Specialists have indicated signs of salt over-eating

By BOCH | healthy life | 7 Sep 2019


Doctors have identified various signs that indicate that you eat a lot of salt.

As Women'sHealth writes, a passion for salt can have irreparable consequences. Doctors of the American Heart Association state that salt should be used in small quantities. They recommend eating no more than 1.5 grams of sodium per day, which is no more than a teaspoon per day.

Excessive salt consumption threatens to cause various diseases. To determine that there was a lot of salt, doctors told us about the signs that indicate a large amount of salt.

First of all, experts say, a person is thirsty after excessive consumption of salt. A large amount of salt leads to dry mouth, a person wants to drink all the time.

Thirst leads to the fact that the person is swollen. The fluid is retained by the body and swelling appears. Swelling can occur on the face as well as in the legs. An inflated abdomen may also be observed.

Salt overeating can cause headaches. If there has been a lot of salt, the brain vessels can expand and, as a result, the head can get very sick.

Sodium overdose can increase blood pressure. Excess salt increases the load on the heart, which increases the pressure.

Kidneys may also suffer from excessive salt entrainment. Salt increases the protein in the urine, which can severely disrupt the urinary system. Also, large quantities of salt food can cause kidney stones.

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