ChainLink (LINK) All-Time High Period | Smart Contracts End-to-End Reliability

ChainLink (LINK) All-Time High Period | Smart Contracts End-to-End Reliability

Partnership with Google and being listed on Coinbase is definitely a huge triggering factor which made Chainlink's price pump up to 200% in 24 hours. If we are going to back track last week then it's a whooping 300%.

Checking the most feasible coins in the market today I saw this crypto that belongs to the top 20 and seated at rank # 16 from the coin listing. Despite of the massive Crypto Pull-back, this crypto emerged with 18.27% price change in USD value.

You won't get reluctant buying this crypto because it has already a market cap of $1.4 Billion with a trading volume of $820 Million from different exchangers. It has a total supply of 1-Billion units and a circulating supply of 350 Million units of LINK that is being traded world-wide.

Apparently, this coin now is in its All-Time High! Please look at the chart below and please take a good look at the enormous pump in just 24-hour period.


Jaw dropping figures, I must admit. It only means your $100 investment if you were able to buy this coin the past few days then when you sell your LINK now, your money will be more than $200.

Apparently let's check the chart with a 7-day interval to see if this coin has really funds or liquid assets. Plus its zoom view of the usual 7-day period for professional traders to always check.

We can see that the funding (Market Cap) for this cryptocurrency has also been immense. Please notice the BLUE line. At this time of writing this blog, June 30, 2019 let's check how the chart shows everyone!


The red arrow points at its $1.4 Billion market cap from YESTERDAY'S $600 Million. It only means that it was funded another $800 Million in just a span of 24 hours. Crazily amazing right?

The price also doubled from $1.83 since June 24 to $4.04 in a span of 7 days but it only started to surge since yesterday from around $2.00.

Checking this surprising cryptocurrency on CoinGecko for its actual price:

For its actual chart which you can see how its price pumped significantly that you can actually change the view options manually. I advice you to please click on 1-Month (1m) from the default view (All).

Where to buy ChainLink:

Binance with BTC, USD and ETH paring, BKEX, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Iquant, OKEx, CoinBne, Paribu, Bitrue, and a lot more.

Now our sense of inquisitiveness are already being triggered what the heck is this coin all about? Let's check a general information about this coin.

ChainLink (LINK)

Chain link is an Oracle Service that is decentralized which leverages from connecting smart contracts in a form of data from different sources. Oracles are said to be functioning as data feeds in smart contracts since blockchains cannot access these data outside their network.

External data that oracle provides are temperature and weather. It triggers smart contract executions upon the fulfillment of predefined conditions.

Participants on the Chainlink network are incentivized as rewards to provide smart contracts with access to external data feeds. If the users wants to access off-chain data, all they need to do is submit a requesting contract to ChainLink's Network. If the contract matches the requesting end user with appropriate oracles then the requestor will be given access.

The contracts include:

  • Reputation contract
  • Order-Matching contract
  • Aggregating contract

The aggregating contract gathers data of the selected oracles to find the most accurate result.

To further understand what these contracts are all about and if we suddenly got interested to buy this crypto while it is still affordable then let's take an indepth look further.

If you have an existing smart contract or if you want to create one with them, these are the options you have to choose with external inputs or outputs that you would like your smart contract connected to:

  • Data Feeds (Market Prices and IoTevents)
  • Traditional Payments (Bank Accounts, Paypal, USD Processors)
  • Cross-chain (Events on another blockchain)
  • And others contracts which ChainLink can customize

Your smart contracts will be connected to real world data, events and payments.

The Chainlink Network provides a reliable tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.


Check and analyze their diagram how it all works.


Customers of ChainLink:

~ Working with Banking Technology Leaders like SWIFT, helping connect banks to smart contracts with Enterprise Grade Oracles.

~ Working closely with leading computer science academics and top security researchers to put cutting edge security research into practice.

~ Consistently being selected by leading independent research firms, as a leader in smart contract design and real world implementation.

~ Working with top companies like Google to provide them with secure oracles to connect their products and data.


ChainLink's reliable End-to-End Smart Contracts is their top priority.


Chainlinks provide a reliable connection to external data, that is provably secure end-to-end. In order to maintain a contracts overall reliability, the inputs and outputs which the contract relies on also need to be secure. Smart Contracts provide the ability to execute tamper-proof digital agreements, which are considered highly secure.





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Latest tweet:


Chainlink is now working with Oracle to provide quality inputs and outputs to their customer's various blockchain environments.

How awesome is that! No wonder there are lots of people will definitely trust this program as Google and Oracle are now under their umbrella along with other respected companies worldwide.

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