Gaining More Followers On Social Media Platforms
CSR means Customer Ser

Gaining More Followers On Social Media Platforms

Hello everyone! I am back with another non-crypto related write up. I will bravely use this platform to add a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter. I am also working on my YouTube Channel to start sharing awesome ideas to share to my friends which can lead to a lot of subscribers. I may not push this thought of having this as a career but just to become a medium in sharing viable information based on my experience and everybody else's.

I am glad that I have been sharing here in Publish0x and proud to share that this will be my 6th Cash-Out. I have requested it a few minutes ago and confident that this will be processed anytime soon to be sent to my ERC-20 Ready Etherium Wallet ID.





Haven't gotten any problems with all of my pay-out requests. So, I am encouraging everyone to sign up on this emerging Cryptocurrency Social-Blogging Platform and get paid for reading other's shared ideas and expertise.

Sign-Up and become an author.

If you have a lot of brilliant ideas and want to share it with us which will make you rewarded along with tons of views click this link, register and apply to become an author.


If you are a reader and just passing by to know what's happening in the Cryptoverse then you are in the right spot! You can report the authors here if they are just spamming the platform, sharing scam sites, and luring other people out for their own personal gains.

I am excited to also know my 273 followers and probably collaborate with them from all the skills and expertise they got too.


here are the platforms which you can add me up or follow me.


Yes, please follow me too on Instagram 'coz I am giving away 10 HYDRO each person to post a comment of their ERC20 wallet ID for the first 10 People. I know it's not a lot but it's a way for me to show my gratitude for everyone who will be supporting me all the way and everyone who are also been supportive here on publish0x.

Here is my Instagram link which you can start following too!


I am also on TikTok!


Or if you already have the app, just click this link:

You may also check out my posts on Steemit by following me there too!


Thank you so much for the support and let's all help each other to make ourselves aware of this technology that are already emerging nowadays - The Cryptocurrency, The Blockchain and The Trading Platforms!

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About the cover Photo: I am also into Calligraphy so I have tried to create a my new tag-line for this year.

CSR means Customer Service Representative. I will deal with all queries with the world-class standards each time I resolve each concerns. I will also do the same to everyone who will be asking for some help.


cryptocurrency enthusiast, writer-blogger, customer-service associate, pets & nature-lover.

Know More About Me - Introducing Myself!
Know More About Me - Introducing Myself!

Bubbly, friendly, helpful and fun-loving! Having a warm personality is my best asset getting along with people well. This is the best asset I think I have to start a venture in the online world. Get to know more about me as it is FUN to have more FRIENDS!

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