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My personal experience with Publish0x. Details about this crypto powered publishing platform

19 hours ago Mamaecrypto $1.55 (859.2256 HYDRO)

In the video I chat about my personal experience at Publish0x platform. I also address the main factors that I think will drive this platform to stand out among its competitors.  I am amazed I did not stumbled upon Publish0x platform before its Beta...

TD Ameritrade is testing BTC and LTC on its online brokerage platform

21 hours ago Mamaecrypto $1.11 (613.6187 HYDRO)

Early this morning of April 23 Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, announced on Twitter that the online Brokerage firm TD Ameritrade is testing both Litecoin and Bitcoin trading on its platform. All indicates that soon BTC and LTC will be traded on...

Crypto scam experience. Telegram scammers and impersonators getting creative avoid

1 day ago Mamaecrypto $0.15 (82.2661 HYDRO)

Yesterday I had another Telegram scam experience. It happens quite often but this time I do think the scammers stepped up when it comes to their strategy and disguise. They impersonated someone I already knew and had worked with previously. And, what...