Where To Start ...? About Cryptocurrency ...

Where To Start ...? About Cryptocurrency ...


Where To Start ...? About Cryptocurrency ...


     Do you want to make money in the cryptocurrency world and invest in the technology of the future?

     First let's talk a little bit about what not to do and what you should do.

     You started to get and see a lot of information about cryptocurrencies from your friends, family, social media, websites. Links and advertisements come to you. You too are wasting hours unconsciously on a whim…? But after spending money and time, you are not happy with what you have ... Disappointment, sarcastic feedback from friends and family ...

     Believe me, I have experienced most of these… That's why I will tell you the topics that I think are correct in my own way.

Cryptocurrency Faucet

     These websites and mobile applications give you cryptocurrency in exchange for advertising, video and tasks. This might look nice in the first place. The payoff is not worth the time. You can make this application and websites yourself. So you get a significant amount of income. There are countless youtube videos and websites related to this. You need to do security, set the rules and be honest ...

Earning Cryptocurrencies in exchange for talent

     You can help people in a subject you are an expert and / or capable of. In return, you can earn cryptocurrency. There are a lot of sites on this topic. Check out their website. Make sure the payment is made. Read and listen to people's comments and suggestions. Then, earn money on a website that suits your skills. The first may be another difficult but you can start earning cryptocurrency with the positive returns given to you.

     I will write an article on this subject. Follow me...


     As I am currently writing, there are many websites. You can earn cryptocurrency as long as you follow the website's rules. But you have to spend some time. Because you cannot do this by copying other people's articles. You need to do research and convey what you have experienced.


     You will need powerful hardware and electricity to be able to mine. It is an expensive endeavor, but it is profitable if you mine the right crypto coins. Alternatively, there are mining firms for a fee. You should research them thoroughly before investing in them. There are hundreds of unreal websites

     I will write an article on this subject. Follow me...


     These are crypto money distributed free of charge by projects that will enter the blockchain ecosystem. These projects provide these airdrops after various tasks. The aim is to introduce themselves, to get people to invest. These tasks are done through twitter, facebook, telegram and mobile applications. With a little patience, very lucrative airdrops are distributed.

     I will write an article on this subject. Follow me...


     In order to trade in the stock market, you must first learn how to get the right information. The stock market reacts with expectations and realized. You should follow the news sources that you have confirmed beforehand. Then you should know the basic technical analysis information. Candlestick charts, such as RSI, MACD, etc

     Security measures should be made at a high level, Easy to transfer money (deposit - withdrawal), High number of crypto money transactions with high transaction volume, 24/7 support, continuous information about the markets, low commission rates.

     I will write an article on this subject. Follow me...

     As I keep repeating, you need to do good research.

     Apart from these, tools such as DEFI, Lending, Swap are also investment alternatives.

     I will write an article on this subject. Follow me...


     You should get a secure wallet to store the cryptocurrencies you earn. Do not rush. Do not act without being sure. Listen to everyone, but decide for yourself. You can reach the result with the right knowledge and experience.

take care, see you... follow me ...

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Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean
Journey To The Cryptocurrency Ocean

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

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