ChainLink Is Going...

ChainLink Is Going...


ChainLink Is Going...


     I would like to talk about Chainlink (LINK), which has made the most profit in 2019 (over 1000%) and we heard its name with the big deals it made in 2020.

     Chainlink is a decentralized oracle solution platform that enables connection with blockchain using Smart contracts. It provides the necessary infrastructure especially for DEFI projects.

Used by industry-leading teams


Source :  Chainlink web page


     Smart Contracts; They are code structures written on the blockchain. Smart contracts set some conditions in advance on the blockchain and are implemented when these conditions are met. Smart contracts do not change. It is open to everyone. I will examine this topic in detail in my next articles...

     The name of the token, LINK, is produced on Ethereum. Therefore, LINK coin is an ERC-20 token. Exchanges where you can trade LINK, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Coinbase, ...

     According to Coinmarketcap data, it ranks 5th according to market capitalization. LINK, which was $ 1.82 while entering 2020, is $ 14.01 as of now (20.11.2020).

     Considering that DEFI projects are constantly evolving and the current market value of DEFI projects exceeds $ 8 billion, it is necessary to consider the Chainlink token, LINK.




     The price is moving within the Bollinger Bands and close to the upper band. The middle band is supported. It is a beautiful ascension channel as long as it stays within the band. The MACD indicator shows a steady rise. The RSI will test the previous record service at $ 20, passing 70.

     Chainlink is a promising project. The market value of DEFI projects is increasing day by day. It is natural that the project that provides infrastructure for these projects moves together in terms of price.

     As I always say, listen to everyone, decide for yourself…

take care, see you... follow me ...


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