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QT Wallets - Could Someone Hack My Wallet.dat File?

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I was looking forward to the trip as I had just recovered from a fracture that kept me bed-ridden for two months. After ten hours of driving  I made my first stop at a border town to Laos, my intended destination. The next morning I was ready to boot...

Syscoin Platform: Something is Cooking!

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There are some major development milestones ahead coming with Syscoin, but you won't find the Syscoin team hyping it in advance as is typically common in the crypto space. The Syscoin team tends to develop fully functional leading-edge development as...

Finding Love and Romance: A Simple Roadmap to Dating

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Dating consists of spending time with another human being in view of determining whether you find it rewarding to be be in the company of that person and doing pleasurable things together. It can last 10 minutes, an hour, a day - or even a lifetime....

Syscoin 4.0 Hardfork Launch Date Confirmed: The Countdown is On!

2 Jun 2019 1 minute read drlove $1.40 tipped

June 4th confirmed: Release Date & Block Number The Syscoin Platform development team has confirmed the previously announced date of June 4th, 2019! As block times vary (usually between 55–65 seconds per block), the block number has been slightly adj...

3rd Party Testing Results for the SYSCOIN Blockchain are finally in.... See you later VISA!

23 May 2019 1 minute read drlove $0.98 tipped

The eagerly awaited test results for the Syscoin blockchain with its patent-pending Z-DAG technology are in! The Syscoin blockchain was processing an astounding 60152 TPS (transactions per second), more than double than those of the current top payme...

Syscoin 4- The Speed of Visa, the Functionality of Ethereum, the Security of Bitcoin, plus the Governance of Dash!

19 May 2019 1 minute read drlove $0.81 tipped

Many blockchain projects have speculated about their theoretical transaction speed, also known as TPS (transactions per seconds) that they plan to achieve – just a few have actually implemented any of their claims on their mainnet, and even fewer hav...

Block Height # for Syscoin 4 Hardfork just Announced - and it is Sooner than Expected!

29 Apr 2019 1 minute read drlove $0.71 tipped

The target block height # for the SYSCOIN4 fork is 548,662 which should occur roughly on Tuesday,June 4, 2019, 12PM, PST, was revealed by the development team today, pending final updates due to block mining variability. While the release was origina...

Understanding Syscoin 4 in 60 Seconds or Less! UPDATE ADDED!

13 Apr 2019 2 minute read drlove $1.65 tipped

Syscoin 4, on test-net now and its release anticipated during Q3 of 2019 will provide a two-way bridge to Ethereum which will utilize the SYSX ERC-20 token to represent Syscoin ($SYS). While the Ethereum bridge is only the first of the bridges to be...

Syscoin: The List of FIAT/SYS Trading Pairs and Exchanges is Growing!

12 Mar 2019 2 minute read drlove $1.79 tipped

The growing adoption of public blockchain projects is reflected by the steadily increasing number of exchanges offering services. Newcomers seeking to invest in a particular project (aka coin) face a time consuming task, as the number of exchanges th...

Some Notes On Thai Massage

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Traditional „Nuad Thai“ is practised throughout the country, but for those who’ve never had the experience, the term „massage“ is actually a misnomer. The stretching, pulling, and pounding might better be described as „bodywork“ and the focus is on t...