ThoreCoin (THR) - The Tremendous Pump That Never Dumped | $1 to $1,200

ThoreCoin (THR) - The Tremendous Pump That Never Dumped | $1 to $1,200

"If only I have considered buying this coin when it was still below $1.00 last Valentines Week this year 2019." This is the usual sentiment a trader can utter if this coin passed their sight from their rigorous search for profitable digital assets.

Now the value of this awesome security token running on the Etherium Platform already hit $1,200 from continuous surge since March 2019 up until now and never had the chance to go back to its original value in which most cryptocurrencies experience after a short triumph of a pump.


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Now with $1,184 value at the time of posting, it would give you the feeling of regret that you were not able to buy a bunch of coins before the mooning of this Token.

If we want to see its Real Time value, let's check the CoinGecko Widget:

Were you also amazed?

It's even much expensive now than Etherium where the platform itself is evolving.

Let's take a deeper look at this intriguing cryptocurrency.

  • Currently Ranked #68 on CoinMarketCap Listing with a Market Capitalization of $102.6 Million at the time of posting.
  • The 24 hour generated trading volume is around $127,000.
  • This Token has a limited supply of 100,000 THR only. (Please take this into a great deal of consideration)

This Coin is considered a Security Token. 

What is a Security Token?

There are two types of Tokens: Utility Tokens and Security Tokens.

Let's see what Security Tokens are.

Once a cryptocurrency passes the Howey Test then it is called a Security Token. The values are from the external and tradeable asset. These tokens are also being eyed by the Federal Securities and Regulations. If all the regulations have been met then the Secutiy Tokens have tremendous use-cases.

Why do the Security Tokens play an important role in the cryptocurrency world?

Right now, participating with ICO's are kinda risky. The deficit of accountability is at an alarming rate because of the lack of regulations of Utility Tokens. Therefore Security Tokens should be able to gain the people's trust by bridging the crypto world and the legacy finance together.

Traditional Finance Breakthrough
Financing is said to be a bit expensive because of the middlemen fees. They are even more amplified because of the interest rates stipulated from the terms and conditions upon transfers or considerably loan funds. The Security Tokens do not involve any middlemen which will then reduce transfer fees.

Traditional Financial Institutions have a lot of middlemen involved which definitely takes time to process a transfer. Peer to peer transactions proliferate the timely execution of passing funds without delay and satisfactorily reliable.

Exposure to the Market
Being listed from the top 100 coin ranking will definitely give the promotion and marketing edge it needs for a token to be also used by other investors. It definitely has a big impact with the valuation of the Tokens which are listed wherein Billions of people can get aware of it's capability to become profitable.


The Risk it entails:

Removal of middlemen such as banks and insurance companies can really make a peer to peer transaction extremely risky. Middlemen have passed all regulations set by the government and your money is definitely insured when you decide to invest it or have it transferred. It also ensures that the people you will be dealing with from another end has passed all the necessary KYC steps that validates everyone's identity and source of funds. This leaves everyone FREE from being tagged along with Money Laundering.

The time when Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has ruled Bitcoin and Etherium not to be Security Tokens (Decentralized), it has given an edge to the Crypto Communities that their money is safe from any regulations.
As of today, Security Tokens are slowly getting traction of getting more and more popular probably because of Top Financial Institutions are already dwelling in the crypto world with their own twist. The idea of safety beacuse of the strict regulations are now becoming a trend which will drive more investors to adopt this technological breakthrough.

Let's visit Thorecoin's website:

The site stated: "Prepare Yourself! The Security Token Tsunami Is About To Hit 2019-2020". I assume it already started since they recently reached their All-Time-High value. Hoping there would be even more pumps in the future.

Thorecoin (THR) has a Mission to Bring Liquidity to the Best Investment Opportunities. Too late, I must say, to buy THR since $1,000 worth of one single coin is really expensive and the fear for an upcoming dump is still considerable but most likely not gonna happen unless the price of BTC crashes again. Let's hope for the best if you still consider this coin as a part of your portfolio.

An interesting investment opportunity because of European stocks Crude were already tokenized in the 2nd quarter 2019, THR will launch its Hybrid crypto investment Basket. These portfolios are designed to achieve an optimal ratio of return and risk. Derivatives are also included.

Evolution of Security Tokens

Entire traditional financial securities infrastructure— valued at $544 trillion— could eventually become tokenized. “Think of traditional assets similar to that of mailed physical letters and tokenized assets to that of emails. Bitcoin first brought us programmable money and with that we are now discovering the power of programmable securities".

Statement source

Thorecoin (THR) has never been anywhere else from any other crypto blogging platforms we know. Let's all still be weary since THR is being exchanged from only a single exchanger at the moment. We are all hoping to see more exchangers in the future. It is now being exchanged in Crex24 under BTC pairing.


No videos uploaded yet on their YouTube channel.

Official Twitter Account with the latest tweet 21 hours ago from the time of posting this blog. You may want to follow them too from here.

Check it out my dear crypto-bloggers and let's take a look what this digital currency can offer investors.

My main goal for featuring this digital asset is to invite all Thorecoin fanatics and its developers to create a publish0x profile for your awesome updates in this crypto-blogging platform which you can also integrate as a widget along with other powerful social media platforms listed on your website. I also wanted to share the time and effort looking for profitable digital assets to invest my hard-earned money just like everyone else. Therefore I am proud to share this great news.


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This is Fycee and see you on my next blog!

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