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Some Perspective...

By Anarchiss | Fortis Novum Mundum | 20 Jul 2021

     It is truly another ugly day in the crypto markets, billions of value bleeding out. Does the slapping of all the whales' tails got your head spinning? At times like these it's best to tune out, zoom out, and contemplate the totality. Do you use Coinmarket Cap ? Well if you don't you should, it is a veritable cornucopia of information on the market. It's a great place to check all your coins, earn  some extras, and educate thy self. Unfortunately many of the earn programs do require a Binance account the owner of Coinmarket Cap. Lately they've introduced a diamonds program that'll eventually have some rewards. The new diamonds program seems to be a way to drive engagement and get daily logins, which you should be doing anyway if you're serious about crypto. Similar to Coin Geckos Candies.  Additionally Coinmarket Cap has one interesting feature called historical snapshots. A place you can go to gain a little perspective when feeling overwhelmed by all the FUD.


       Gaining perspective lets us see the forest from the trees. In the crazy cryptoverse remember nothing is sacred, nothing should be taken for granted, nothing lasts forever, and always DYOR.


       Just eight years eternity in the cryptoverse... but in life, not so much. Such a cute infant crypto market, baby BTC still at $90... if only. Those other top ten? Where are they now? (besides LTC obviously). Let's jump a couple of years ahead now.



        Oh, now we're seeing some familiar names, MaidSafeCoin? (I know nothing about it and don't want too, so don't waste your time in the comments) That sounds familiar, always with the "safe" some things never change like safe=shitcoin. A big change in just two years. Warm up the flux capacitor we've got one more stop.



       Just a mere three years ago and we have entered some familiar terrain. Here is everyone's favorite shitcoin Tether making it's appearance in the top ten. In the crypto verse things can change quit a bit in just three years. Hopefully we still see some of these players here in three years (-USDt of course). Always find good projects with long range potential. Shitcoin shenanigans will never stand the test of time, three years from now many of these coins will be a faded embarrassment, while the serious projects are busy re-making the world's financial sector. So what do you think the historical snapshot of 2024 will look like? Please comment below.

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TIME is the most valuable coin and thank you for spending yours reading my post. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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