Swimming In The JustSwap Liquidity Pool ...

Swimming In The JustSwap Liquidity Pool ...


Swimming In The JustSwap Liquidity Pool ...


     JustSwap, the Tron-based DeFi platform, started at the end of July 2020. Justin Sun wants JustSwap to be used by everyone. It is an alternative to Ethereum-based UniSwap. JustSwap states that TRON is the first decentralized exchange protocol that allows users to instantly buy and sell TRC-20 tokens without exchange commission. In addition, pools have been created for these swap transactions. In this article, I will explain the pool liquidity process I made. I traded with this tron ​​link wallet.




     I provided liquid to the JST / TRX pool on 05 October - 02 November 2020. It ranks third in terms of transaction volume. I will not show you step by step how to provide swap and pool in liquid. Our valuable writers gave you information on this subject. My aim is to explain the result of the process.

Jst / Trx

The liquidity transaction I made in the JST / TRX pool ...


In total, I lost -26.4% in dollar terms and -41.3% in Bitcoin terms...

This is because, as you will see below, bitcoin is valued, Tron (Trx) and Just (Jst) are falling.





The yellow line on the charts shows the value of the token in bitcoin...



     First of all, my purpose is to explain the result of my operation. In a falling market, providing liquid to the pool causes losses. For this reason, you need to analyze the pool and pool tokens you will give in liquid. Most importantly, it is necessary to closely follow the boss of the market, Bitcoin. Do not think of providing liquid to pools as staking and lending. You need to do continuous analysis. Those who cannot spare time for this should think well. I did not pay a fee when withdrawing my tokens. Uniswap charges a fee. I will continue my trials at Justswap… As I always say, listen to everyone, decide for yourself…

Important Note: In my next article, I will write the results of uniswap tracking. Follow me…

Title image of the article : Photo by Nelly Aran from Pexels

Graphics are taken from CoinMarketCap

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