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     Aave ( AAVE ) is a transparent and open source DEFI (Decentralized Finance) project on the Etheruem blockchain network in 2017. As Aave ( AAVE ) DeFi, it can lend its users decentralized, without intermediaries and with fixed interest rates.

     Aave ( AAVE ) aims to become an international lending institution by preventing users from being affected by changing interest rates in various countries with fixed interest rates.

     With the Aave ( AAVE ) system, you can get credit wherever you are in the world. While the interest rate on credit is dependent on the supply-demand balance, it is generally fixed. The biggest difference from the Aave (AAVE) project is that the interest rates are fixed.

     Aave ( AAVE ) has not been issued as a mineable cryptocurrency.

     Aave ( AAVE ) tokens have previously been released as LEND tokens. In October 2020, the token name was changed. 100 LEND = 1 AAVE.

     How it is changed is as follows;

     You connect to the Aave app with your wallet.



Click on the Migration Portal menu.


Migration Portal


     A screen like the one above appears. Your wallet will show the Lend amount and the Aave amount to be given. After you confirm, there is a change. You then transfer it to your wallet. (Since I have done it before, the amounts are seen as 0.)

     In the Aave ( AAVE ) system, you can lend with ERC-20 based pliers. To invest cryptocurrency, you just need to select the asset you want to invest and then allow Aave ( AAVE ) to access that asset. After the transaction is complete and the interest rate is approved, you can view the interest rate changes in the Aave ( AAVE ) application.

     As of the end of September 2020, it has gained 332% value with the DEFI wind. Token exchange started in October. How to make the change is described above. Aave ( AAVE ) grows with the investments it receives. Aave ( AAVE ) received a $ 4.5 million investment from ParaFi Capital, an investment firm focused on decentralized financial markets.



A new improvement;

     Axie Infinity and Aave come together for a special NFT mission!

     Note that to take advantage of this opportunity, your wallet must contain at least 0.65 AAVE or 0.65 stkAAVE at the end of the claim period.


axie and aave


When you click the Register button, you are connected to your wallet.


axie and aave


After approval... That's all… We will wait 9pm 6th December 2020 GMT + 7.

I will give you detailed information at the end of the period.



     Aave ( AAVE ) is one of the major actors of DEFI wind. It is in continuous development. It is useful to follow it closely. As I always said, listen to everyone, but decide for yourself ...


take care, see you... follow me ...


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