How to manage NFT's with the Metamask mobile app

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 22 Oct 2020


The crazy world of NFT's

The NFT's are competing with DeFi food tokens for the most amazing growth in 2020. The EnjinCraft and Coincheck backed project is ready to introduce Minecraft into the non-fungible token market and Batman NFT's were sold for $202,000 on the 17th of October. The artwork collection had five unique pieces created by Jose Belbo, DC comic artist, and Trevor Jones, crypto artist.808b881fd98f1c001503f130203a6f9671835aa31327295e6348796ff770c7ee.png

How to manage NFT's with the Metamask app

Currently several standards exist for NFTs, such as ERC-721 and ERC-20, all of them driven by a smart contract that mints the unique details. Most of the NFT's can be sent and received on the WAX Wallet.  Others, like the ones minted on Rarible, will need an Ethereum wallet, such as Metamask for management and transfers. This can be done easily from the Metamask app. The app is available for Android or iOS on or Google Play.


Once installed, the app can be synchronized with the Metamask extension wallet by using the MetaMask Mobile Sync feature. Select "Sync or Import" than "Scan QR code". On the Metamask extension click Settings > Advanced > Sync with Mobile to open the QR code. Scan the QR code with the mobile app and wait for the sync.

In the Metamask app, the collectibles tab is on the home screen, on the right side of the Tokens tab. 


Tapping on Collectibels will show a list of the NFT's. On the bottom of the page is the "+ADD COLLECTIBLES" button which will allow users to add more NFT's into the Metamask app.


Tapping the "+ADD COLLECTIBLES" button will open the details page, where the Ethereum address (0x) and the collectible ID must be added to finalize the process.


Tapping any of the collectibles from the list will open the NFT details, ID, description and a thumbnail picture. This can be sent to other wallets by clicking the "SEND" button


To send a collectible to someone else, the public address must be added. A list of recent transactions are listed below. If the user has more than one account linked to the Metamask, they can be selected by pressing "transfer between my accounts". A list of accounts will  be available once tapped.


My NFT's journey

The NFT's are reminding me of my Panini stickers albums. My first one was the France 98 World Cup which I completed. This was followed by many Seria A, Disney and other football related albums. I am 99% sure that they are still stored somewhere. I got hypnotized by the NFT's world but getting NFT's collection is not one of my priorities. I still managed to add some NFT's in my collectiondc2073d65f530c54ace4a1e2865923f286f905f1ebf5ea67dc82e2c6a189f699.png

Periodic Table of Elements NFTs giveaway

I hosted the Nitrogen NFT giveaway, in partnership with RobertoitAll I can say is ... WOW!!!  Such an amazing involvement and such a big impact. I had so many comments on the post that on Tuesday I was struggling to find the new comments. All users who left a comment with the WAX wallet received the Nitrogen NFT. As per today, the first 8 elements of the periodic table are released: #1 Hydrogen (max supply 200), #2 Helium (max supply 200), #3 Lithium (max supply 200), #4 Beryllium (max supply 99), #5 Boron (max supply 99), #6 Carbon (max supply 200), #7 Nitrogen (max supply 200) and #8 Oxygen (max supply 299).

The Harvest Finance Tractor NFT raffle

If initially I was planning to share 3 NFT's with the community, I end up giving away 8 Tractors. I decided to gift one to Robertoit for his amazing work with the Periodic Table of Elements NFTs and the elements giveaway. Seeing that the number of entry was over my expectations, I came up with the idea to award one for every 10 entries, using my email notifications from Publish0x as the timeline guide. MaddCryptoDogg  was awarded one one NFT for being the 10th entry and Mynima got his NFT for being the 20th entry.

I excluded the above ones from the draw and 18 entries were left in the pot. Because sharing is caring, I decided to share 5 more Harvest Finance Tractor NFTs, and allocated numbers from 1 to 18 to the participants. I used the Random website to get 5 lucky numbers. The God of Random chose the following: willmingtonw, CryptoWordsmith, eklureuil,  jeromebernard and CryptoBlonde. I wanted to share as many as possible but unfortunately the ETH gas fees are still a pain.

All transactions can be checked on Rarible, where the transactions and current owners of the NFT and the are listed.1c3dbcbf70e7e4f6a0d3c184ac71e462d8e3237225ce72eb3bf566d776fe9249.png


* currently testing ReadCash

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