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The Optimism Network’s L1 & L2 Protocols Explained & Why the Publish0x Switch is Beneficial

6 Sep 2023 5 minute read 2 comments KaySlay

The Optimism Network’s L1 & L2 Protocols Explained & Why the Publish0x Switch is Beneficial *This will be the first post in a series of posts so as not to bombard readers with too much information in one post. This post is specifically regarding the...

Cyber Perpetual Contracts Boast 19% Trading Volume Increase: The Fundamentals of Cyber Perpetual Contracts

6 Sep 2023 5 minute read 0 comments KaySlay

Cyber Perpetual Contracts have recently gained public attention, having reached a trading volume of 9.64 billion USD and 287 million Open Interest in 24 hours according to Coin Market Cap, this is an impressive 218% increase with Perpetual Contracts...

Full Direct Analysis of the 2018 Hinman Speech & Information on the Withheld Emails That will Make you Think

5 Mar 2023 11 minute read 1 comment KaySlay

It is safe to say at this point that the Securities and Exchange Commission has been dubbed the bully of the Cryptocurrency society. With a whopping 697 suits filed in 2021, it is no wonder they have caught a bad reputation amidst all of the suits fi...

The Next Generation Of NFTS & Very Possibly The Most Profitable!

23 Jan 2023 2 minute read 0 comments KaySlay

"With over 6498 writes on our platform, In Writing is Web3's premiere text NFT marketplace." -inwriter website bio Non Fungible Tokens, or NFT's, as they are more commonly known, have been cited as the digital answer to collectibles, in the same re...

Everything there is to NODLE (KNOW-DLE) about the new(ish) app “NODLE CASH” that’s allowing users to earn Crypto doing literally nothing!

14 Aug 2022 9 minute read 0 comments KaySlay

Lets give NODLE CASH a round of applause because as of August 1,2022 the NODLE Network reached  half a million token holders! GO NODLE CASH!    NODLE CASH In A Nutshell: NODL is a decentralized, innovative, crowd-sourced, IOT (Internet Of Things) a...

All About & Utility Token CHA: Will the Chains Launchpad Be The Future For the Crypto-Society?

13 Aug 2022 6 minute read 0 comments KaySlay

At this stage in the game I think we have all at least heard of the concept of bounty hunting to earn Cryptocurrency. I have just began dipping my toes in the water, so to speak, when it comes to this passive means of earning Crypto. The idea behind...

Whats new with the Ripple Labs VS. SEC lawsuit & how SEC may have dug their own grave and lost the suit!

11 Aug 2022 5 minute read 4 comments KaySlay

While the battle between Ripple labs and the United States Securities Exchange Commissions (SEC), has been going strong since December of 2021, it surely isn’t cooling off now over a year into their battle. The dispute regards whether Ripple labs sol...

Tally Ho! A Web3 Dream Vs. A MetaMask Nightmare (For Dummies!)

26 Jul 2022 9 minute read 1 comment KaySlay

The newly developed Crypto token “Tally Ho” has quickly taken Crypto moguls by storm while seemingly inadvertently giving veteran token and web browser extension “Meta mask” a run for its money. The new Cryptocurrency sensation is really living up t...

Upland! The Modern Day Monoply: Getting Rich Via The Metaverse

2 May 2022 29 minute read 2 comments KaySlay

Upland is the current talk of the Metaverse. Given that players can earn USD just by playing a game that is by most accounts, entertaining, it comes as no surprise that Upland has taken the Crypto world by storm and has users dedicated to playing . O...

Upland: The Modern Day Monopoly With an Innovative Twist: Upland, UPX, and the Metaverse -For Dummies-!

16 Apr 2022 7 minute read 3 comments KaySlay

Many have at least began to dip there toes into "playing" the online based game that launched in 2018. The concept quickly had internet users attention with its Monopoly like concept with a virtual escrow twist.  The way Upland functions is by way of...