Syscoin Announces NFT dApp - and the list of Major Projects to Mint on Sys is Growing Rapidly!

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 24 Jun 2021

Recently released Syscoin Lux 4.2.. adds NFT capabilities and the number of projects exploiting the unique capabilities of the Syscoin Platform is growing steadily. All it takes is ONE Syscoin (currently ~ USD .13) and gas fees that are negligible (currently about 0.00012 USD) and you are in! Compare this to other well-known project where that this will easily cost you 100 x more to create NFTS and 10'000 x in gas fees! Just follow this link for a live comparison of fees!

But it is not savings alone that drives adoption. Part of the attraction of minting NFTs on Syscoin is that it allows one to create divisible NFTs. Creators can share ownership of a NFT project (song), novel, album, and each participant could own part of the NFT and sell/trade parts of it. To familiarize oneself with all additional features of NFTs on Syscoin, this link provides a good overview! No wonder then that we now see multiple announcements of NFT projects on Syscoin lining up.

The high scalability of the Syscoin Platform token layer that thanks to patent-pending Z-DAG can process about 60k transactions per second as verified by third party testing, is another reason for building NFT projects on the Syscoin Platform. With the emergence of these projects you need a second layer that can securely and reliably process millions of transactions.

Equally important are the on-chain compliance features that were introduced with Syscoin 4.2. Lux that make another compelling case for building on the Syscoin Platform. Developers can set onset rules for their projects, such as requirements for eligibility, or other conditions that need to met. This will be important for the future of NFTs. For now, NFT projects focus on art, but in the future will see certificates of ownership, tangible assets such as cars, condominiums, or airplane parts, medicines (or vaccines) , traced, traded and verified on the blockchain!  

Let's get started with a brief intro to the list of NFT projects currently building on Syscoin:

1. Skimdom
The first project that announced the intention to build their blockchain NFT card game on Syscoin Platform was “After a long review of different blockchain platforms, we decided to build our project on the Syscoin Platform”.  Just a week ago they released a timeline and their updated website now shows that more than 10 developers working on the project. This is definitely a serious effort! Following their one learns that they are busy expanding their team and one can grasp the features, roles, levels and capabilities build into the game. Get ready and start thinking about what skims you intend to create!


2. described in a recent post just more than a week ago. Essentially, is closely linked with the Syscoin community and development partners of the Syscoin Eco-system, but is entirely independent project. It will attract independent artists and creators,. the Low fees will attract fee-conscious struggling artists and creators

This recent articles provides more details in terms of development and timeline and also clarifies what is in this post, has recently elaborated on team composition and timeline. In particular, team composition and partners have been elaborated on and minting and listing is anticipated to go live by Septermber 2021, only about 3-4 months from now! Hot of the press: Luxy will feature smart contracts and be the first project based on Syscoin/NEVM!



The status of the website that merely announces itself as "The NFT Platform of the Future" for now reveals little information. To dig deeper, you need to read this announcement on Bloomberg to realize that this a substantial effort. Essentially, BlockchainFoundry that comprises the main development team of the Syscoin Platform is partnering with REVXM in a joint-venture. REVXM works with a lot of Fortune 500's in promoting brands and staging events, a fact not widely outside of enterprise circles.

The joint venture calls to build the first white label Sports & Entertainment #NFT Platform which is intended to be launched toward the end of 2021. To get started, just Imagine professional teams sports issuing NFTs to their fans! This youtube clip introduces you to REVXM and you can imagine how NFT minting and marketing will complement each other in the future! Just how big is this announcement? Well, rest assured that BlockchainFoundry, a public company listed on Canadian and German stock exchanges could definitely not justify to their shareholders spending resources on this joint venture unless substantial growth and revenues are anticipated!


4.  House of Kibaa
House of Kibaa is well known for their NFT platform. It is one of the most comprehensive and advanced project for AR/VR/MR. They just announced that they have entrusted Blockchain Foundry to help develop a relevant blockchain infrastructure for their project to scale and prosper, i.e. for Blockchain Foundry to develop a Syscoin-based extended reality #NFT marketplace! 


5.Vibravid by Beatzcoin
Beatzcoin is a multichain project that focuses on enabling media creators, at this point primarily music and vdo to share their work and be rewarded for it on their Vibravid platform. While their token is on the Tron,  they do run a masternode on Syscoin and seek close collaboration with  Syscoin. In fact, an airdrop is coming to Syscoin holders in the near future (and no, it is too late now to qualify!). They have recently posted that they intend to mint NFTs for their platform on Syscoin Platform and when asked to confirm it in a chat the response was unequivocal: 100%!



Go ahead - mint your own NFT ! 

The major development update just released has news that the entire community and anybody interested in minting their own NFTs is getting excited about. Not only is a browser extension wallet getting ready to be tested, SysMint, a user-friendly Dapp that will interface with the extension wallet and will enable users to easily create their own SPTs (Syscoin Platform Token)  and mint their own NFTs - while maintaining complete self-custody at every point, is in development. This approach is appreciated by those seeking control over their assets rather than turning them over to intermediary platforms for marketing their NFTs.

For those anxious to get started, anyone familiar with QT-wallets and command line can actually already have a fun now and create and share their own NFTS.  For now, follow these instructions and have fun!

Syscoin Platform is the real thing - and highly undervalued at the same time, as few funds go into marketing. Real adoption will drive the price of Syscoin, not speculative hype. Syscoin Plaform has been around for 7 years and is continuously innovating - and it won't fade or disappear overnight! Consider the Syscoin Platform as a long-term investment and join an established and supportive community. Now with the tools for NFTs getting ready, this is a good time to join!

Syscoin Platform - Again a Step Ahead of the Crowd!

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