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The big picture by leafandpetal

The Big Picture

By Anarchiss | Fortis Novum Mundum | 11 Jul 2021

Disclaimer: This post is a stream of consciousness diatribe on the current state of the world and crypto.

        The big picture... a title to reflect on the notion that there are times when we must all pause and take a look beyond our day to day foibles. How does this relate to crypto? As much as we can get lost in the hype, technical analysis, and price movements don't forget the larger world out there. The price movements in the crypto world are becoming increasing correlated to worldwide markets in general. In the early days Bitcoin was buffered from the wider world because there was little institutional adoption and it was limited to the insular world of the internet. Besides the ever present attacks from the Chinese Communist Party (something I will discuss more in-depth in the future) BTC and crypto generally wasn't affected by fundamental macro-economic factors, it outperformed all of them.

        This has changed, with more adoption and the attention of the big financial players the crypto markets have become more closely intertwined with the "real world." All this is to just simply say that things that happen in the world will now have impacts on the crypto market. In fact due to the volatile and speculative nature of the crypto markets this impact may be more extreme. When people get nervous about their money they will seek to stop loss the most "risky" of positions. I use quotes because while crypto is volatile is it inherently risky?

       Yes shit-coins are risky, and in my opinion just stupid. They're like fashions from the 1970s, a decade from now we'll be asking, "What the f*#k was I thinking, plaid leisure suit?" Articles will be written in the crypto-verse with titles like "Remember the dog themed coin craze? What was that non-sense about?" But overall in Crypto if you DYOR and pick solid projects then a decade from now you'll still be in style, some things are timeless. In "the big picture" crypto isn't that risky. Articles like this can feed into confirmation bias and echo chambers of the crypto world. However the fundamentals of Blockchain, and Web3 do have great potential. Will they be the flying cars from the world of tomorrow? Nah, this technology is here now and maturing rapidly.

      Keeping it brief. The main point here is that Crypto is being widely adopted and this will change the nature of the markets in both directions Ultimately while the Crypto markets will suffer problems and disruption from being more closely correlated to the tradition equities markets in the long run they will be more disruptive to "legacy" finance.

      Lastly, please stop with the shit-coin shenanigans it's like some bizarre fever dream that when the crypto world wakes from will have many a head scratched. Feeding the shit-coin beast makes it stronger and hungrier. Fads, and hype will always be around, but at least recognize it for what it is and don't buy in, unless of course your a cynical nihilist trying to make a buck off herd psychology, now that's risky.

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If you your eyeballs are still roving over these letter then thank you so much for spending your precious seconds reading this post. In the future I will try to comment on regulations, the market, history, and politics.

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