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Syscoin (SYS) is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that was founded in 2014 by Jag Sidhu, Sebastian Schepis, Dan Wasyluk and Sebastien Dimichele. The platform lists its technical performance, interoperability, security and low fees as the network’s main strengths. 

The team describes the platform as “[bringing] you the tools you need to remove the middleman and take back control of the way you do business.” They have already outlined several possible use cases, like Point of Sale decentralized applications for stores and e-commerce platforms or even the creation of tokens.

BaaS platforms are growing in popularity because of the comprehensive and accessible blockchain development solutions they provide to small and medium businesses, who lack the resources of larger companies and are unable to develop solutions themselves. Most BaaS platforms offers comprehensive, easy to deploy blockchain solutions with minimal effort. 

Other technical features worth noting about Syscoin are the Syscoin Bridge, its masternodes and zero confirmation transactions. Syscoin Bridge enables two-way bridge between Syscoin and other blockchains. The Ethereum blockchain is the first priority here, as it would allow Syscoin to interact with Ethereum’s smart contracts. Syscoin’s masternodes are based on blockchain project Dash’s code. Zero confirmation transactions allow for near real-time transactions. 

The roadmap, last updated in April 2019, shows multiple milestones for 2019, many of which are nearing completion. The most of these is perhaps SYS4 1.0, which would enable smart contract execution. Ledger integration, blockchain swaps, several APIs  and a hybrid permissioned/permissionless layer 2 blockchain are also on the agenda.

What Happened To Syscoin Blockmarket?

1 week ago 2 minute read drlove $4.17 tipped

Blockmarket Desktop developed by the Blockchain Foundry, Inc. team on Syscoin Core 2.x and Syscoin 3.x was the first decentralized marketplace with such features as aliases (unique user names), escrow (users could agree to appoint any third party as...

Sys(coin)Ethereum Bridge Goes Mainnet with Blockheight Just Announced!

19 Dec 2019 1 minute read drlove $3.33 tipped

Syscoin Bridge - to and from Ethereum, will go live at block number 348,000, expected approximately January 28th, 2020, giving miners, exchanges and masternode operators and  QT wallet owners ample time to update. The roughly 1800 masternode operator...

Know The Coin: SysCoin Co-Founder, Blockchain Foundry CEO Dan Wasyluk

11 Dec 2019 1 minute read ChangeNOW $1.93 tipped

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Know The Coin with ChangeNOW! Today’s guest is Dan Wasyluk - the Co-Founder of Syscoin and CEO of Blockchain Foundry! Join Pauline and Dan, as they discuss Syscoin's mechanism, the state of the crypto...

Syscoin: Something is Coooking - Part II

1 Dec 2019 1 minute read drlove $2.35 tipped

Almost overnight the number of Syscoin masternodes that hovered around 1630 nodes for months suddenly showed an increase to 1795 being enabled, with another 100 masternodes in the pipeline waiting to be enabled (as of 12/1/19). It obviously means som...

Syscoin – Invalid Middle Block In Sysethereum Superblock

27 Nov 2019 7 minute read art_of_bug $1.08 tipped

Welcome back. Today we are back to Syscoin. Previously we have published two submissions to the bounty related to the implementation of the  Sysethereum bridge. Today we present another vulnerability that we found later in the Sysethereum bridge impl...

UPDATE on the Just Released Syscoin Spark Mobile Wallet

9 Nov 2019 1 minute read drlove $1.61 tipped

The just released alpha version of the Syscoin Spark Mobile (Android) wallet announced at the Amsterdam Block Party event on November 7 can be downloaded and put to use now! As of November 10, there is also Spark Mobile IOS wallet beta test version a...

Update on the Blocknorth and Syscoin Platform Block Party, Amsterdam, November 7! Get your tickets now!!

6 Nov 2019 1 minute read drlove $0.85 tipped

This long awaited major event is taking place tomorrow, November 7, from 5.30 pm to 10.00 pm, so there is still some time left to make it to the party if you are in the vicinity. Both Keynote speaker Dan Wasyluk, Co-Founder of the Syscoin Platform an...

Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge: Blockchain Interoperability Open for Public Testing Now!

2 Nov 2019 1 minute read drlove $2.12 tipped

The Syscoin development team just announced that the Syscoin Bridge testnet is open for public testing and you are invited to participate and explore this milestone in emerging  blockchain technology!An industry-first, zero counterparty bridge for mo...

Blocknorth and Syscoin Platform Present: Block Party Amsterdam, November 7, 2019!

29 Oct 2019 1 minute read drlove $1.71 tipped

A major blockchain event is coming up with Keynote speaker Dan Wasyluk, recognized as one of the top most influential individual in blockchain development by, Co-Founder of the Syscoin Platform and CEO of Blockchain Foundry, Inc. prov...

QT Wallets - Could Someone Hack My Wallet.dat File?

13 Sep 2019 2 minute read drlove $3.37 tipped

I was looking forward to the trip as I had just recovered from a fracture that kept me bed-ridden for two months. After ten hours of driving  I made my first stop at a border town to Laos, my intended destination. The next morning I was ready to boot...