Syscoin 4.2. Lux Token Platform Leading to Major Adoption

Syscoin 4.2. Lux Token Platform Leading to Major Adoption

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 27 Apr 2021

As the release of Syscoin Lux 4.2. is less than 4400 blocks away and estimated to go live approximately on April 30th 2021, 5:40:53 pm (UTC), it is time to summarize the unique top features that make it stand apart from all others and that will more than likely make it see adoption of substantial projects following the release.

#1. Bitcoin Core Security 
Syscoin is merged-mined with Bitcoin and has the 2nd highest hashrate of all blockchains - just right behind Bitcoin. Check it now! There has been lots of talk about energy consumption of POW chains. Well, essentially, all BTC miners can mine Syscoin simultaneously - for free, creating additional value from the same energy expended. One can thus make the argument that merged-mined Syscoin is the green POW chain per se!

Syscoin 4.2. also moves to adopt Bitcoin's ‘unspent transaction output’ scheme known as UTXO, as this is far more efficient for the purpose of its high speed token platform than the currently used account system which is identical to  the account model used Ethereum - and which can be conceptualized to be similar to the ledger of a traditional checking account. 



# 2. Near Instant Token transaction Layer by patent-pending Z-DAG
Syscoin has a (patent-pending) high speed transaction TOKEN transaction layer called Z-DAG that allows near instant transactions up to 60,000 transactions per second (Which is higher than Visa) third party tested and verified under realistic network conditions. A number of projects, such as stablecoins TUSD, TCAD, etc. have already signed up to benefit from the high scalability and security. Apart from TPS, one needs to consider network latency, gas cost, plus the number of full nodes supporting it. This graphic provides a pretty good overview - except that the number of  masternodes is much higher than mentioned in the graphic. 



# 3. Masternodes 
About 45% of all coins are locked in masternodes that provide the backbone for the token layer and governance. To check the actual number, visit which provides details on requirements and rewards for running masternodes. One can earn Syscoin (currently close to 0.70 % per month) and help secure layer 2 functionality by running masternodes. Substantial improvements come with Syscoin 4.2. Lux, such as improvement in governance functions for mastenodes, early penalty for non-performing nodes, eliminating unessential pings and other improvements.

# 4. NFT and divisible NFTs - Another Industry First:
Syscoin Lux 4.2.. adds NFT capabilities and is a direct result of projects in the pipeline. Not only does it add NFTs, but also divisible NFTs - unlike the more limited functions offered by Ethereum. So your users could create "Tracks" for a larger NFT project (song) and each artist would own their track. Or Imagine a condo, or an image being owned by multiple parties that each have a certain share of ownership. You get the picture.
Already, projects have announced using Syscoin NFT capabilities for games development 

# 5. With 4.2. Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) come to KLEVER and Hotbit
It only takes 400 Syscoin (about USD 125 at the time of writing) to create a Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) and the good news is that both KLEVER and HOTBIT have announced support for SPT.  Well-known LODE tokens built on Syscoin representing physical Silver and Gold will be traded on Hotbit.
In the case of KLEVER the partnership goes beyond simply facilitating trading and swapping, as KLEVER plans to use some of the unique features of the Syscoin Platform for building their own. Read everything about it in the recent announcement by KLEVER:"The Klever ecosystem will also tap into many of Syscoin’s unique features including Z-DAG, AuxFees and Notary"

#6. Regulatory Compliance capabilities - Another Industry First
Token issuers on the Sysocin Platform can now set rules when issuing tokens to meet local requirements, or tap into unique markets.  This is just another first by Syscoin - not available on any other public blockchain!  Until now, KYC has often been the only way to track or limit access to token to a specific market to meet local requirements. This is obviously a cumbersome and unsatisfactory and far too limited. One can expect a multitude of projects to use those notary features to meet mounting compliance requirements. For a more in-depth discussion follow this link.

#7. Major Adoption:
A number substantial projects have already entered into partnership agreements with Syscoin and are anticipated to become active with the release of Syscoin Lux 4.2. This includes the  entire family of TrustTokens , BUSD by Binance and other players are in the pipeline. Obviously, stablecoins will be among the first to take advantage of the notary and regulatory compliance features that come with Syscoin 4.2!

#8. Focus Enterprise and Real World Applications
The Syscoin protocol focuses on real-world enterprise and point-of-sale applications The high speed, quick resolution of asset transactions via Syscoin’s proprietary Z-DAG technology means you can empower your business with the speed and security of blockchain. Obviously, this includes de-centralised marketplaces and E-Commerce , game assets and microtransactions , certificate backed digital goods ,stock management and tracking. While the marketshare of the majority of public blockchain projects depends largely on speculative investments, the value provided by the Syscoin Platform will be the driving force of market capitalization and will come to fruition with the release of Syscoin Lux 4.2.

# 9. Smart Contracts and ZkRollups are coming
Syscoin Lux 4.2. marks the culmination of a major development step. But this is not the end of the story, by all means! There is more coming, including
Smart contracts and ZkRollups.

#10. NEVM - Network Enhanced Virtual Machine (NEVM)
For those brave enough, dig deeper and look at the long-term vision and dare to read and digest this paper and start to imagine the implications!
This is what is in the pipeline! Written by no other than Syscoin lead core developer Jag Sidhu! 

Syscoin Platform - The best is yet to come, quite definitely! 

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