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NBA Top Shot NFTs - Rare and Legendary Finals drop this Monday - How fast will these sell out?

17 Oct 2020 3 minute read 21 comments CryptoWordsmith

The NBA Finals in the bubble are now over, but your chance at acquiring NBA Top Shot moments from this year's finals takes place this coming Monday. There will be two drops, and both will be scheduled on October 19 at 5:00pm PST!  In case you didn't...

The slam dunk NFT - NBA Top Shot collectibles

4 Oct 2020 4 minute read 46 comments CryptoWordsmith

I got early access to official NBA licensed NFT collectibles with NBA Top Shot back in August, and I'm back with an update! This post was inspired by fellow author, PVMihalache, who wrote about NFTs recently.  What is NBA Top Shot? Graphic 1: Tweet...

How to build your personal brand - Part 1

3 Oct 2020 4 minute read 33 comments CryptoWordsmith

I was reading a post by a fellow author, tvlachak, and discovered that LinkedIn offered their 20 Most Popular LinkedIn Learning Courses of the Year for free until October 1, 2020. The one that caught my eye was created by LinkedIn Learning Instructor...

I tried to earn Bitcoin Cash on for 7 days...was it worth it?

21 Sep 2020 9 minute read 66 comments CryptoWordsmith is a blogging platform similar to Publish0x where community members there earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) exclusively. After reading SkinnerCrypto's experience with a few months ago, I considered trying to create content over there. But r...

Want your posts to start trending on Publish0x? Here's how to start

10 Sep 2020 3 minute read 57 comments CryptoWordsmith

If you are a new author on Publish0x, you know how hard it is to get noticed. There is a lot of talent in this community (and in others such as YouTube, Hive, Minds, etc.), and your new posts often get buried. In order to get more views and tips, you...

Why Tether's checkered past poses a risk to the DeFi ecosystem

29 Aug 2020 6 minute read 32 comments CryptoWordsmith

Tether's market capitalization has surged in the past few months from $5 billion to $10 billion because of the recent DeFi expansion, and the proliferation of decentralized exchanges/swapping protocols, such as Uniswap. Despite its lofty status as th...

Heavyweight Bitcoin Battle - Fidelity vs. Greyscale Bitcoin Trust

28 Aug 2020 1 minute read 14 comments CryptoWordsmith

As an institutional investment firm, Fidelity Investments has deep roots in the blockchain world. They created a special division called Fidelity Digital Assets which began research and development efforts in 2014, and even started mining Bitcoin in...

Witnessing history - NBA season in jeopardy as players boycott games, demand social justice

27 Aug 2020 1 minute read 19 comments CryptoWordsmith

Say Their Names...Vote...Education Reform...I Can't Breathe...Enough...I am a Man. These are some of the phrases that many NBA players have chosen to wear on the back of their jerseys as the NBA season re-started. But in light of the shooting of Jaco...

Life Hacks - My top 5 tips on how to tip at restaurants

24 Aug 2020 3 minute read 22 comments CryptoWordsmith

When you eat out at a restaurant, what is the proper amount to tip your server? A quick survey was conducted on a busy street by CNBC, and multiple responses were provided. No question, it should depend on the quality of service that was provided, bu...

If you wanted to search for another Publish0x user's previous comments...

22 Aug 2020 1 minute read 14 comments CryptoWordsmith

Have you ever wondered what comments some of the other community members are leaving for other authors? I'm not interested in "eavesdropping" on others, but I found a way to do it while writing my previous post about finding who follows you on Publis...


The Weekly Summary - Cryptocurrency Edition [Issue 28.3]

28 minutes ago tvlachak

21 October 2020
nice to see BTC core will get an upgrade...that gets lost in all the other news...Lol!

The Weekly Summary - Entrepreneurship Edition [Issue 28.2]

23 hours ago tvlachak

21 October 2020
how long have you been on quora? that's a platform that i never really understood or considered. maybe you should post about your experience on it?

Let’s Simplify Things! "The Syndicate" Bitcoin and Compound for 50% off!

20 Aug 2020 DrYunani

21 October 2020
first tip of the day my friend!

DEXToken, DEXG and The Gauntlet of Infinity

21 hours ago PVMihalache

20 October 2020
a lot of good research for this post...well done, and good luck!

How many ways I have to earn with cryptocurrencies? /1

8 hours ago MikeZillo

20 October 2020
nice post...thanks for sharing!

Universal income - Circles and their claims

8 hours ago Heruvim78

20 October 2020
actually, this is an interesting project...i just wonder how it's funded. but there must be some way to vet early adopters...

The Weekly Summary - Entrepreneurship Edition [Issue 28.2]

23 hours ago tvlachak

20 October 2020
10X you content marketing...i have been doing this intermittently for my content a few months ago (but not 10X). it's a good idea, and a good reminder i can use this strategy.

Awesome Music Video Battle: "Car Music" -- Imagine Dragons - Believer (Remake) VS OK Go - Needing/Getting

13 Sep 2020 MoreGainStrategies

20 October 2020
i'm surprised i didn't tip this one before...anyways, hope you are well. i'm frantically creating content for RC now...Lol. thanks again for your support!

Let’s Simplify Things! Celsius vs CredEarn + 20USD in BTC @ Celsius!

23 Aug 2020 DrYunani

20 October 2020
left you some ETH this time. tip limit reached my friend!

Hit and Run on my Wifes car-and How I catched that Prick

17 Jul 2020 Searching for Truth

20 October 2020
i'm busy but Ok. btw, glad u were able to catch this guy in your article...nice story! i didn't realize that i have reached the tip limit for all your articles now. no rush since I know you are busy...I'll get a notification the next time you post something so don't worry my friend.

My Car-The Asshole

12 Jul 2020 Searching for Truth

20 October 2020
tip limit reached my friend (for all your articles in fact), and first tip of the day. u will need to post a new article for me to tip you any rush, cuz i know you are busy.

Nitrogen NFT, Crypto Opportunities and 1000 followers

19 Oct 2020 PVMihalache

19 October 2020
Quality post as always...Thanks so much my friend! Metamask: 0x8656b519b78A354492ECa72a5030e845d1Fc1320

Let’s Simplify Things! LBRY! Simplifying it and my review after using it for more than 6 months!

10 Sep 2020 DrYunani

19 October 2020
i signed up for a LBRY account using your invite link...hopefully it worked for you.

Monero's Oxygen Orion Upgrade Successful

18 Oct 2020 ircrp

19 October 2020
nice post! Monero was my first love when i entered the crypto world. i haven't followed it as much as I would have liked...this is a nice update. thanks for sharing. liked and tipped! =)

Shark Tron Update and Look at new Shark Defi

18 Oct 2020 SteveR82

19 October 2020
sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...glad it's not serious! nice video...and i'm just living vicariously through you when i watch it...Lol! liked and tipped (ETH)!

DEXToken protocol explained to primary school children

18 Oct 2020 SirGerardThe1st

19 October 2020
this is a great post, but i will need more time to digest the content. liked and tipped my friend...and congratulations on getting it tweeted by Publish0x for promotion! Have you had a chance to visit my latest post by any chance?

The Weekly Summary - Issue 28.0 - Learning Edition

18 Oct 2020 tvlachak

19 October 2020
that Bob Bowman guy has some great ideas

Hit and Run on my Wifes car-and How I catched that Prick

17 Jul 2020 Searching for Truth

19 October 2020
tip limit reached my friend...left you some ETH this time. =)

Let’s Simplify Things! Crypto Cards! 50USD @

25 Aug 2020 DrYunani

19 October 2020
tip limit reached my friend!

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The Weekly Summary - Cryptocurrency Edition [Issue 28.3]

28 minutes ago 1 minute read comments tvlachak

Issue 28.3 / October 20, 2020 Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is getting an upgrade. Reactions from college students when asked about Bitcoin vs. the dollar. "That is, it (money) needs to be able to be subdivided into many little parts, where each part is in...

Universal income - Circles and their claims

8 hours ago 1 minute read comments Heruvim78

I know that many tried to solve the universal income problem. It was even a town in Canada, if i am not mistaken, where everyone had some form of income paid, irrelevant to the amount of work they did. Interesting enough, in there, everybody worked e...

DEXToken, DEXG and The Gauntlet of Infinity

21 hours ago 8 minute read comments PVMihalache

Making history since... 2018 The DEXtoken protocol is the newest player on the DeFi ecosystem. It was developed and launched by the Flowchain Foundation, a reputed block-chain infrastructure-level technology developer based in Taiwan. The company was...

The Weekly Summary - Entrepreneurship Edition [Issue 28.2]

23 hours ago 1 minute read comments tvlachak

Issue 28.2 / October 20, 2020 Entrepreneurship Warren Buffett has a very simple leadership lesson for us. Paystack the "Stripe of Africa" is being acquired by Stripe for $200M+. Looks like Nigeria is positioning itself to be a global economic powerho...

Shark Tron Update and Look at new Shark Defi

18 Oct 2020 2 minute read comments SteveR82

  Wow guys I took a bit of a break from crypto because of a health issue. It isn't a big deal I will be okay but had to go to the doctors. Then I come back to look at Shark Tron and I was right a lot like it has the token went up from around 2 TRX t...

DEXToken protocol explained to primary school children

18 Oct 2020 9 minute read comments SirGerardThe1st

I have a problem. I am a teacher. Then, every so often, the professional deformation of teaching escapes me. My teacher, unfortunately now gone, told me many years ago that a concept is burned to fire if you can invent a little story that describes i...

Monero's Oxygen Orion Upgrade Successful

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments ircrp

  As of 18th of October 2020 the upgrade branded by Monero as Oxygen Orion has finally went live as planned, exactly two months after being first announced by the Core Developers. The upgrade focuses on new technological changes most notably deliveri...

The Weekly Summary - Issue 28.0 - Learning Edition

18 Oct 2020 1 minute read comments tvlachak

Issue 28.0 / October 18, 2020 Learning "You have everything that you need right here. I think that you are in charge of your attitude, which is the most important thing that you will ever have." - Bob Bowman, author of The Golden Rules. Read a transc...

Awesome Music Video Battle: "Car Music" -- Imagine Dragons - Believer (Remake) VS OK Go - Needing/Getting

13 Sep 2020 2 minute read comments MoreGainStrategies

Today I started my new blog which I call "Internet Gold". To celebrate this event, I am posting a second article. And not only do you get two articles today, you get two amazing music videos in this one article! Ok, enough with the sales pitch. This...

Hit and Run on my Wifes car-and How I catched that Prick

17 Jul 2020 3 minute read comments Searching for Truth

In December 2017 some Guy rammed my Wifes car off the street and drove away. I got to the place only 5 Minutes after the accident because we both were on our way to Work, luckily she wasn't hurt seriously but she bumped her head on the Window of the...


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