Cointply A Review

Cointply A Review

By Anarchiss | Fortis Novum Mundum | 14 Aug 2021

This post is a review of Cointply and my experience with using the website over the past month. I will examine some of the features and give you some tips on how to earn a little extra crypto. If you have some extra time on your hands, and want to make a little extra crypto then this site is pretty legit. I won't sugar coat it, this site is a bit of a grind to earn coins, and if you have more profitable ways to spend your time you should.

Note: You will have to use an email account to sign up.

What is Cointply ?

It is essentially an advertising and marketing platform using cryptocurrency payments as an incentive. You can earn micropayments by watching ads, filling out surveys, rolling a faucet, and playing games. The withdrawal limit is quite low so it is easy to earn a small amount of crypto from this website. Will you get rich? Definitely not, but if you're new to crypto or have more time than cash then you can earn some stacks.

Tip: Download the Cointply app on your phone as well as using the desktop version as well. There is no penalty for using both simultaneously. There are some offers that can only be completed on mobile. (some of the most profitable) Additionally, if you use their mobile version they will send you promo codes.


Start Earning "Coins"

On the site you will earn "coins" that are directly link to the USD 10,000 coins = $1USD. Start by rolling the faucet, you won't get much (unless you hit the jackpot) you can do this every twelve hours. Tip: There is a coin "multiplier" but I found it quite random and a quick way to blow all your hard earned coins, I did it a couple of times and lost. Don't do it.

Next click on the PTC ads, these refresh every few hours, a small trickle, but it adds up. Tip: I wouldn't click on anything in these PTC ads some look dodgy. Next hit up the offer wall, the most profitable offers are the surveys. Try to answer them truthfully, otherwise you may be disqualified from future surveys. I'll be honest I think a lot of these surveys are just trying to harvest your data and install cookies on your machine so be aware. Once you get over 35K in coins you can enable interest and get 5% interest distributed per week on your coins. You will have to go into your profile to enable interest.

Note: Many offers are trying to get you to spend money and some require it, I avoided spending any dollars and just spent time instead. Read their blog for a comprehensive list on how to earn.

Tip: I found the "Playtime" mobile game offers the most profitable, hopefully you'll like the games as well.

$TIP$: If you complete a big offer click on the chat rain pool. You don't earn from chatting but you will get a percentage of the rain pool depending on how much you've been earning. I always clicked on the chat bonus its an easy way to get a few hundred extra coins.


Get Your Money!

You will convert the coins into crypto when you execute a withdrawal. The cryptos they support are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Doge (DOGE), or Dash (DASH) you just enter your address and it will usually take one to three days for your withdrawal to go through. My first (and only so far) withdrawal took just one day. I did have a problem entering my BTC address for some reason it said I have an invalid BTC address (which I certainly do not!) so instead I decided to transfer as Litecoin. I withdrew $20USD (200, 000 coins) which took me about a month to accumulate. For a BTC withdrawal you will need to have 50K ($5) in coins, for the other cryptos the withdrawal limit is only 30K in coins ($3). I was a little nervous with my first withdrawal thinking I'd been wasting my time on some scam site but was pleasantly surprised when it went through. Note: Before withdrawing you will need to verify by re-entering your password and an activation through your email.

TIP: Consider the current crypto market, if those values are high then maybe keep your "coins" on Cointply and earn interest (5%). Wait for a dip before cashing out, think of it using fiat to buy crypto.


From my limited experience this website seems legitimate. Hopefully they aren't trying to rope me in by executing my first withdrawal, but then denying any future withdrawals, that is probably just my cynicism and paranoia manifesting. You will spend a lot of time to make anything significant. I admit I kinda became a little hooked on getting coins over my month experimenting. If you play mobile games then you can make quite a few coins on some of the games, but again everything is trying to get you to spend fiat. Like I said in the intro if you want to make a few extra bucks and get some crypto this website is good. Since I withdrew my LTC it's already up close to 20%. Think long term maybe a few thousand Satoshis are only worth $10 today, but 10 years from now....maybe a hundred... who knows. So check Cointply out.

TIME is the most valuable coin and thank you for spending yours reading my post. I hope you have a wonderful day.

>>> Anarchiss <<<

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