This is How It Ends.

This is How It Ends.

By Anarchiss | Fortis Novum Mundum | 3 Aug 2021

       Markets and events in the Cryptoverse move quickly, so rapidly in fact the market may be unrecognizable from what was trading in the morning. Like a wild stallion the markets can buck, bite, and sometimes kick you in the face. These day-to-day oscillations may seem dramatic in the moment but once we zoom out to the weekly or monthly frame of reference, they are but mere blips. On our rocket trip to the moon, it is instructive to look back and see the sweep of the horizons.


       In the day-to-day grind there is a constant barrage of FUD emanating from governments, institutions, and no-coiners, but are they true existential threats to the Cryptoverse? No, not really, but there are some events that could break the wheel entirely. Crypto is here to stay, the hammer that will break the wheel will so ultimately devastate civilization as well. So, what are the true long-term threats to the Cryptoverse?

       This may come off as extreme, but all are certainly with in the realm of possibility. Some are not an if but an inevitable when. In no particular order let’s examine some deep threats. We will start with the life blood of the Cryptoverse, electricity.

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Threat 1: Solar Storm

       While this may sound like it is dropping out of some science fiction movie it is a very real and persistent problem. The world’s energy infrastructure has been constructed over the past century and luckily for us so far the Earth has dodged the proverbial bullet. What bullet is that? It’s called a coronal mass ejection (CME).

       These energetic events emanating from the sun’s surface happen quite frequently and every eleven years the sun undergoes a cycle in its magnetic field which make a CME much more likely. Space weather can have dramatic impacts on the Earth, in 1859 what has been called the Carrington Event has since been determined to be a CME that devastated the nascent telegraph system. Something of this scale occurring now could disrupt most of the world’s electrical grid.

      Unfortunately, in a severe CME the electrical grid would be damaged, it wouldn’t simply be a case of flipping the breakers and the lights just come back on. A CME could permanently destroy some of the infrastructure undergirding the grid. The world could be plunged into darkness for an indeterminate span of time. Most likely resulting in a collapse of civilization as it is currently organized. Consequently, the Cryptoverse would be another victim in this catastrophe.

Courtesy of NASA

       Contemporary humanity has serious problems with robust planning for the long term. One solution is to invest more into monitoring, and response. These events are predictable, and we’d have some warning, but would the world listen to the scientists, are there contingency plans in place to shut down the electrical grid? It is depressing to say that the answer is emphatically NO. If astronomers witness a CME coming our way, we would have maybe a day or two in which to react. There’d be chaos, and a chaotic response, at this critical juncture any delay, dithering, or procrastination would be devastating. It’d be vital for governments globally to coordinate, and planning  something on this scale is currently beyond the pettiness of our contemporary world. We have to remember that while the Sun gives life it can also take it away, that object is a massive burning ball of plasma with a nuclear fusion reactor in its core larger than the Earth. Respect. A coronal mass ejection hitting and interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field is only a matter of time and we must prepare now.

       One way that the Cryptoverse could protect itself would be to back up the blockchains in a robust manner. A Faraday cage would be required so that any excess electricity would be redirected from sensitive electronics. Underground bunker like backups would be ideal. These solutions would also help prevent the second potential existential threat.


Threat 2: Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

       What’s worse than a thermo-nuclear weapon exploding over a city? The same weapon being detonated in the high atmosphere. While it would be tragic if a single rogue nuclear weapon destroyed a city the damage would be contained. If the same weapon was detonated in the high atmosphere, it can create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would fry non-hardened electronics over a vast area. Most of North America could have its electrical systems knocked out by an EMP blast in the upper atmosphere.

       Strategists have known about this effect of nuclear weapons for a long time. The Castle Bravo nuclear test in the Pacific during the 1950s caused widespread radio disruption across a large swath of the pacific. This same weapon being detonated a few hundred kilometres over North American could plunge the US and Canada into the nineteenth century. It wouldn’t be bad at first but without electricity events would degenerate.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

      In the event of a war this may be one of the first actions undertaken, or if a country like North Korea wanted to maximize the potential destructive capacity of its limited arsenal, then an EMP attack would incur maximum disruption. Needless to say, without electricity, the internet, and computers there’ll be no more Shiba shit-coins shenanigans. We will all be having bigger problems at that point.

       Like a CME an EMP can be protected against by hardening electronics, lead lined, underground infrastructure, in a Faraday cage backed-up blockchains are the answer. Once we’re back online let the shenanigans resume. Unfortunately, every weapon humanity has invented we’ve used on eachother, and we can only pray that the venal vile reptiles that control the world’s arsenals spare us from their fragile egos.

       While these two scenarios seem outlandish at first glance, given enough time, they approach a one hundred percent probability. We should always build things with an eye to what could be the worst that could happen. The Cryptoverse needs to survive and emerge on the other side stronger than ever. Humanity will be scarred and transmogrified  but if we plan accordingly in doesn’t have to be the end.

To be continued…


TIME is the most valuable coin and thank you for spending yours reading my post. I hope you have a wonderful day.

>>> Anarchiss <<<

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