Meet Luxy - The first Web3 NFT Marketplace!

Meet Luxy - The first Web3 NFT Marketplace!

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 7 May 2021

Many NFT marketplaces are in the works - mostly selling art, music or other digital properties. But obviously, any object of value can be linked to NFTs. Think about cars, real estate, pharmaceuticals, airplane parts that can be traced and traded on blockchain! Using NFTs, one can verify that ownership of an object is unique and traceable, which obviously preempts fraudulent products. Now, add fractional ownership!

As Luxy is based on Syscoin, fractional ownership is possible. Syscoin is the only blockchain to offer that!

In essence, ownership of an object can be shared by several parties. If you release a song, ownership can be shared by many creators. If you own substantial real estate, in the near future NFTs can be used to divide ownership of an office building among several investors.

Luxy will be the first NFT marketplace to be built Syscoin and will be unique - it costs you zero fees to get started. The fees it takes to create an NFT on the blockchain is 1 SYS, but Luxy is taking care of that. Another first: Luxy will be Web3, that is a simple login on a website will let your create, manage, trade your NFTs. Using Syscoin's patent-pending zdag capable of 60k+ tps token layer, transferring NFTs will be within seconds and cost a fraction of a penny - compare this to fees of USD 20 on other well-known platforms known for higher fees and lack of substantial scalability which has been struggling for years to solve the issue.

Luxy website makes a good point that its marketplace is green: as Syscoin is merged-mined with Bitcoin and shares the same codebase, bitcoin miners essentially get free Syscoins. The same energy consumed by BTC miners create additional value, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

The development team of Luxy seem to be moving forward quickly, and one can anticipate that this marketplace will have great appeal for creators of NFTs as joining the marketplace is made simple. This is an exciting project and congrats to the Luxy development team to get this off the ground! The dev team already announced that we will hear more about it shortly!

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Luxy is built on Syscoin! Never heard of Syscoin? Mainnet since 2014 - a marriage of BTC & Ethereum with amazing stuff in the pipeline! 

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