Nitrogen NFT, Crypto Opportunities and 1000 followers

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 19 Oct 2020

Periodic Table of Elements NFTs

My friend Robertoit and others started this amazing project, the Periodic Table of Elements NFTs, where crypto gets mixed with chemistry. This will guarantee a trip down memory lane, awkward school memories and a nice set of NFTs. In the standard periodic table, the elements are listed in order of increasing atomic number Z. Elements with similar chemical properties generally fall into the same group in the periodic table, although in the f-block, and to some respect in the d-block, the elements in the same period tend to have similar properties, as well. I liked school experiments and I liked Breaking Bad even more, so this set looks both fun and educational. 593be3f2dd80247431cc826686694e05935e5ca06038d2426feb051449cf68c4.jpeg

An NFT is issued for each element. All items have a limited edition and some are rarer than others, therefore will be challenging to have the whole table.

The Periodic Table NFT collection has successfully passed the verification. The efforts to make the collection more widespread and the general interest from the community made it possible to achieve this result in just 8 days.

I was lucky enough to get Hydrogen, Lithium, Carbon and Beryllium in the previous giveaways. If you missed the giveaways and want to catch up with the collection, you can find them all on Atomichub.70313694ae332f92a4a087a2528a8a9244bca6b02ee150aeefc17bd1ef85d79f.png

My role today has changed and I am now proud to host the giveaway for Nitrogen.67ccb12489572772bf85ed5f8acbfe0681bb2c4c2903115209b34676ae4f797a.jpeg


Nitrogen has the symbol N and the atomic number 7. It is a common element in the Universe, the seventh in total abundance in the Milky Way. Nitrogen was discovered and isolated by the Scottish chemist Daniel Rutherford. It is used for ammonia, nitric acid and cyanides contain nitrogen. It can be used in fertilizers, Kevlar production, superglue and antibiotics. The nitrogen can be used to produces energy and can burn and explode.2f9582130be04f26b52d6d3e64085d2c631fcff4eaefe85cfb6af387aaf3a4da.jpeg

Nitrogen NFT giveaway

Yes, this NFT comes with a boom! If you want to own this explosive NFT leave your WAX wallet in the comments. I have 40 prizes for the first 40 users commenting on the post. Keep following Robertoit for more giveaways and more chances to add even more elements to the collection.4c595da2b8156925a74d27408f6ef4f05dbec22194ca750de59210f4614ddd78.jpeg


Big milestone reached last week, when the followers tally reached 1000. I think this is a great opportunity to share my Harvest.Finance Green Tractor NFT with the community. This was minted on Rarible therefore an Ethereum Wallet (Metamask) will be needed in order to receive it. Leave your ETH wallet in the comments and 3 lucky users will be selected randomly. Big chance for NFT fans to get 2 brand new NFT's today.ec59e89280fe00237a5bdf87832e24ebb5402945852b189bb2fbc0476ae060ff.jpeg

Crypto Opportunities

Binance Launchpool giving Flamingo ALPHA and Venus to Binance Coin Holders until the end of October. The Swipe (SXP) airdrop has 3 weeks left and I can confirm that BNB staked into the Launchpool is still calculated for the reward.768207d57941ff2f218bfda7b24661479ddfdcaa770cabe654958d6b3d24af3d.jpeg

Binance announced the 16th project on Binance Launchpad - The Injective Protocol. The token sale for Injective Protocol will follow a lottery format. Ticket claim is now open for all eligible users for a 24 hour period. A maximum of 18,000 winning tickets will be rewarded, each allocating 500 INJ (200 USD). If your BNB balance was high, than don't forget to claim your ticket.477620608a163127797bc19ec580af1b47aadbe6144f849e16f720464c7a1e8c.jpeg

Zilliqa non-custodial staking is now available via Zillion or through Moonlet. It was announced that Atomic Wallet and will add Zilliqa staking soon. I am currently holding few thousands on Binance and putting my Zilliqa to work sounds like a good idea.

Coinbase Earn gives users the opportunity to earn up to $59 Compound (COMP). See Mynima excellent guide on how to complete the task in this post: More Compound (COMP) added to Coinbase Earn - Upto $50

On Coinbase Earn I have only two invites for up to $50 worth of EOS. The Stellar Lumen worked just fine and four of my friends have now $10 worth of Stellar in the wallet.

Harvest.Finance Creativity Contest - round 3 prize pool is $13,000 worth of FARM tokens. This round will reward 50 entries. Humble farmers can submit their work until 28th of October and wait for the harvest. If you have web design skills, a separate competition is running, where over $5000 worth of FARM will be shared to 10 artists.95b781c6cdca5dee5faccbea7942e9590346e692593320b5b6566c9e1abe6a23.jpeg


Links and referrals: 

Periodic Table of Elements NFTs

Market on atomichub for the purchase of NFTs

Harvest.Finance, Pumpkins, Web Design and Creativity Contest

More Compound (COMP) added to Coinbase Earn - Upto $50

Coinbase Earn - Up to $59 Compound (COMP)

Coinbase Earn - Up to $50 worth of EOS

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