Start A Simple Trading Process Using Your Mobile Phone And Get $25 Easily

I am overwhelmed that we could now start cryptocurrency trading using a not-so-complicated process. Let's not focus much on the $25 freebie but let's allow ourselves to be receptive to all the information that we see as we do our own research. Yes, once we start this journey, let's always be responsible in taking care of our own hard earned funds and to get updated to our own portfolios at least once a day. It will not really take much of our time unless we seek for other promising currencies that would bring us a lot of profits in the future. Please set your expectations that TIME will be the essence here in this profitable activity. As days go by, the price of our chosen holdings will increase or probably decrease significantly.

Let's start this awesome activity!

First, we need to get our mobile phone ready and get connected to the internet. Secure a piece of paper and a pen to write down your passphrase (for security and recovery once your phone was lost) and store it somewhere for safe-keeping. Ready your 4-digit PIN too that will always prompt whenever you open the apps.

Once you're all set then click this link, my referral link and you'll be able to get one on your own later.

Available in the Philippines, Europe, USA and 150 countries. Please let me know if this works in your country once you read my blog and tried it for yourself. But according to the site, since it is downloadable using the Apple store then this works in any country.

It will route you to download the app from Google play. All you need to do is install. It only takes 14 MB space so no need to worry.

Available on iOS and Android

Additional note: The referral link expires every month so please take note when will your referral link only gonna be availabe, in my case, it will just be only valid until August 1, 2019.

Cryptocurrencies being traded on Abra


Funding your Wallet

  • Bank ACH Transfer - Allow 1-2 Business days waiting to credit on your ABRA wallet with limits of $2,000 per day.
  • Cash - Immediate credit posting with 2% teller fee. In the Philipine setting, it will ask you to allow location access for them to point where the nearest cash-out and cash in and mostly it will populate Tambunting Pawnshops that processes crypto cash-in.
  • VISA / Mastercard - Immediate posting with 4% fee and $10 Minimum and with a limit of $20,000 per day.
  • Using Cryptocurrencies - It supports cash-in process using your Bticoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC), Etherium (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC)


The default stablecoin here is your Peso Wallet (or Euro / USD depending on what country you are located) where you can exchange your cryptocurrencies during the time it has at least 5% and above change rate in green-colored font that you can see on the right side of your app when you click portfolio.

Cash-out or withdrawing your funds into real cash.

You may transfer funds using phone numbers of fellow ABRA wallet holders associated to their account as peer-to-peer.

Bank Accounts, Send to Crypto (BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC), Cash (Remittance Center)

How To Withdraw Funds from ABRA Using Bank Account (Philippines)

How To Withdraw Funds from ABRA using the ABRA Teller (Tambunting Pawnshop Philippines)


Abra is the best substitute to here in the Philippines. It is wise to diversify your wealth/funds into different baskets so that you'll be able to make yourself anonymous from the prying eyes of the public which might get aware you have lots of funds and let you be the target of scammers. 

ABRA wallet is so safe as it asks for your 4-digit PIN everytime your mobile phone gets idle.

The referral bonus is actually better than the $1 bonus you get from coinsph because it's a whooping $25 here on Abra for each person that will fund their wallet with at least $5.00 (250 Php). The $25 will be credited to your account. We just need to contact the Abra support team for this matter and manually process the request.

Using the ABRA wallet, you can start trading stocks too using Bitcoin and your Fiat Money as stablecoin. Learn more about this here.


Before you check how to invest in the stock market, please download first abra using my referral link:

After downloading the apps and completing the sign up process, you can now check how to invest in stocks here: Warning! There is a lot to read.

Currently the stock and ETF investing features of Abra are only available to non-US persons.

Corporate Headquarters is located in Mountain View, CA, USA.

For more information, you may visit the website after clicking already my referral link and downloading the apps. Thank you.


You may want to try using GCash now and start paying using QR codes on all establishments nationwide. (Philippines Only)

Get 50 Pesos instantly when you start Downloading GCash app and linking your Philippine mobile number. Make sure that your number is with you to enter the confirmation codes being sent thru SMS/Text message. Instructions claiming the 50 Pesos will be sent thru Text on your nominated mobile number.

Click this link now:

Let's always remember that it is not too late for us to invest (or just even use) in cryptocurrency since this will really be the future of money. Let's level-up our lifestyle using this technological breakthrough for time-effecient way of spending money.

For the good news to everyone who already adopted Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies earlier this year, check out my blog I have shared to everyone in which Bitcoin surpassed the $10,000 resistance line already. At the time of writing now, it's staying on $11,000 line.

Bitcoin's Break Out To $10,000 USD Value - What's Next For The Mother Of All Crypto?

Updates here on Publish0x blogging platform:

Already had my 7th cash out here and it is already inside my MyEtherWallet just yesterday.


Total Cash Out I've received so far since March 2019

HYDRO, BNTY and DAI stablecoin:


If you got motivated with this and want to share your trading experience or whatever insight you wanna share our fellow amazing writers and content creators then click this link, apply to become an author and start sharing your posts now.

If you would like to get an indepth information on some altcoins, please check out my featured digital assets I have shared.

Maker (MKR) | Syscoin (SYS) | Spectrecoin (XSPEC) | Groestlcoin (GRS) | Factom (FCT) | BitTorrent (BTT)

 Banano (BAN) | ThoreCoin (THR) | LEO Token (LEO) | Unus Sed Leo (LEO)


I am currently trading my BNTY Tokens here on this awesome exchanger.

If you have BNTY Tokens earned on publish0x already withdrawn to your ERC-20 Ready Wallet then start creating an account and start exchanging it to BTC and other cryptocurrencies:

The KCS or Kucoin Shares platform token has a value of $0.36 per KCS. The price pumped to $1.70 yesterday and was able to make my $9.90 (Bought last March 2019) to $46 selling the 27.5 KCS that I got. This is just one example of the triumph I've experienced from trading and just patiently holding the coins. Share your own vitcorious stories too when you start blogging here.

Publish0x update: We can now easily follow a content creator here and the number of followers will also show when you click the profile link as well as all their posts starting from the most recent one.


Follow me for more updates about crypto and the world of blockchain from a banker's point of view.

Back to Abra, once were were already able to invite fellow cryptocurrency wallet holders from this emerging wallet let's raise our issues of referral bonuses and anything account related here:


Let me know your thoughts and questions on the comments section where you see this content being posted. Thank you. Have a wonderful crypto journey ahead!

Always remember that in Cryptocurrency trading, we won't get scammed because we manage our own funds at our own risk and not just entrust it to someone.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and do not treat me as such. I am only sharing what I know has been profitable according to my own experience and letting everyone know that we don't have to know more about the candle-sticks that is being used by professional traders on exchange platforms to also get triumphant from this venture.

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