Rules and Code of Conduct

Platform Rules - TOS and Code of Conduct

These are the rules of, as well as code of conduct, explained in non-legalese. :)




Offenses that may get Your Account Restricted:

  • Using two or more accounts. Only one account per person, and per internet connection is allowed.
  • Using any kind of automation to tip authors; this includes using bots, macros, etc.
  • Spamming the comments section. Please note that this especially means that we target comments where users are trying to get other users to sign up to one service / product or another, or comments that simply say "I tipped you, check my blog and tip me too!" or similar. If you write thoughtful comments, others will check your profile and your posts.
  • Spamming the comments. Period. Please do not go around commenting on other peoples articles and ask them to tip  your content or follow you.
  • Trying to cheat our system in any way. :)

TLDR: If you're a Publisher (Author)


  • Publishing original articles, blogs, videos, and images, on any topic, in any language.
  • Republishing (reposting) your own work from other websites.
  • Republishing work (content) that is not your own, but author has given you his express written permission to republish said content.
  • Writing a post for a potential bounty reward is ok, but make sure to disclose that the post is written for a potential bounty reward within the post.
  • Using affiliate or referral links.


  • Copy / pasting someone else's content.
  • Publishing spun or reworded content.
  • Republishing content from "PLR" sites.
  • Using Publish0x blog as a landing page for an offer, either for an affiliate offer or your own offer.
  • Publishing low quality content that even you wouldn’t like to read if somebody else published it.
  • E-Begging, asking for Tips, or asking to trade tips.
  • Reposting the same post multiple times over time.
  • Using a name of a brand for your own blog. If you do use names like "Etherum", "Splinterlands", "Publish0x" or any name of another brand, be aware that we may edit the name of your blog at a future date.
  • Using tags that are irrelevant to the content within your post.


Authorship Related Rules and Code of Conduct.



  • You are the owner of the posts you publish on Publish0x, and are fully legally responsible for the content you publish.
  • You represent your own opinions, and these may or may not reflect the opinions of Publish0x.
  • By publishing posts on Publish0x, you are giving Publish0x permission to host the content indefinitely.

How Can I Become an Author?

You can apply for authorship by filing out the short form found at the following link:


  • Applications are normally processed within 3 days depending on workload.
  • Not all applications that we receive and check can be accepted at Publish0x, for various reasons. We reserve the right to determine which applicants qualify for authorship status.
  • Any applications pending longer than a few days have most likely been rejected.
  • Applicants that are accepted will be advised by email on how to proceed further.
  • Applicants that are rejected may re-apply for authorship by submitting a sample of writing to the support team at for reconsideration.
  • Please also include the proper Publish0x username when contacting support. Telegram usernames are not connected to your Publish0x user account.


Can I Publish or Republish (Repost) My Work on Publish0x?

  • Yes, you can publish or republish your own posts, images, videos, and other forms of content.
  • Yes, you can republish (repost) your own content. If you have a blog on your own domain, on Medium, on Steemit, LinkedIn, or wherever else, feel free to reuse that content on Publish0x. Note that we might ask you to prove to us that you are the owner of the original blog.
  • Further, if you have permission from the copyright holder, you are free to republish content created by someone else. In this case, please let us know about this somewhere within your post, so that we do not remove the post. If we mistakenly remove a post that you had permission to republish, it will be reinstated on Publish0x. Note that we might ask you to prove to us that you are have permission to republish certain articles that you do not own copyright to.
  • Please note however that we will not accept posts that are taken from "PLR" package sites, or from similar sources.

Can I Publish Posts in a Language Other than English?

  • Yes, you can publish posts in any language.

Can I Publish Posts that are Not About Crypto or Blockchain?

  • Yes, you can publish posts on any topic... well, as long as it's legal - don't publish posts looking for a hitman. ;) PS. We still don't have a clear rule set concerning adult content, but please don't publish posts showing nudity.
  • A lot of authors publish posts about different topics. We have tried our best to categorize these posts. See the categories here, and let us know via if you think we should add another category. We will respond either case!

Can I Publish a Post for a Bounty Reward? Can I Publish a Post Sponsored by an Individual or a Vendor?

  • Yes! Writing a post for a potential bounty reward is ok. Please make sure to disclose that the post is written for a potential bounty reward within the post.
  • Yes, you can write and publish a post on behalf of a sponsor - be it a vendor or an individual. If you are publishing a post on behalf of a sponsor, please disclose this fact within the post.

Can I Use Sponsored, Referral, or Affiliate Links Within My Post?

  • Yes! You can use affiliate or referral links within your posts. Note that if your post is merely a collection of referral links, we reserve the right to remove it from the site.

Can I Ask Users to Tip Me?

  • Yes! At the end of your post, feel free to ask users to leave you a tip, a like, or a comment. However, please don't write a short post that merely says "please tip this post" or something to a similar effect.


The Type of Content that We Routinely Remove from Publish0x.


We Remove Content that is Copy / Pasted, Spun, Reworded, or Translated from Other Website(s) Without Permission Given by the Copyright Holder.

  • We remove content that an author either copy / pastes from sites like CoinTelegraph, or any other site(s).
  • We remove content that the author takes from a random website and spins using an article spinner, trying to pass the post as originally his.
  • We remove content that is taken from other websites without permission, that is simply reworded. If you find a post on CoinTelegraph that you like, and keep the structure of the post while changing some words but keeping the meaning the same (for example by replacing the word 'cryptocurrency' with 'digital currency', or by switching the order of a numbered list), that is not your original work and it will be removed.
  • We often find that authors take a few paragraphs from a few different websites, rearrange the paragraphs a bit, and consider the post their original work. Sorry, but this is against our rules. What is ok to do is take a few sentences from other articles found online, cite them with a link, and build upon the work of the original author.
  • Posts that are translated from sites like CoinTelegraph or other site(s) will be removed, unless you have permission from the copyright holder.

We Remove Illegal Content.

  • We will do our best to remove any posts that talk about known scams, frauds, and similar projects.
  • Anything that is illegal will get removed.
  • Please do not use posts on Publish0x as a landing page for an offer, either as an affiliate or for your own offer.

We Remove Poor Quality Content.

While we understand that not everyone is a superb writer, we still ask you not to post low quality content that even you wouldn’t like to read if somebody else published it.

These include:

  • One or two paragraph short posts published to get users to sign up to an airdrop or an affiliate offer.
  • While we do encourage you to write about subjects like these, one or two paragraph posts that talk about a generic topic might be removed - i.e "What is Bitcoin", or "What are Cryptocurrencies", will be removed.
  • Posts that are next to impossible to understand might be removed. We understand that not everyone uses English as their native langauge. Still, if you are struggling to publish content in English, you can publish content in another language instead.

We Remove "E-Begging" Posts, aka please don't publish posts asking for donations OR asking for tips, or to trade for tips.

  • Sorry, but we cannot allow these in most cases. If you publish posts asking for donations, or if you create posts where you ask users to tip you or to trade tips, your authorship may be revoked.

Please Don't Republish the Same Post Multiple Times.

  • Please publish each post only once. Posts with the same or very similar content published multiple times over and over might be removed. The rule still applies if you delete the post, then republish it, just to delete the post again and republish it again.
  • It's ok to change your mind and republish a post that was previously deleted. This rule is in place merely to deter those who do this as a way to game our system.


Please Use the Tags Correctly.

  • Using tags that are irrelevant to the content within your post is not allowed. If everyone would use tags that are not relevant to the posts that they are publishing, the tags on become useless and meaningless.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to, or join our Publish0x Telegram Group.