DeFi Monthly Recap - October 2020

DeFi Monthly Recap - October 2020

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 2 Nov 2020

October 1

✔️ BitGo Will Use Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve to Boost Auditability of Wrapped Bitcoin (Source)

October 2

✔️ Top DeFi Protocol Migrates Token From $LEND to $AAVE (Source)

October 5

✔️ Decentralized Exchange Uniswap Has More Volume Than Coinbase (Source)
✔️ Ren Protocol Adopts Chainlink's Tech to Improve renBTC's Transparency (Source)

October 6

✔️ MetaMask Crosses 1M Monthly Active Users Thanks to DeFi (Source)
✔️ LINE Launches Crypto Lending Service (Source)
✔️ Ethereum Hashrate Hits Record High (Source)
✔️ Aragon and Balancer Partner to Work on Snapshot (Source)

October 7

✔️ DeFiDollar Launches Liquidity Mining Incentives and Retroactive Rewards (Source)
✔️ Report Shows DeFi Transaction Volume Crossing $123B, 96% of Which is On Ethereum (Source)

October 8

✔️ Wrapped Bitcoin Scratches $1B, While tBTC Sees 931 ETH Liquidated (Source)
✔️ New Tokenized Bitcoin BoringDAO Raises $1.5M (Source)

October 9

✔️ YFI Rebounds After the EMN Drama (Source)

October 10

✔️ Investors are Raising Funds Against YFI Founder Cronje for EMN Incident (Source)

October 12

✔️ Aave Raises $25M in New Funding Round (Source)
✔️ Maker Governance Community Votes to Add BAL and YFI as Collateral (Source)

October 13

✔️ Uniswap Has Its First Governance Proposal (Source)
✔️ Bancor's 2.1 Update is a Huge Milestone for AMMs (Source)

October 14

✔️ DeFi Pulse Introduces Safety Rating Metric (Source)
✔️ Users Stake 1B in ZIL on Zilliqa's DeFi Platform (Source)
✔️ US CFTC Chairman Praises for Ethereum, Says It's Bigger Than Bitcoin (Source)

October 15

✔️ First Uniswap Governance Poll Results in Controversy (Source)
✔️ YFI Founder Explains Development Ethos, Says He Doesn't Build for Speculators (Source)

October 16

✔️ Coinbase Pro Lists Wrapped Bitcoin (Source)
✔️ Circles Goes Live (Source)

October 19

✔️ TVL of Newly Released BarnBridge Protocol Crosses $100M Mark (Source)
✔️ Uniswap’s First Governance Proposal Fails (Source)
✔️ Fixed Lending Rate Protocol Yield Protocol Launches Beta Version (Source)

October 21

✔️ Wrapped Zcash Soon Launches on Ethereum (Source)

October 26

✔️ Harvest Finance Hacked, $FARM Goes Down by 40% (Source)
✔️ BarnBridge's Token $BOND Hits the Markets, Goes Up by 300% in Under 12 Hours (Source)
✔️ Balancer Will Launch on NEAR Protocol (Source)

October 28

✔️ Aave’s Community Takes Control of Governance (Source)

October 30

✔️ It Looks Like Uniswap Will Airdrop UNI to Third Party Users (Source)


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