Bitcoin Cash Updates: Buy&Sell BCH In US Malls, Plus Cannabis Industry Collaboration Announced By Roger Ver

Bitcoin Cash Updates: Buy&Sell BCH In US Malls, Plus Cannabis Industry Collaboration Announced By Roger Ver

I have always been a fan of Bitcoin Cash eversince the Bitcoin Hard-Fork Announcement. I didn't even realize that we would acquire the same amount of BCH from the amount we HODL our Bitcoin for a certain period of time.

From the FREE BCH that was introduced to every traders with $400 introductory price, it skyrocketed to $4,000.00 All-Time-High. The rest is history. Now the update with its usability and collaboration with certain industries are now being shared by CEO himself, Roger Ver.

Latest Updates From The Bitcoin Cash Community (May 23, 2019)

1. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) can now be bought and be sold in any ATM machine (usually called BTM) in the Malls in the United States provided by Smart ATM's.


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This technology is powered by CryptoSpace and please check it right here for the specific locations.

It is also the only Bitcoin Cash lounge which also provides basic knowledge to everyone what cryptocurrency is! This is a great way for everybody to actually see how it works for real as they can witness how their fiat currency turned into any chosen cryptocurrency can still buy goods and services that can still act like money.

2. Cannabis Industry Collaboration with Bitcoin Cash, and CryptoSpace.

I am not a fan of the Cannabis industry but just for the record of being transparent and letting you all know that it is now being highly accepted on the Bitcoin Cash platform. I really hope the public will still be responsible users and moderate intake.

This is just an update of the Bitcoin Cash Community from Memo.Cash. Thank you so much Bitcoin Cash Activist for sharing this video of Roger Ver and now I am sharing it here on a Crypto-blogging community where I feel worthy posting my ideas.

This is the YouTube Link of Roger Ver's recent announcement.

I have just provided the link and you will be redirected to another tab when you want to watch the video. I should not really include the video and get played it here since I may be flagged by copyright policies since the video is not mine. No copyright infringement purposes and just solely for information use only.

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I was also able to successfully reach 21,000 HYDRO since it started being given as tips (April 02, 2019)


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Thank you everyone for the support and still embrace the idea that we are already in the Bull-Run period!

See you again on my next blog!

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