3rd Party Testing Results for the SYSCOIN Blockchain are finally in.... See you later VISA!

By drluv | Sysnetsite | 23 May 2019

The eagerly awaited test results for the Syscoin blockchain with its patent-pending Z-DAG technology are in!

The Syscoin blockchain was processing an astounding 60152 TPS (transactions per second), more than double than those of the current
top payment processor VISA and beating most expectations! And, in the race among the various blockchain projects, Syscoin's TPS numbers now shine as well:



"The Z-DAG protocol is extremely innovative and presents a practical solution for many of the performance issues that are currently bottlenecking the continued scalability of blockchain systems." - Zak Cole, Whiteblock CEO

These tests were not conducted by "connecting two computers on a string," or by theoretical calculations. These were real life performance tests conducted on the blockchain by the widely respected blockchain testing company whiteblock.io. With only 24 masternodes and incorporating network latency, tests showed a throughput at 60k transactions per second. However, there are currently almost 1,500 enabled masternodes on the mainnet, so the results may vary and may even be higher!

The Bloomberg press release with details for the tests can be found here:

The extended press release by Whiteblock, Inc. a prominent blockchain testing company is here:

Finally, for those interested in the detailed technical report of the analysis and the report, please read/download the report here:

Now, with the release of Syscoin 4 announced for June 4, 2019, the doors are open for Syscoin 4 to become a top contender for any development project seeking high-speeed, almost instant transactions for both the assets and tokens needed for wide scale mass adoption in enterprise level commerce, industry, public administration, health care, and education, either on the Syscoin platform, or on Ethereum, or any other bridge that will  be built.

For those unfamiliar with Syscoin 4, and/or the patent-pending Z-DAG technology that facilitates these results, please review the prior post on this blog!

The stage is now all set for the Syscoin 4 hard-fork that is just a few blocks/days away - you can find details here!

Also, please visit and subscribe to https://syscoin.network/syslinks - the most comprehensive link collection for all downloads, updates, and media channels for the growing Syscoin platform, and get notified of any updates by Twitter by subscribing to @sysnetsite !




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