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By Coach Viking | Sovereign Coach | 10 Nov 2021

Life can be a balancing act. We know we're supposed to eat our fruits and veggies every day. Yet we often don't.

How come? Life gets in the way. It's that simple. Forget your excuses, life happens.

Adding a scoop or two of super greens into your day will work wonders on your recovery, energy, brain fog, gut health, and more.

So, what makes the Rebalance Supergreens so powerful?

They're full of antioxidants and and probiotics to help fuel your gut health.

Antioxidants help reduce inflammation and promote graceful ageing. Yes, with collagen you may actually start looking and feeling younger, too!

Probiotics beyond being food for your gut biome also serve to boost your immune system.

We have a unique 5 grass blend to make sure you're getting a spectrum of nutrients and vitamins in your diet, consistently.

Perhaps the greatest part? All ingredients are low-temperature processed to preserve as much nutritional value as possible. They're also raw and organic and include Barley, Alfalfa, Kamut, Oat & Wheat Grass for a live detox.

With raw, farm to table ingredients and a precise daily dosage of greens to help keep your immune system healthy with proper nutrition. You really can't go wrong.

Personally, I've been taking supergreens since 2018, so at time of writing going on 4 years now. I've never felt better, recovered better, had more energy, less brain fog, and been more productive during my sets.

Life gets in the way, it's bound to happen. There's nothing wrong with that.

However, it gives us 2 choices; beat ourselves up and wish we could do better, or adapt and find ways to do that 1% better a day.

Make today that day, start with 1 scoop a day and see how you feel in a month.

Personally I enjoy all 3 flavors, but if I had to choose one, I'd go for Unicorn Punch or Tropical Blast


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Coach Viking
Coach Viking

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Sovereign Coach
Sovereign Coach

With crypto being such a new and budding space there's so much to do and learn. This can cause us to put our health on the backburner and create potentially irreversible long term health issues. Welcome to my blog on health, fitness, mindset & my experiences in crypto!

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