with "Statera - Welcome to the Crypto-Bazaar!" being quite popular. As the deadline to submit entries to the writing competition was yesterday, I can mark myself safe from the Statera posts invasion.ae0a09cf5b736bcff96bb1317424a71c83e38fe95fe691b68f713e34df83addb.jpeg

As a follow up to my 100th post and the Stellar Lumen giveaway , today is the time to announce the winners! 🏆 Drum roll please!7d2c29d2b03a81e26883ed5106c03156a4b9cd4641ab269494b0da2b9cecfe1e.jpegThe 3 prizes of 20 Stellar Lumens were drew using a dice 🎲 as the entries were allocated a number.

DeKrof and The Kragle won 20 XLM each for giving feedback and telling me their favourite post while Steven_BA was favoured by the dice and won 20 XLM for sharing my Twitter post. Well done and please write your Stellar wallet in the comments so I can send the prize.

To finish it in a funny note, this is how 2020 was for me, and maybe for many others. 8f17c00ddd968943954553292efd0642eb8bd8ba90e4200387bf1afd58ed8c0e.jpeg


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