What Are You Watching?

What Are You Watching?

By Anarchiss | Fortis Novum Mundum | 12 Aug 2021

       The Cryptoverse is awash with hype, dis-information, shit-coins, and scams, it is absolutely vital that you only spend your time on credible sources. As I have said in my previous posts the TIME coin is the most valuable in your portfolio so don't waste it on hype-bois and influencer bullshit. It's crucial to balance your precious seconds with knowledge that'll benefit you long-term. Everyday should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and expand your horizons, in the Cryptoverse knowledge is money. In these early days of Web3 positioning yourself well can make a huge difference down the road, that is why it is essential to learn, learn, learn to make that earn.

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At the end of this post I'll detail some of the scams I have seen currently active on YouTube so stay tuned. I love YouTube despite its short comings (centralized big tech, etc.) and you can find value with some of the content creators on the site. This list is by no means exhaustive, I do not have the time to watch every YouTuber talking about crypto. So please feel free to hit up the comments with any useful links to help us all in our crypto journey. 

I won't bury the lead here so lets start with what I believe is the best crypto content I have found on the Tube. That distinction goes to the CoinBureau. This channel has the most informative crypto content I have watched. Guy the CryptoGuy and his team do extensive and exhaustive research for each high quality video they produce. If you are interested in Crypto then I cannot recommend this channel enough. Coin reviews, market moves, macro & micro fundamentals analysis, and educational content are just some of what you will find at the Bureau. In addition to the best crypto content on YouTube there is an excellent website, cool merchandise, good deals, and more. Check it out! 

Coin BureauMy second pick on YouTube is Coffeezilla his channel is great to educate yourself on scams and rug pulls in the crypto market. This guy lives in the blockchain and does great deep dive investigations of some shady characters. He does all this in an entertaining fashion. His expose on Tether is a must watch for anyone in crypto. Cofffeezilla is doing important work and you should subscribe to his channel and pump that $Zilla.


For unparalleled technical analysis is Benjamin Cowen's Into the Cryptoverse. While he may not have the high level production, and suave greenscreen graphics of CoinBureau or CoffeeZilla he makes up for in intelligent technical analysis. His TA is some of the best, and what makes him unique is that he looks at the long time scales, he takes in the biggest view of the crypto markets. So, you'll find great macro-anaylsis from this channel. 


My next pick is Crypto Casey. Her channel; Last Week Crypto; is great for some macro fundamental education. Her recent three part series on the basis of the crypto space is excellent. In this series she also exposes the potential for stable coin issuers like Tether, and Circle to cause some serious pain in the markets. If you want a deep dive into some economic theory and market manipulation I highly recommend Last week Crypto. One draw back is she is always pushing those affiliate links hard.


My fifth pick is a good one for technical analysis. I am a big believer in Cardano and the ADA token and on the Crypto Capital Venture channel you can find great analysis of both ADA and BTC. Do be aware that he is in love with the Fibonacci retracement analysis tool, so if you are unfamiliar with this particular indicator best look it up before watching. With that said the Fib retracement tool is a powerful one. I have found his analysis quite spot on and he is very humble and game plans many scenarios.


My sixth recommendation is another Youtuber who specializes in technical analysis. Jason Pizzino, this Aussie has good analysis of BTC he is also well versed in looking at how BTC and Alts interact. He is great for understanding why you need a strategy when approaching the markets. He does however use his channel to promote his "courses" which I find a little off putting but maybe they're educational and not like all the other YouTube Gurus with their get rich quick "courses." Overall he has a very intelligent take on the market.


My final pick is Uncomplication . This is more technical analysis and he perfectly called the market crash of May. He saw the Wyckoff distribution before many others so I put some faith in his technical chops.


YouTube is also awash with bullshit charlatans and even scams. One classic scam I have found on YouTube is the double your money scam. Nothing in life is free people and these scams seem too good to be true, which of course they are. The scammers will embed a video within the details of their scam showing links to their scam website. It all looks legit, the websites are even quite slick, but don't fall for it. Anyone who promises unrealistic returns or to "double your crypto" are scammers. So please be aware, and keep your stacks safe.


Knowledge is power, and time is limited so if you can only watch one channel then the CoinBureau is the one. I personally watch all the Bureau's videos as soon as they're released and look forward to more. Guy has really upped his game in the past year, and his weekly crypto review is excellent. It is still early days in the crypto space so just realize we are all in this for the long haul, good advice is golden so be discerning, skeptical, and critical of all you see. 

TIME is the most valuable coin and thank you for spending yours reading my post. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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