Upland! The Modern Day Monoply: Getting Rich Via The Metaverse

By KaySlay | KhaoticKryptoBeauty | 2 May 2022

Upland is the current talk of the Metaverse. Given that players can earn USD just by playing a game that is by most accounts, entertaining it comes as no surprise that Upland has taken the Crypto world by storm and has users dedicated to playing . On top of being entertaining for all age groups, Upland has a bit of a nostalgic twist to it, as it bares many of the same qualities as its predecessor, Monopoly. A trait that is especially appreciated amongst the more mature population.

Most "90's babies" (Millennials, if you will) and earlier are sure to remember this jolly face 5074c4b74382366decbfecd75bd3ada2e0672af83dce7735e59130b85a7802c5.jpg


Perhaps you have heard talk of Meta adventures, discord channels, burner properties, annual yield or just people speaking of minting properties on the EOS block chain. This is all Upland talk, so regardless of what it is that you heard that piqued your curiosity I'm sure it will be covered throughout this post.  
If you want to learn all the ways that you can earn money, and all about the in-game currencies available, and how one can profit just by playing (play to earn) then you've come to the correct place. 
Most importantly, as always, I will write this post in a way that is easy to understand, (exclude the blockchain jargon!) yet also educational and hopefully equally as entertaining as it is informative. 

First things first, what the heck is Upland?:

Upland first hit the scene in July of 2018 via the EOS blockchain, a virtual Monopoly in its own right, the concept quickly caught users attention. And Upland did not disappoint, players continue to be impressed with Uplands sense of community and Monopoly like characteristics, with an escrow twist.  Upland has not  slowed down in terms of popularity, yet has in fact expeditiously increased in number of players since it's launch date in 2018. As things stand currently, Upland is in the lead in terms of the "most popular virtual game", sporting over 15,000 million unique active wallets.  With runner up, Alien Worlds, coming in at a close second, with 13,000 million unique active wallets.

So you ask, "what is a unique active wallet?"

Well I'll explain.

Whenever a Crypto wallet is generated, there is a distinctive or "unique" address that is designated to the wallet for every Token under it. With that being said, the unique active wallet metric brings reference to one of a kind addresses that interrelates with the smart contract in question. This is not to say that this undoubtedly gives a distinct number of "foot traffic", but rather, provides data that while not exact, it is accurate enough to be incredibly useful in getting an idea where games games are ranking in popularity.

What exactly does play to earn mean?

I may be using the phrase "play to earn" throughout this post, so I thought I'd knock out the definition right off the bat. Play to earn games describe any game that rewards players using Crypto to award the user with something that holds sentiment within the virtual and physical world. Upland is of course a play to earn game.

So back on track here..

The purpose of Upland is to purchase digital property, (that is minted on the blockchain) of which the digital address is a representation of an actual, real world, address. The concept of this appeals to many because of not only the one of a kind attributes the game holds, but also its representation of the future of the digital world or the "Metaverse".

By this I mean, nobody knows what the future of Upland looks like. What we do know is that things are looking up for the game if anything. With that being said, it makes sense for players to really dive in and give the game a true shot because their is some obvious potential and earning possibilities that make playing worth it for those wishing to make some extra income in an entertaining, innovative fashion.  Opportunities to earn USD seem to be growing in potential and technology professionals are noticing.  Mark Zuckerberg even seems to think that the human race will soon be so engrossed by what digital life has to offer that eventually we will not want to leave and will exist exclusively in the Metaverse.

What does minting on the Blockchain mean for Upland players?

If you have any involvement in Cryptocurrency or the Metaverse it is likely that you have heard the term "minted on the Blockchain". This can look different depending on what the user is minting and so forth. Minting property purchases on the Blockchain is a very simple process and is necessary in claiming true ownership of any of the virtual properties within Upland.

So how does one mint property purchases on the EOS Blockchain and gain true ownership of their Upland NFT purchase? I'll explain.

The first step to understanding minting property in Upland is understanding the two different types of properties that players will see on the gaming map when playing.The map within Upland is color coded to make differentiating properties easier for player. The two different types of properties "minted" and "unminted" are color coded on the map. Below I will break down the color coding on the map regarding minted and unminted properties as well as the sub categories within these two types.

1.)  Minted Properties: Have been purchased already.

  •  Blue: Properties that are owned and minted and not listed for sale by the owner. While these properties are not listed for sale you may still make an offer to buy from the owner and it is at there discretion if they want to accept your offer or not.
  • Dark Blue: Properties that are minted and owned by you.
  • Dark Green: Owned, minted properties that are for sale by owner on the secondary market. Players can purchase using UPX or USD. Purchases made with USD are done so via the NFT-to-USD program that players are automatically enrolled in upon reaching Uplander status.

2.) Unminted properties: Have no owners and have never been purchased.

  • Bright Green: Unlocked and never been minted, but for sale. Upon purchasing property you will be the properties first owner therefore you are purchasing straight from Upland vs. purchasing from another player on the secondary market. When you purchase the property from Upland directly you also gain the right to mint the property and own the NFT on the EOS blockchain.
  • Gray: These properties have never been owned or minted to the Blockchain yet but are typically locked and have not been open to mint yet.

3.) Recognizing FSA Properties:

FSA (Fair Start Act) Properties:

FSA properties are available to any players with a net worth below 100,000  or any status lower than Pro. Therefore pro, director, executive and chief executive will find that they are not able to mint FSA properties. I will talk explain in detail the different statuses and how to achieve them shortly. The purpose of FSA properties is to insure that all players get equal and ample opportunity to mint properties and therefore advance in the game. Anyone looking to purchase FSA properties can do so in any city and most all collections (with the exception of ultra rare collections) as long as they are below pro status. It is also possible that a player could mint an FSA property as part of a new city release. In which case that player would have a huge advantage and could expect to grow an enormous amount as these properties would then be worth a lot more.

FSA properties can be used as strategy for those that are well versed in the economic structure of Upland. Because FSA properties are only available to the newest members of the Upland community coupled with the fact that FSA status is lost once the FSA property is bought, sold, or traded makes understanding the importance of these properties much easier to grasp.

Their are a couple of disadvantages to purchasing FSA properties one of them being the fact that unlike other properties restrictions exist when it comes to selling FSA properties for fiat currency. A player must wait six months before being able to list the FSA property for sale. Therefore this would not be a good option for someone that is planning to flip properties to earn USD.

Another restriction for those purchasing FSA properties is that a player may only sell two FSA properties each week. For those playing on a smaller scale it is harder to recognize the disadvantage of this restriction. Players that have more properties and have become versed in the tactic of flipping properties feel the disadvantage much more.

As mentioned above FSA properties provide a helpful advantage to players that are new to the Upland community. Similar to the color coding structure used to differentiate minted and non-minted properties the color coding technique is implicated to provide ease of search for new players as it is pivotal to the economic well being of Upland for new players to be able to grow and increase their net worth to keep the game functioning. Below I have provided descriptions of the colors used to distinguish between FSA properties and non FSA properties.



Minting status: Not minted

FSA status: FSA property

Minting capability: Property available to be minted but users Block Explorer is out of range.

Light Green:

Minting status: Not minted

FSA Status: FSA property

Minting capability: Available to mint

Light Blue:

Minting status: Purchased by another player.

FSA status: FSA property

Minting Capability: Property has already been minted and is not up for sale by owner, however, an offer to purchase may still be made.

Dark Green:

Minting status: Owned by another player.

FSA status: NON FSA property

Minting Capability: Property has been minted but is listed FOR SALE by owner.

Dark Blue:

Property is owned by you

The Process of minting property purchases on the EOS Blockchain is incredibly simple and user friendly. See below for quick instructions on minting property within Upland!

Step 1: Check price of property in question and make sure you have the required UPX available for purchase.

Step 2: Be within "discovery range" of allocated property and if you are not send your Block Explorer there.

Step 3: Click on property in question.

Step 4: Select "Buy".

Step 5: A deed is then generated and "minted" on the Blockchain which is then made public meaning anyone can see the purchase on the blockchain.

And that is that! Five simple steps and your property will be minted and the asset truly yours. When a user reaches the status of Uplander an account is automatically computer generated for the player using their Upland username to create the account name on the EOS blockchain, so users can mint worry free!

Upland gaming regime continued:

When first starting out players will each choose  an item of fixated options to represent them in Upland, this is called a "Block Explorer", or more simplistically put, your game piece. The options are selections such as sunglasses, a block cell phone, a red button, ect. Very general, "Monopoly-like options. After the user selects their Block Explorer the game begins.  A users game piece is constantly moving through Upland and exploring all the different properties. Players can then check out what their block explorer has discovered by following the trail that is left behind. Players can then choose to purchase one or more of these properties (whatever they can afford) with the in game currency, UPX. It's important to note that the trail does not last forever and will soon vanish as a new trail is constantly being crafted. With that being said there is some incentive there for players to log in frequently and check out there explorers trail! The game really heats up once the user is able to purchase a property or two and start generating "UPX" from it on a consistent basis that generates from others traveling through your properties. Property owners receive a fixated amount of UPX earnings that is calculated the same for each and every player. This is referred to as the annual yield  (more on that in a short while). UPX can be collected every three hours and can be earned from every property individually that the user owns.

Understanding Uplander status and how it relates to UPX:

Uplanders earn the right of progressing to different statuses throughout the game. Each status has its own challenges in achieving the status level as well as rewards and incentives for the player to work towards moving up in status. Status is determined by way of a players net worth, and the net worth is simply the sum of the players total value of properties, as well as there balance of UPX.

The equations looks as so: (Property Values + UPX = Net Worth)

Status breakdown:


Required Net Worth: Between 0 to 9,999 UPX. 

All players just starting out will begin with a status of "Visitor". What does this mean exactly? In short it means that you have not gained permanent residency within the Upland community and must apply for a visa, and reapply for that Visa, every seven days as the Visa will expire after the seventh day. Being a visitor, however, does not mean that one cannot purchase properties and generate UPX. Players most certainly still can, that is "the name of the game"  isn't it? How much fun would it be to play Upland if you COULDN'T buy properties? With that being said, while players can still purchase properties, there purchase is not minted on the blockchain. Meaning if the user does not stay on top of applying for their Visa each week and there Visa expires 😑 , all of the players properties will be recycled and any earned UPX will be sent back to the bank of UPX that is flowing out, to be paid to different users.


Required Net Worth: 10,000 UPX

Upon achieving Uplander status the players account is immediately linked to an EOS account in the Blockchain.This linkage is a very monumental moment for the user as at that point they have sole rights to their properties and all NFT (Non-Fungible Token) assets acquired within Upland. This means that they own it in full and nobody can take it from them or force them to sell, including Upland themselves.

Gaining Uplander status does not only give the player peace of mind regarding their assets, but it also negates the need for the visitor visa renewal, as the player is now considered a permanent resident within Upland. Becoming a permanent res also opens up opportunity for players to buy and sell properties in the marketplace. This not only increases ones ability to strategize when it comes to earning UPX, but also opens the door for social opportunity. Networking is never a bad thing and can really aid in connecting players that otherwise wouldn't have met, thus opening the door for potential sales/buys.


Required Net Worth: 100,000 UPX

While becoming Pro does not have as many rewarding incentives as Uplander status does there is still a couple of incentives. Firstly, players will be awarded the option of exclusive block explorers, that only Pro status players have access too. Users will also get to sport the "Pro" icon on their block explorer, an icon that is opened up for Pro status only. When leveling up to Pro players lose the ability to purchase FSA properties.

Most importantly, certain times of the month players are awarded "Spark" when leveling up. Spark is another form of currency within Upland,but is nothing like its counterpart UPX (I will explain Spark in depth later on). Spark is only earned in very limited ways, therefore it is worth paying attention to the Event Calendar to try to level up when Spark is being offered.


Required Net Worth: 1,000,000 UPX

Making it to Director may take some time, but that time does not come without reward. Players that level up to Director are given the opportunity to apply for their own custom block explorer at City Hall. Players are able to make up a rough draft/photo of what they want the explorer to look like and the Design team at Upland will create a one of a kind block explorer based off the guidance provided.

Leveling up to Director also comes with .5 Spark given to each player regardless of what time of the month it is.


Required Net Worth: 10,000,000 UPX

At the Executive level the player has now secured their status as an "Elite" player within Upland. Users will also be rewarded one Spark for the work they put in leveling up.

Chief Executive:

Required Net Worth: 100,000,000 UPX

This tier holds the most caliber and only those that are dedicated to the game will make it!

Forms of currency in Upland and how to earn it/capitalize: e7c8b5621f33a441b712d2a8a706be5aecfae1d97920a725c2b9f43b5cff2a7f.png            



You may have noticed above that I mention earning UPX from properties that players purchase. So you may be wondering, "what is UPX?" 

Uplands UPX is NOT to be confused with the coin Uplexa, (also known as UPX). A well known, commonly confused, decentralized, Cryptocurrency coin, that claims to provide anonymous blockchain payments.

Uplands version of UPX is a form of in-game currency that can be commandeered via quite a few different strategies but can strictly be used within Upland. UPX cannot be bought, sold or traded outside of the Upland platform and its value lies strictly within the game itself. 

So how in the world does one get UPX?

This is a good question and a loaded one at that, as there are several different means of acquiring UPX (many of which players can earn either  UPX OR USD)  in Upland. Read on for more information on earning UPX!

  • Selling minted property is the most popular and most obvious way to earn UPX or USD. When property is minted, the value goes up significantly. Properties that complete collections can be pretty valuable as well. One of the entertaining aspects of Upland is that there are so many factors that figure into the overall value of the properties and certain variables (such as needing a property to complete a collection for instance) give the property much higher value, making it a great option for selling and quickly increasing ones net worth. Owning a home/ having a structure on ones property increases the value of the property greatly as well.                                                                                                                                            Reward Distribution Type: UPX, USD


  • Renting out spark has proven to be a very reliable source of UPX, Cryptocurrencies and USD alike. Given that Spark has a reputation of being hard to come by yet holds a status of very necessary in the game, players have begun to rent out Spark independently via discord channels. With that being said there is talk of Upland implicating the renting of Spark into the gaming regime. But for now, deals must be made directly from player to player on discord channels. Users pay to rent spark by transferring UPX, selling burner properties, or bank transfers.                                                                                                                                          Reward Distribution Type: USD, Cryptocurrency, UPX,
  • Earning annual yield by owning properties is a guaranteed way to earn UPX every three hours. Every property in Upland has a 14.7 percent annual yield. This means that every player earns roughly 14 percent of their properties mint price. This percentage is down from the 17 percent that it was not long ago. (this new percentage was implicated on January 17,2022) If you mint a property for 100,000 UPX ($100), it will pay you 14, 300 UPX ($143) annually. The strategy behind earning high yields is purchasing large properties that could potentially be part of a collection. These properties sell for sometimes up to triple the original mint price which actually equates to a lower annual yield percentage. A small sacrifice to make given the value that collection properties hold. They are valuable in terms of UPX and USD as people are willing to pay the big bucks to complete collections.

Reward Distribution Type: UPX

  • Completing collections means a one time reward for the player. The bonus is contingent upon the difficulty level of the completion. The more difficult the collection the more the user gets paid.  Upon finishing a collection, the earnings of the properties  chosen as a part of the collection in question are multiplied by the factor of that specific collection, thus providing you with a higher yield. Sometimes new cities are released within Upland in "Vanilla Mode" meaning there are no collections at launch. Collections are minted to the blockchain prior to release and this is to insure fairness for all players in terms of collections within Upland. This means that players must guess in order to complete collections in Vanilla mode.  Another strategy for completing  collections is turning to the secondary market and buying there. This is also a good place to sell and generate UPX or USD.

Reward Distribution Type:  UPX, USD

  • Property Visitors while this is not a way to get Upland rich it is still a way of generating UPX. Each time  another player visits any property that is owned by a player they must pay a visitors fee. This fee has a broad range of anywhere from 5-100 UPX and is predetermined at a fixed rate of UPX by the owner of the property. Visitor fees are not paid out instantaneously, and does not get paid out if the visitor has not reached the status of Uplander yet.  Property visits are only paid via UPX players can not make USD from visitor fees.

Reward Distribution Type: UPX

  • Treasure hunts can be an extremely fun and rewarding way to earn BOTH currencies within Upland.  However, keep in mind that treasure hunting does require player strategy to optimize the full potential that is possible reward  wise. At the very least players should have some treasure hunting experience under there belt before they expect to complete a hunt. The player may also have to spend a bit of UPX in order to earn it with this method. See "Understanding treasure hunts".

Reward Distribution Type: UPX & Spark

  • Selling or trading NFT Legits: Upland legits are a fairly new form of NFT (Non-fungible token) that allows athletes, brands, sports clubs, personalities and more to have a presence of  sorts within Upland the Metaverse alike. There are currently over 200 thousand athletes actively participating in the Metaverse to date via NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) legits . With the fist legit having been distributed on October 17,2021 it seems as though the purpose is being served here and the number of athletes ect involved is increasing quickly. See "NFT/NFLPA legits explained" in this post for more information regarding legits and why it may be worth your time to learn more about buying/trading NFT/NFL legits in Upland.

Reward Distribution Type: USD, UPX

  • Owning/operating Metaventures which are player owned shops within Upland. The purpose of these shops is to build a brand, create and sell unique NFTS, while earning UPX and USD to contribute to the Metaverse economy. While this is still an  up and coming feature of Upland the creators have big plans for the future of Upland and the relationship Upland has with entrepreneurs. See the "Business Beta Breakdown" section of this post to learn more about how entrepreneurs can profit from NFTS via Upland.

Reward Distribution Type: USD, UPX

  • Sell Block Explorers while this goes hand in hand with owning Metaventures and selling NFT legits, it is worth giving an honorary mention to this form of earning UPX and fiat currency alike. Block Explorers are all unique assets that players can obtain ownership of. (the exception being the conventional Block Explorers that are provided.) NFTS are growing in popularity and Block Explorers are a very popular option for players that desire a unique asset with a growing list of attributes making them unique.

Reward Distribution Type: USD, UPX


This is a confusing topic for many people as Spark is not necessarily  a form of currency, but rather, a resource within Upland. Bare with me on this one, as I will be the first to admit that grasping the concept of Spark is a bit confusing at first.. By now I have all but mastered the art of Spark or at the very least explaining the way it is accrued and then utilized. So here goes!

What I mean i when I say that Spark is not a form of currency but a resource is that while Spark is a very important component to the economic structure of Upland, it is accrued and utilized entirely different than UPX .  Spark is the only resource in the game that can be used to build on a property that was purchased. So in the same way you cannot use Spark to purchase a property and must use UPX you cannot use UPX to construct homes on your property. Building on ones property can prove to be an extremely profitable strategy to earn UPX and fiat currency , as the value of the property increases expediently when their is a structure on it vs. an empty lot.

Spark is accrued by way of man hours. For those that are not familiar with the term "man hour" it is defined as the amount of work that a person can do within an allotted amount of time, in this case one hour.

To explain Spark as simplistically as possible I will provide an example below.

Lets say a user wants to build a townhouse on their property and the townhouse in question costs 2,600 Spark Hours (Or SPH). If the player has lets say, 2 Spark, then it would take the user 1,300 hours to complete the construction of the structure. It goes without saying that the more Spark a player has the quicker they will be able to complete the construction of the NFT structure, This is important because properties that have structures on them are much more valuable than an empty lot is. This is incentive for players to complete the construction of structures quickly. For those that learn better with an equation, this is what the equation would look like when determining how long a structure takes to construct.


Spark hours Divided by Spark Staked Equals Hours to complete structure

Using my example above this is what it looks like in the form of an equation:


Business Beta Breakdown:


As of January 2021 Upland launched "the beta business" program which is a new business model that is currently being tested out to implicate two different business models into the Upland economy. The business program allows players with a desire for growth in terms of entrepreneurship to grow economically and open their very own shop, choosing between an outdoor decor shop or block explorer shops. The "non-fungible" part of the block explorers is the fact that each block explorer is minted to the blockchain with a serial number, therefore that makes each one unique and one of a kind.  Players can expect to profit from these shops from the transaction fees incurred when other players buy from their shop. Coming soon owners will be able to custom make block explorers to sell resulting in more proceeds from the sale as they will be collecting one hundred percent of the cost.

Outdoor decor shops will be  the other business model being tested in the business beta program. Owners can expect to sell blue prints of outdoor decor that will be efforts of both the store owners and the Upland crew when it comes to designing the decor.

While the end result will more than likely be profitable for owners of the new business owners starting out will be quite the expense. Block explorer shops are projected to cost roughly 1 million dollars to run with Decor shops coming in at around 5 million! With that being said it comes as no surprise that only the most dyed-in-the-wool Uplanders will be considered for the business beta program. Given that this project needs to be taken seriously if it is going to be implicated into Upland permanently so I do not blame the Upland crew for only taking applications from the most dedicated Uplanders. Fans of the game can expect to see big implications of business owning into the Upland economy soon.

Understanding Treasure Hunts:

The Basics:

Treasure hunts, while being a somewhat complicated way to earn rewards of Spark and UPX, can be an extremely lucrative means of earning for players that know the strategy behind it. I will do my best to explain the way that treasure hunts work within Upland, what the player stands to gain from successfully completing a hunt and potential strategy tactics.

It is a possibility that a player will receive Spark as a reward from successfully finishing a hunt. As I have mentioned already, Spark is a very necessary component of the game, as it is a players only means of engineering any sort of structural "home" on the property they have minted. With that being said the Spark incentive is definitely an element that continuously has people participating in the hunts.

Treasure hunts function like so, a player can click on a property that is close to their block explorer and select the"treasure" button.  At this point a couple of different things may happen, depending on what the treasure hunting status is at the time in question.

Possible results pressing the "Treasure Hunt" icon:
  • A clue will be provided for the player in the form of an arrow (like you see below for example). This means that you are good to go and have received your first clue leading to the treasure.
  • You may also get a notice stating  "all hunts are recharging"This means that someone has recently won a treasure hunt and their is a three hour wait period before the next one starts.
  • If a player selects treasure on a property that has yet to be minted an alert will inform the player that properties that have yet to be minted can not be included in the treasure hunts.
  • "Treasure hunts can only be visible from the most recent part of the discovery trail" This means that the property selected is out of bounds and the player should select something closer.

The three tiers of treasure hunting:

1.Standard: This is the most basic treasure hunting tier and everyone is invited to hunt.In fact each player is provided one free hunt for every 24 hour period. After the free hunt has been utilized players are not exempt from hunting, a fee will be assessed of 50-100 UPX to respawn, in which there is no limit as long as the player pays the incurred fee.

2.) Limited: Open to visitors and permanent residents status and anything above as well.

3.) Exclusive: Only Uplander+ accounts can partake in the exclusive tier treasure hunt. This hunt is different from the previously discussed tiers because there is not a set amount of UPX but rather the player hits a pinata and an undisclosed amount of UPX is distributed contingent upon how the player goes about "hitting" the pinata.

Riot Mode:

When a treasure hunt reaches a certain number of hunters "riot mode" is ignited. Players have to be actively hunting in order for Riot mode to ignite. What exactly does this mean? In short during riot mode the amount of UPX winnings is increased. Upland does not release the number of players necessary to ignite riot mode so it is important to not miss a hunt when riot mode has been ignited as players have the opportunity to earn a great deal more UPX than normal.

How do the hints work?

Hints are displayed to players in the form of an arrow that points in the appropriate direction that the player should be sending their block explorer. These five hints are displayed to the user contingent with their current distance from the treasure. Upland mogul EmGi , determined these zones to be equal to the following ranges:

  • <50m
  • 50 – 200m
  • 200 – 500m
  • 500m – 1km
  • 1km – 3km
  • 3km – 10km
  • >10km

The Basics:

  • Players do have to spend UPX in order to earn UPX using this outlet. The reasoning being that players have to send their block explorer around to different properties based off the hints that are provided.
  • Users are allotted a fixated number of sends
  • Block Explorers have to be in very close proximity to the treasure in order to collect.
  • The treasure hunting timer runs for five minutes exactly


  • Players can maximize the usage of sends by purchasing properties that are all within one city, yet still spread out. The reason this is helpful is because players are able to send to their own properties for free and the send does not count against the users daily allowance of sends in turn allowing the player to send to travel further distances in hunt of the treasure.
  • Believe it or not the time of day upon which users choose to treasure hunt can be pivotal regarding the likelihood of successfully completing a hunt. As the population of Upland is currently primarily US based users that play around 1AM have increased chances of winning as there are less players at this hour.

Over-all thoughts regarding treasure hunts:

While Upland has many different ways to earn in game currency and fiat currency, while users have agreed that treasure hunts are incredibly frustrating until users are versed in hunting, most agree that treasure hunts are one of the most lucrative forms of earning in Upland.

Completing Collections:

One of the most sought out forms of earning within Upland is  by completing collections. As the name suggests, completing collections occurs when a player obtains a certain amount of properties that match certain criteria that Upland has come up with. Collection completions not only result in the user being paid a nice chunk of UPX, but the user can also look forward to their property's yield being boosted. The challenges that are less difficult earn a yield boost of 1.1X, whereas the more difficult collections can generate over 10,000 in UPX and the property yield boost can be as high as 2X or 3X. If that is not incentive to want to get the collections completed I don't know what would be!

NFT/NFLPA Legits explained:

Legits were first implicated into Upland on October 17,2021 and has been revolutionizing the art of trading cards and fantasy football alike. As trading legits bares many of the same qualities as fantasy football and trading cards. NFL players were the first athletes to join the metaverse, so to speak, by minting legits on the Upland blockchain. The term legits was introduced by Upland to represent the rare NFTS provided by the NFLS presence in the metaverse. This new way of trading NFTS also gives players an opportunity to follow there favorite players throughout the season, which has been very monumental for die hard NFL fans. Legits are not confined to representing athletes, legits represent brands, personalities, sports clubs, artists and many other organizations. These organizations are represented within the Metaverse as NFTS. For those that are not familiarized with the term NFT, the acronym stands for Non Fungible Tokens, tokens that are increasingly growing in popularity within recent months.Uplands implication of legits have aided in making NFTS even more popular. There are currently over 200 thousand athletes currently partaking in making their presence known in the Metaverse.

Purchasing NFL Legits can only be done with UPX, at the stadium that correlates with the legit being purchased, Stores can be found within the appropriate stadiums and are only available via official NFLPA stores. Users can then swap legits following their purchase. The way that users are capitalizing via legits is by selling and trading. NFL legits can be worth a decent chunk of money, especially if a legit is purchased based off of a player that may be a rookie at the time of purchase but then later goes on to become very popular, the value of the legit would then increase exponentially from the sale price in turn making the user USD.

City Tier Ranking:

Upland uses an algorithm called "City Tier Ranking" to rate different important aspects of the cities within and help Uplanders make a determination of which city to purchase properties within. When ranking the city many elements are taken into consideration, for instance, Airport availability, number of FSA properties within, landmark pricing, treasure hunt rewards, send fees and the number of collections the city possess.  This will make more sense after I explain what exactly City tier ranking is and how the ranking system works.

Upland uses a ranking system that takes the PSI factor and the tier ranking (between 1-3) and ranks the city using these factors.

PSI is an acronym for three words regarding the city in question. The P is short for PRICE the S is short for SIZE and the I is short for ICONIC. In short how much the properties cost (in the real world market), how big they are (how many properties are within) , and how renowned the cities within are (how well known is the city or is it unheard of). The tiers that these traits are judged on are rated between one and three (with 1 being the most or best and 3 ranking as having very little or the worst of the trait in question). Rank is used to determine prices for various commodities within Upland, for instance, the ability to "send" your Block explorer to different properties within a city. There is a small fee to send your Block explorer to properties of your choice, and this fee is determined based on how iconic a city is.

To explain this more in depth I will break it down to you and show you what the ranking looks like in full. You can reference the screenshot that I took of the "Table of all City Tiers" found in the Upland guide to help you better understand the ranking process.

The Table shows statistics for of course the PSI, whether or not there is an airport, whether send fees are low/high/default, the number of collections and the percentage of FSA properties within.

So, for example, using a fabricated city we will call "Narnia" I will implicate the tier ranking system and explain what it means.

So, lets say Narnia ranks as a P1 (Price-Most expensive) , a S2 (Size- Not the biggest but not the smallest), and an I1 (Iconic-Very well known).

Using this information to determine what the send fee is going to be would look like this:

Since Narnia rates as a 1 that means we would look to where it ranks in terms of how iconic it is in order to determine what the send fee will be. Size is not taken into consideration when determining send fees.

Since Narnia rates as an I1 (meaning everyone knows about Narnia) the highest fee would be assessed, meaning it would cost 125 UPX to send to Narnia.

If Narnia had been a P3 the maximum send fee would have been 25 UPX.

if it had been a P2 it would cost 50 UPX

And being a P3 (as Narnia is) we look to the iconic rank to make the determination. If Narnia were an I2(Iconic ranking of 2) the fee assessed is 100 UPX if the ranking were an I3(Iconic ranking of 3) the fee assessed is 75 UPX.

This may seem like a lot and of course no one is going to be able to remember all of this information but luckily Upland has the information laid out in a well put together manner for players to reference when necessary.

Player Resources:

 Discord channels:

Discord channels are a place for players to get advice from other players regarding specific topics on various different discord channels. For instance Upland has an official Discord channel which is where any general questions can be directed. But there are also more specific Discord channels, such as, Upland Fans, where players strategize together and enables access to resources so players can discover what properties are selling below mint price, as well as Visas that will be expiring soon. There are many more discord channels that players can use to their advantage and to help advance within the game.

Final thoughts?

If you are reading this then that means that you finally made it to the end of my never ending post about earning money within the Metaverse and more specifically Upland. I know that this post was really long but Upland truly can be a lucrative gaming option for those that are willing to put in the work to learn the way the economic structure of Upland thrives.

Tons of research went into writing this post, so while I am aware it is lengthy, I hope that you still found it to be an entertaining read, while also getting your knowledge of earning money playing Upland up to par, as there is a lot to learn. Believe it or not there is information that I did not even cover in full! So as not to bore my audience I tried to keep this post strictly focusing on the money making strategies I found to be the most, not only fruitful, but entertaining as well.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post, and until next time..........................


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