ShowYourPortfolio - A Publish0x Contest | Why Do I Keep These Coins?

ShowYourPortfolio - A Publish0x Contest | Why Do I Keep These Coins?

Everything happens for a reason and I practice what I preach. These statements are considerably a good motto in life. These lines can also be best described as why I chose to keep these digital assets at the moment. I have been sharing informative contents here on Publish0x for a few months already and I have featured some of the cryptocurrencies from the trading activities using different platforms.

I have always encouraged everyone to buy Bitcoin bit by bit while we can but just recently I have sold a major chunk of my BTC holdings during its all time high period this year. It was around $12,000 in USD value when I sold my BTC into USD and cash it out using the Abra wallet that I was promoting here in publish0x as well. Being totally guilty with it, I cannot help myself but really encash what I have held for such a long time since I needed to become self-reliant when I started working as a Technical Support Representative and use the funds for my daily expenses reporting to work everyday. I have just let myself be obliged that I should just return back what I have spent from my portfolio (holdings) when Salary Day comes.

Here is the screenshot of my portfolio.


To have a closer look with it, please check the print-screen web-format:

I do have ChainLink (LINK), Bitcoin Cash (BCHABC), Bitcoin (BTC), Cosmos (ATOM), Steem, and Egretia (EGT).

The BTC and BCH I have here which is shown on my blockfolio bunked inside my Bittrex account. Thank God I lost my mobile phone and would still gonna need a Passport for me to cash out the funds that I have in the said exchanger. It is needed for the platform's KYC. This is I guess the first time someone would thank that his/her mobile phone was lost/stolen because of the restricted access to that exchanger for quite some time. Making my BTC and BCH holdings safe from me maxing out all the funds I have saved up from my trading triumphs since Y2017. Don't worry, I will be able to access it and release all my funds once I already have my passport submitted and done their KYC process.

These are all the fruits of my trading activities last 2017 wherein I have set myself to acquire as a goal. Why have I been saving Bitcoin those times? BTC is the usual pairing currency that I have since I started trading. I have totally realized that Bitcoin is after all, the currency of value. I have literally seen its All-Time-High and how it plunged its USD value in just a few days. I have been at the edge of my seat watching these coins grow fast or diminish momentarily. Have needed a lot of  popcorns, beer and pizza while watching those candle-sticks alone just like watching movies from Netflix.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on the other hand was given for FREE right after Bitcoin's Hard Fork. I really had no idea that whatever the amount I have held in BTC will be given the same amount of BCH inside our wallet. Thank you so much for all of these unusual but awesome profitable experience. I also keep and generate a few Bitcoin Cash from my account wherein most Bitcoin Cash Social Community members are gathering to share everything they know as updates. If you decided to join, please don't hesitate to follow me @fyzeon. It's one of the greatest perks having a BTC holding those times! Anything given for free should also be taken a lot of consideration to HODL. The reason I was extremely keeping myself from selling it.

Steem. Been blogging here for quite some time. I am holding to steem because I am still continuously earning there even just a few cents from my posts. I will not give up Steemit even though I am already earning from my blogs here on publish0x. Steemit is still the number one blogging platform though Publish0x has it all for me. The Steemit platform serves as an extremely reliable wallet where we can store our other digital assets in exchange to Steem and Steem-Backed-Dollars (SBD).

Sharing everything that's happening in my life is what I love to do. Getting rewarded from what I enjoy the most is such an awesome experience. Thus, keeping this digital currency couldn't be any better.


For the three remaining assets that I have on the list: Egretia (EGT), Cosmos (ATOM) and ChainLink (LINK):

I practice what I preach. I really make sure that I buy the tokens that I feature here on publish0x.


Egretia EGT 

This is the blogpost I have shared a week ago.

The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Gainers This Y2019

Little is known about this altcoin until it burst into the scene this mid-June. EGT is undoubtedly the best performer that leverages from the rest of the altcoin by a mile. Egretia (EGT) is now sitting at Rank 44 in the coin listings with 434% ROI since its conception. With a market cap of $204 Million, it is definitely stable and will really stay in the Top 50 for a long period of time.

With a price in USD that is almost free that your $1 will give you 1,183 Units when you bought this coin around the start of the Bull-run after April Fools Day 2019. It will now give you $65 when it reached its all time high last June 29, 2019. It was just a couple of days ago.

Again, imagine $1 turned to $65 in just 2 months time.

I will leave you that thought and not post any info further as this fact just lets my jaw drop all the time. I traded this one on Kucoin and bought a few. I couldn't believe it myself when I saw my running balance on the exchanger not even exchanging it yet to USD neither in BTC. This really triggered me to share the Top 5 coins!

This is to share one of my best practices to diversify my assets to look for undervalued coins by examining each one that passes across my sight. The fruits of my labor definitely pays off! I have used certain amount of my HYDRO Tokens from publish0x blog earnings buying around $3 of this coin 2 months ago. Whatever happened to this coin that it pumped really high, I am just outrageously grateful it did! Even though it is already on its peak, holding it is really a huge risk but for sure anytime you wish to SELL these coins, profitability is still realized.


Cosmos (ATOM)

My most recent post prior to this contest entry:

Cosmos (ATOM) - The Internet Of Blockchains

This cryptocurrency is also relatively new to the Top 20 coin listing that was introduced to the market last March 2019 only, the period where the Bearish Market was already about to end. It was a great news for this digital asset since right after a month it was introduced, its immense funding initially with $800 Million made it to the top 20 instantly. A few days right after the initial market cap funding another batch of funds were added and making the final currency in the coin listing which has a 1-Billion Dollars Market cap.

The Blockchain itself is really the future of technology. Being the internet of all blockchains is definitely an immense thought to contain but just trust the innovation itself.

Undoubtedly, holding it will be extremely rewarding as time goes by.


ChainLink (LINK)

ChainLink (LINK) All-Time High Period | Smart Contracts End-to-End Reliability

You won't get reluctant buying this crypto because it has already a market cap of $1.4 Billion with a trading volume of $820 Million from different exchangers. It has a total supply of 1-Billion units and a circulating supply of 350 Million units of LINK that is being traded world-wide. Google, Oracle, and some of the top-notch organizations worldwide being their premiere clients should really ring your crypto-radar bells for this enormous digital asset.

Though its USD value is already in its peak, it is still never too late for crypto-agnostic peepz to consider this coin in their portfolios too.

Your smart contracts will be connected to real world data, events and payments.

The Chainlink Network provides a reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.

Integrity and reliability of the open-source platform is really the top-notch concern of this tech-provider.


I definitely hold some what others would say $hitcoins but I would rather call these digital assets as undervalued coins because I do have high respect for each developers of these programs. Developing and manitaining such coins are totally a difficult task that's why I do have HIGH RESPECT for each of them and not brand them as such. Just plainly keeping it all positive to everyone especially the newbies in this industry. As the saying goes . . . A Positive outlook with the right actions will definitely lead to profitability.


This exciting contest would really converge all the amazing writers here in publish0x. I would just be extremely grateful if this entry would even make it to the honorable mention part if there is any. The first prize - $100 worth of Etherium most probably given as DAI stable coin would be EXTREMELY helpful for me to pursue being really active here as I would use it to try buying undervalued coins that I perceive astoundingly profitable. As a reader myself where I also drop-by most of the times to contents that also feature profitable altcoins created by amazing developers or even a crypto-fan, if it suits my set guidelines then I will definitely try and also feature it here using and share to everyone.

Join now!

Giving Away $200 in ETH! Join Publish0x Contest for Authors: #ShowYourPortfolio

I am pretty sure that this activity set by the Publish0x team is for awareness purposes for the new members why some experienced people are holding these coins. Showing what's listed in the blockfolio would just mean transparency of what's the digital assets they love and still hold even though the price of BTC just reached its all time high wherein the initial actions that the people would do is to SELL most of their digital assets that they have.

If by any chance a reader would drop-by this post, I would like everyone to know that this post is the summation of all my efforts I have done in the past years in the world of cryptocurrency.

I have also HODL these following coins listed below but I already exchanged it to BTC the time the Bull-run started just right after April Fools Day of 2019. Proud to share these articles about why I chose to feature them as I practice what I preach. Though I am not a preacher and definitely not a financial adviser. Do not treat me as such. Do your own research when you delve into the world of crypto.

It is good that it is stated here in the contest to blur the amount of holdings because I don't want myself to be perceived as bragging my assets but to encourage everyone who will read this to have the courage to try this amazing journey we had with the world of cryptocurrency.

Sharing the best practices is what this awesome blogging platform aiming for . . . and it would always be, here in publish0x! Thus, awareness comes in.

Cosmos (ATOM)Augur (REP) | Maker (MKR) | Syscoin (SYS) | Spectrecoin (XSPEC) | Groestlcoin (GRS) | Factom (FCT) | BitTorrent (BTT)

 Enjin (ENJ)ChainLink (LINK) | Banano (BAN) | ThoreCoin (THR) | LEO Token (LEO) | Unus Sed Leo (LEO)

Sharing my best experience in the world of cryptocurrency thru these featured altcoins!







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