Basic Attention Token And Brave Browser - Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising

Basic Attention Token And Brave Browser - Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising

Getting rewarded by getting Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) just by browsing using Brave is just really awesome! This is the time where I have to show my gratitude to the emerging blogging platform publish0x by downloading the Brave Browser being advertised and shown whenever we check our dashboard.


For all the content creators here who were able to earn Bounty0x (BNTY), Hydro Protocol (HYDRO) and Dai Stablecoin (DAI), let's all show gratitude to the site by downloading the Brave Browser as what I have shown on the screenshot.

To all my friends and my co-network members from Facebook and Twitter, you may click this link and proceed with the download.


Proof that I have downloaded the Brave Browser using the referral link of Publish0x. After I have clicked that link shown from the screenshot above, this will show on your browser after you got redirected.


Let's click the "Download Brave" button.


Click the arrow up and then click OPEN.

There would be a pop up that would prompt you to do this.
"Do you want to allow this app to make changes on the account?"

Click YES

Then it will proceed to download for a few seconds only.

When the download is complete, it will initialize the installation on its own.

Installing would take a few minutes.

Once the Installation is complete. click the Close box from the pop up.

A new browser will pop-up and it will be now the Brave Browser that you have downloaded and installed.


Congratulations! You can now start using Brave Browser and start earning Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

Few things first to get into it! Please see the screenshots and follow the procedures/





Manage your wallet and write down your Recovery Key / Passphrase to ensure the safety of your funds if your PC / phone crashes.


You need to create your Brave Rewards account for Content creators. If you have been blogging on YouTube, publish0x, Steemit, Golos, Minds, and any social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus, Blogspot, Medium, Wordpress etc., then this is really for you.



Connect your Uphold Account here by visiting your Uphold Dashboard. If you still don't have one yet then it will prompt your to create you own by just entering your email address and the link to sign-up will be sent to your email address for you to click and follow the simple steps ahead.

It would also need for you to download the Google Authenticator or just proceed scanning it using your mobile phone or any different device. Take note that we should be prompt in scanning the QR code and entering the generated codes from your mobile device to your PC or separate phone you used registering to all these sites.

Go back to the Brave Rewards for creators and click Add channel, connect your YouTube account to the Brave Rewards or your own website.

To all my friends who I will be sharing this link, Let's go ahead and use my link for now and let's start to earn Basic Attention Token to our wallets that can be transferred to our Coinbase for safe-keeping.

Again, to all my friends here is the link for you to click and this will show to the browser where you will get redirected:



Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This is the token that circulates maintaining the funds generated from the digital ads that we will see using the Brave browser.

The Token basically rewards content creators, advertisers, publishers and users for all the activities we are doing using the Brave browser and to all the contents that we share as well. I will be creating my in-depth analysis using this token later on after I have shared this link to everyone and encourage all the content creators I know from all the blogging platforms that I have been with to utilize this platform to earn while they promote their crafts. Thank you so much for reading my blog and Donwloading / Installing the Brave browser. Please let me know if you have installed it and please use it consistently for 30 days. I will see to it that I visit your posts too.

For some developers here or people who already tried using Brave and was able to withdraw their funds, feel free to share your blessings and here is my Basic Attention Token (BAT) Address:


Thank you so much for all the support you are giving me!

Please don't forget to follow me and check out my previous posts here on publish0x.

Now celebrating at the moment with 200 followers on this uber-awesome blogging site!


Grateful for everyone who always supporting my posts and bringing it to the top and get featured MOST OF THE TIMES on the FRONT-PAGE of Publish0x just like my previous post!


Being grateful to the platform and the people who support you will let them continue this undying support that would let you achieve the success you were longing for.

See you on my next blogs!


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