The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Gainers This Y2019
The Top 5 Cryptocurrency Gainers This Y2019

It has always been a blessing to be updated with the trends happening in the crypto world. We know for a fact that we are in the Bull-run period since April Fools Day of 2019 and Bitcoin has initially sparked the race and the mother of all cryptocurrency is the leading and still unbeatable, no doubt about that. It is now the 1st of July 2019 and we are through with the first half of the year. This is a great time to take a look back and know the top gainers among the rest of the crypto assets. Looking forward to the best of the Bull-run this Second Half of 2019.

The Top 5 Coins that I am gonna share might not be under your radars since these digital assets used to be unknown and not being promoted. But I have been seeing all of these since I am really digging much into each crypto up to the top 300 coins! Hahaha so much for my crypto-addiction but hell yeah, the best way to get addicted is to incorporate profitability to it.

I am not a blockchain expert or have any inclination in coding, software, and IT but I always keep myself up to date with the new technology that is being introduced on any social blockchain available and making ourselves receptive to all the information being shared, neither embrace it or reject it. At least we do acknowledge other people's efforts from sharing these contents.

Let's take a look at the Top Performers in the world of cryptocurrencies this First half of the year 2019.


Top 5: ChainLink (LINK) | 2,132.54%

This was my most recent post and will just share the link here for you to check an in-depth information about this surprising digital asset that partnered with a Super-Tech-Giant Google. They were recently listed on CoinBase as a wallet and can be traded easily on CoinBase Pro. If you even have USDC in your Coinbase, you could easily buy ChainLink (LINK) from your wallet and not go further to Coinbase Pro for you to buy. Binance as well paired it with a lot of Crypto and Stablecoin the reason buying and selling of this coin will be really easy. so the trading volume will definitely rise!

The funding of the Market Cap of this coin was immense and happened during the major Pull-back of Bitcoin and almost ALL Cryptocurrencies. Fishy right? But who cares. Just get on with the flow!

ChainLink (LINK) All-Time High Period | Smart Contracts End-to-End Reliability


I've had my triumphant moments here with around 160% holding it mid June when I diversified my BTC to other cryptos on Huobi Global. Sharing this info made me really excited and from this joyful experience.


Top 4: Qubitica (QBIT) | 2,206.77%

This crypto started its tremendous rise last February 2019 as its price keep climbing higher and higher from spot price of $6.00 from the said month to $17 the next month (March), $26 last April when the Bull-run starts it apparently continued to pump along with most of the altcoins that gotten along with the rise of Bitcoin. Thus, it is now sitting at Rank 51 in the coin listings with a USD value of $62.63 per coin.


Look at the consistent rise of this coin! It's not bogus and it has a market cap of $189 Million. Check all the info you can get here for validation purposes:

Unfortunately, it was a sad thing for me not to be able to buy this coin because it wasn't included on my watchlist since it already started pumping last February wherein I was not actively trading due to personal reasons. But despite of all that, I am really glad to share its marvelous performance amongst the thousands of cryptocurrencies that are already existing.


Top 3: EDUCare (EKT) | 40% (1,567%)

Being born in the Bear Market last 2018 all suffered the struggle being at their all time low the longest period of time. But this doesn't stopped this altcoin to gain back its momentum this year 2019 along with the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Sitting @ Rank 85 in the listing, definitely this coin is really promising since its value has not even reached 20 cents of a dollar, acquiring at least 100 Units is really not a pain on the pocket.

From $0.005 Last March 2019 to $0.12 today, do the math of how much it pumped in three months time only!


Look at that sweet graph that started climbing since the start of the Bull-run of 2019.

It has a marketcap of $92 Million and being exchanged with a lot of exchangers so it is really safe to invest on this one for me. (Disclaimer: Not a financial advice as this is just my own perception for this coin).


Top 2: Clipper Coin (CCCX) | 2,905%

Exactly landing itself today @ Top 100 from the coinlisting, the first quarter has really been tough but a stable USD value for this coin at $0.003 - $0.004 but right after the Bull-run started, it pumped to $0.02 or 2 cents of a dollar. Right now, it is stable to $0.017 and still really affordable for us to buy in bulk.


The coin bears the promise of bringing financial services to the blockchain. This included the standardized rating system for ICO launchings to provide objective project valuations. But the evolution of ICO's into IEO's has already started this year 2019 but then Clipper Coin didn't hold back from growing instead. It also started from an ICO price of $0.000597 and look at how much it is at the moment. If you have been one of the few people who were given the chance to buy this coin during their launching then it is an evident huge smile on your face. All-Time High even reached $0.039 last May 16, 2019.


Before I reveal the Top Gainer for this first half of the year, let me have this honor to share this coin that also belong here as an honorable mention. It could even surpass the Top 1 but then again I have my own set of guidelines in my list that should suit the deserving top 5!

Imagine 39 Cents of a Dollar to a $2,130.02 USD value last Jun 26, 2019.


I have shared this Cryptocurrency to everyone a three weeks ago.

ThoreCoin (THR) - The Tremendous Pump That Never Dumped

It has now a value of $1,707 and the ROI it gave all the holders when they sell this coin today is around 7,935.44%.

It only means your $1 March 2019 is now a whooping $8,000 Today.

Why I didn't include it on the top 5?

Because the only exchanger it has for buying or selling this coin is only at Crex24 Paired to BTC with only $182,000 worth of volume.

For me, it's not really worth the risk. But if I were able to buy this coin when its value is still $1.00 on Crex24 and go back to this exchanger when it was 7,935% then that time its worth the risk of spending my One Dollar. Would you all agree with me?

Now let's go back to our Top coin for this first half of 2019.


Top 1: Egretia (EGT) | 15,455%

Little is know about this altcoin until it burst into the scene this mid-June.

EGT is undoubtedly the best performer that leverages from the rest of the altcoin by a mile.

Egretia (EGT) is now sitting at Rank 44 in the coin listings with 434% ROI since its conception.

With a market cap of $204 Million, it is definitely stable and will really stay in the Top 50 for a long period of time.


With a price in USD that is almost free that your $1 will give you 1,183 Units when you bought this coin around the start of the Bull-run after April Fools Day 2019. It will now give you $65 when it reached its all time high last June 29, 2019. It was just a couple of days ago.

Again, imagine $1 turned to $65 in just 2 months time.

I will leave you that thought and not post any info further as this fact just lets my jaw drop all the time. I traded this one on Kucoin and bought a few. I couldn't believe it myself when I saw my running balance on the exchanger not even exchanging it yet to USD neither in BTC. This really triggered me to share the Top 5 coins!

Thank you so much for making this far reading my blog and the list I have shared and next time we will tackle the Top 5 Worst performance holding these digital assets.

This is Fycee, sharing this inspiring post that could've make your way into Millions if you did the right choice of risking a significant amount of money by just holding certain coins and NOT even doing a Day-Trade!

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